Littauer’s new primary care center opens

Nathan Littauer Hospital President and CEO, Laurence E. Kelly, center, and administrative staff gather to cut the ribbon; marking the official opening of the new Medical Arts Primary Care Center. (Photo submitted)

GLOVERSVILLE — Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home recently announced the official opening of their new Medical Arts Primary Care Center.

Serving the Fulton County community, the $5.2 million structure features a total of 18 exam rooms, two consulting rooms, and 12 provider offices. With 12,500 square feet, the structure has tremendous space for patient care, and is specially designed to improve communication between providers and support staff.

Littauer’s new Medical Arts Primary Care Center is “where design meets well-being.”

The view from inside the building is breathtaking, patients say.

Placed within the Adirondack setting, the new Medical Arts Primary Care Center features a vaulted ceiling, suspended light fixtures, and custom windows — taking full advantage of the neighboring mountains. The windows allow an abundance of natural light to come through the building. In addition to the building’s design, contemporary art pieces hang, intended to promote health and the well-being of Littauer’s patients.

The new medical arts primary care center is pictured. (Photo submitted)

“The art and architecture are symbolic statements of the high-quality health care practices which take place here,” said Littauer Vice President of Primary and Specialty Care, Patrice McMahon in a news release. “The relationship between a provider and a patient is a beautifully important thing. We kept that close-knit relationship first-in-mind from start to finish.”

The construction of the Medical Arts Building began June of 2019, and was completed this July. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the building underwent a carefully-constructed transition to slowly acclimate patients to the new building.

A private ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Sept. 22. Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home President and CEO, Laurence E. Kelly, and administrative hospital staff gathered to cut a ribbon, marking the official opening of the building.

Patients have had many positive things to say about the care received within the new care center.

A patient offered their reaction after a recent visit:“I haven’t gone to see a provider in a very long time. When I saw Nathan Littauer was building a new space for their primary care services, I knew it was time that I had scheduled an appointment. When it was time for my appointment, I was very nervous. As soon as I stepped inside and saw how beautiful the building was — I felt very calm, comfortable, and reassured. The staff greeted me, and were very warm and receptive. My provider was wonderful. Everyone was extremely attentive, patient, and explained things to you. I left feeling that I was in the best of hands. I can’t wait until my next appointment.”

Time and time again, Nathan Littauer has proven the organization’s mission: to make health care accessible to the community. “We realized we had ample space at a premium, so this was an important next step as we expand our services to our people once more,” says Littauer’s Chief Financial Officer, Michael Ostrander. “This expansion of primary care will be the twelfth addition to Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home’s healthcare services.”

Within the next couple of years, McMahon anticipates adding more providers and even more specialties offered through primary care.

“For our medical staff, it’s about providing the very best for them so they can in-turn, give the best care for our community members,” McMahon said in the release. “There’s always going to be a need for our patients to come in. They need someone to talk about what’s happening with their health on a personal level. We want them to know we’re here for them.”

For more information on Nathan Littauer’s new Medical Arts Primary Care Center, or to schedule an appointment with your provider, call (518) 773-5690. As always, Nathan Littauer Hospital is accepting new patients. Parking is located just outside the building, to the right of the hospital’s Emergency Care Center.


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