Anderson-Negele wraps up its summer 2020 virtual internships

Vincent Wu

FULTONVILLE — Summer 2020 was an interesting time for everyone, especially for college students looking for an internship. Every year, Anderson-Negele (a subsidiary of Fortive Corporation) hosts internships at their manufacturing site in Fultonville. The pandemic challenged the Anderson-Negele team to think differently on how to host internships virtually. The team came together and successfully planned four virtual internships.

This summer, Anderson-Negele hosted internships within their Marketing, Customer Success, Supply Chain and Engineering team, all of which were held virtually. When the recruiting for internships started at the very beginning of the pandemic, Human Resources had to look for talent that not only met the requirements for the projects Anderson-Negele had lined up, but to look for interns who were adaptable to the ever-changing world and students that had the fortitude to learn virtually.

With hard work from the team and extraordinary efforts from the interns, Anderson-Negele had an extremely successful summer. After the internships, Anderson-Negele was able to see measurable results.

This year’s interns

Sarah Subik,

Sarah Subik

Engineering Intern

Union College

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Visual and Studio Art

Anderson-Negele was extremely excited to bring Subik on this summer. Subik is a local talent that resides in Fonda. After the Engineering team interviewed Subik, they knew she would be a great addition to the Engineering team this summer. Subik led the development of a handheld switch tester for one of Anderson-Negele’s products. Subik developed and defined the design scope with input from the engineering and product management teams. She also presented design concepts to the marketing team and developed prototype based on feedback. Subik worked with engineering team to develop the prototype through multiple iterations and created/began the execution of a test plan for the handheld checker.

“Sarah did a great job throughout the summer of adapting to the remote working conditions of current pandemic,” North America Manager of Engineering Rick Bond said in a news release. “Despite check-ins from the Anderson engineering team happening less-frequent intervals than we would typically have during a normal summer, Sarah was able to maintain good progress on all tasks assigned to her. With the challenges of the working conditions and short length of the summer, the delivery of a functional prototype with some testing data met Anderson’s expectations for the internship.”

Jonas Stropus

“Anderson-Negele surpassed my expectations for a summer internship,” Subik said in the release. “The company showed great insight and adaptability by being able to transition the intern program online and still deliver an industry-based project.”

Vincent Wu,

MBA Marketing Intern

Duke University

Master of Business

Charles Mournet


Interning virtually from Seattle, Wu was assigned to learn the Fortive Search Engine Optimization growth tool, lead the group through it, manage most of the pre-work and audit analysis, build a plan for the sustainment of the project while coordinating hand offs with the appropriate team members. While he was unable to implement many of the ideas due to a changing timeline with Duke, he certainly built a platform for the team to build on.

“I would say the internship was beyond my expectation. Rob is a fantastic mentor. I love working with sales, marketing, and product teams to work on Kaizen,” Wu said in the release. “It’s amazing to see the impact we made in a short time.”

“Vincent was dependable and excited to work. I enjoyed coaching him throughout the summer and seeing how he grew. I know Vincent will do great things. He has a strong willingness to learn,” Director of Global Product Management & Marketing Rob Versaw said in the release. “Despite the challenge of working remote, he dug right in and wanted to succeed. He was a great example to the rest of the team of working across functions”

Charles Mournet,

MS Supply Chain Intern

Baruch College,

Zicklin School of Business

Master of Statistics

Mournet interned with Anderson-Negele virtually from New York City. Mournetwas responsible for completion of an Approved Vendor List project and a Dynamic Kanban Resizing project. In his role, he gained a “virtual’ hands-on experience in Supply Chain and help “right-size” the company’s inventory. Additionally, he had the opportunity to build upon his knowledge on automating replenishment signals. 

Mournet also was able to create a Tier Two database that was not only effective for Anderson-Negele, but it also was impactful to the Fortive Corporation. At the completion of his internship, Mournet had the opportunity to present measurable results to the Leadership team both at Anderson-Negele and Fortive.

“I really enjoyed my entire team. The leadership from Brenda was great, she provided direction and understanding but didn’t micromanage my projects,” Mournet said in the release. “All the team members helped me at multiple points with the different projects I was working on.”

“Charles was a pleasure to work with and I speak for the entire team when I say that he will be missed,” Supply Chain Manager Brenda McInnis said in the release. “Charles was professional in his communication within the company, as well as with external contacts. He has excellent interpersonal skills and was able to adapt his working style and communication method to each team member. Our team is very diverse, and he joined us at an especially stressful time so this ability to harmonize was important.”

Jonas Stropus,

MBA Data Analyst Intern

University of Dallas

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Stropus was asked to use Data Analytics to provide insight on current demand coming in from customers versus Anderson-Negele’s ability to supply, as well as to provide guidance, using the analytics to support staffing flexibility to better meet our customers demand. Stropus effectively worked virtually from Texas and from Europe while he was home visiting family.

“[The Internship] over met my expectations when it comes to my learning,” Stropus said in the release. “I knew what potentially I was going to learn, but I didn’t know that it will help a lot in shaping my analytical mindset.”

“Jonas did an excellent job at looking at current Customer Demand coming into Customer Service through orders, phones and cases. He looked at historical data, productivity rates for OE and phones and used analytics to help us gain more insight to how we meet demand to day along with measures we need to consider to improve our ability to meet demand,” Customer Success Manager Kim Saville said in the release. “He asked provocative questions that challenged our thinking and provided creative ideas on experiments to run to drive and measure improvements. He accomplished a lot in a short period of time and I wish we had more time with him.”


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