A quiet spot on Main Street

A new bookstore comes to downtown

The storefront of “Adventure Books and More,” a new and used bookstore, which recently opened on 30 S. Main St. in Gloversville. In addition to selling books, “Adventure Books and More” offers various gift items including candles, jewelry, salt lamps, and gift baskets, and will host weekly reading groups and craft workshops starting in June. (The Leader-Herald/Josh Bovee)

GLOVERSVILLE — Residents of Gloversville and the surrounding area will have a little less traveling to do this year to pick up their summer reading.

“Adventure Books and More,” a new and used bookstore has opened on 30 S. Main St.

The new store, which sells candles, gift baskets, salt lamps, jewelry, and other crafts and gift items in addition to books, opened shop on May 1.

Business owner, Theresa Walters, and her husband, Jeff Walters, said they are eager to make up for the city’s lack of a bookstore, as they feel it is something every town should have.

“We started asking around,” Jeff said. “The city doesn’t have a bookstore. The nearest one is in Johnstown, and from there you have to go to Saratoga, Schenectady, Albany. The more we started asking, the more interest there seemed to be.”

business owner of Adventure Books and More Theresa Walters, and her husband, Jeff Walters, with their dog, Buster. (The Leader-Herald/Josh Bovee)

The first thing the couple did, was start looking for and purchasing interesting books when they realized the store probably needed a little more.

“We started buying used books. Then we started researching a source for new books. And we said, ‘Well, we’ve got to do more than just books’. So then we started talking to local crafters. We have a girl in Amsterdam that makes candles. My stepmother does the gift baskets. We have a girl in Mayfield that makes jewelry. And it all kind of fits in a theme of what we’re doing.”

Their plan, said Theresa, is to “sell a variety of everything.” From adult fiction, to local history, comics, cookbooks and children’s literature, Adventure Books and More is slated to be a one-stop shop for every type of reader.

When asked if they would be working to promote and sell local authors, Jeff responded, “I would certainly like to.”

For Theresa and Jeff, who have been married for 37 years, the decision to open a bookstore in downtown Gloversville came after many years of laboring in very different sectors.

A view inside Adventure Books and More. New and used books are on display throughout the store, as well as handmade jewely, candles, cups, and gift baskets. A coffee room and reading area is set up in the back of the store to accomadate customers in search of a quiet place to read. (The Leader-Herald/Josh Bovee)

While raising children, Theresa worked numerous jobs, including with the Lexington Center, where she still works.

Jeff owned and operated Northeast Steel Fabrication, a welding stop in Vail Mills.

“We both always worked, and it seemed like for years we were on different planets. The bookstore is something that we can do together. It’s not like the days of the welding shop where it was ‘me’ and not ‘us’,” said Jeff.

Jeff closed the welding shop soon after developing tremors in 2008.

“I started getting sick about then. But since then I’ve lost 60 pounds,” Jeff said. “So I’ve got a lot of energy right now and I’m ready to venture into this.”

In addition to selling books and gifts, Adventure Books and More will be hosting numerous activities, including a weekly Saturday morning story hour for children, tentatively scheduled to kick off in June. A weekly adult bookclub is set to follow shortly after. Theresa also has plans to start a craft night.

“We have a room in the back that’s completely empty and I want to get some crafters in there at least one night a week. Not the same kind every week, but a variety.”

Paint-and-sip’s, candle and jewelry making workshops, and various mason jar design classes are all possibilities for craft night, Theresa said.

But the main thing Adventure Books and More offers, Theresa and Jeff said, is a chance for customers to step away from their hectic, technology-driven lives in favor of a quiet moment with a book. Although they do sell books online via Amazon and their Facebook page, there’s no replacement for the experience of stepping into the store to pick out a book and read.

“We have our little coffee area. It’s a place to socialize and relax, rather than just finding a book on a website and buying it,” Theresa said.

“When we had the old [welding] shop, life was fast,” Jeff added. “You’re pushing so hard to make the dollar that you’re stepping over the dollars. Sometimes you need to step back and you just need a quiet place. We don’t have a huge reading room, but it’s here.”

Theresa and Jeff are both avid readers, themselves. Theresa enjoys mysteries, while Jeff prefers sifting through undersold books in search of overlooked gems.

“My background was rough,” Jeff said. “I was a welder and fabricator. I beat steel for a living. But I always liked to read. So it doesn’t matter what your background is. Knowledge is everything. Sometimes you want a feel-good book, and sometimes you want to learn about history, and sometimes you want more knowledge from a textbook. It’s all here.”

“Everybody has to have their way of meditation and getting away from their cellphones,” Theresa said. “A way of finding your own little quiet spot. It brings back the olden days, and I think we all need to do that sometimes.”


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