Chamber continues to bring value to members with leadership academy

Most times when I write an article I will typically either start or end it with our mission statement, “We are the leading voice of business in the region providing advocacy, resources and solutions for our members.” Based on many recent initiatives and programs, it might be appropriate to add “education and information” to that statement.

We have really doubled down on providing programs that inform our members regarding issues pertaining to the success of their businesses.  Recent programs or seminars have included several sessions on how to utilize social media to benefit your business, how to use/update/enhance your business listing on the Chamber website, our always popular Notary Public workshop (the next of these is scheduled for Nov. 21) and most recently a very informative and important seminar provided by our insurance partners from Bouchey & Clarke Benefits on how to cope with the upcoming New York Paid Family Leave Policy.

The Chamber will also be providing a series of seminars presented by our Women’s Advisory Council with the first being “Multiple Generations at Work” to be held on October 25.  All Chamber members, their employees, and even future members are invited to attend these informative sessions.  And these are to mention just a few of the programs we have offered and will continue to offer.  When we see a need to inform or advise our members, we strive to fulfill that need.

To attend any one of these seminars, simply contact the Chamber at (518) 725-0641 or via email terrys@fultonmontgomeryny.org.  You can find information on all of these sessions on our Facebook page, and our website, www.fultonmontgomeryny.org.

Regarding filling a need, we all recognize the workforce challenges facing our employers. With that, the Chamber is providing you a way to advance and empower your workforce from within. With that, I am very excited to announce our upcoming Leadership Academy for 2018. This is a great, eight-week program starting Jan. 12, 2018, and running through April 20. The schedule will be one full day of training every two weeks, with sessions offering every aspect of professional development ranging from:

— Understanding Your Leadership Style

— Managing Your Human Resources

— Motivation

— Performance Management

— Communications

— Delegation

— Crafting Strategy

— Leading Change

All elements necessary for professionally upward growth for that special employee in whom you see great potential.

All eight sessions will be held in various corporate locations where the last hour will be devoted to a presentation about the host company by the CEO and a short tour of the facility.

If you are an owner/CEO/manager of a business that recognizes that special employee(s) with hidden potential, but simply needs what this Academy will provide to get to that level, this will be truly valuable for your business.  I’m sure it will also instill a new sense of loyalty, motivation, and appreciation which will provide for their future success and for you, a more valuable team member.

For more information please feel free to contact Kelly Montanye at kellym@fultonmontgomeryny.org or myself at president@fultonmontgomeryny.org. You can find information about the Fulton Montgomery Chamber Leadership Academy online on our website or on the Academy’s Facebook page.