Perth Senior’s set trips for the summer

PERTH — The Perth Seniors had their meeting Wednesday. A prayer and poem was lead by Dottie Richeson. The poem was “Have we ever stopped to wonder?” Dolores Leggiero, the leader, lead in the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were 21 members present.

The $5 raffle was won by Kathy Haff.

The birthdays for the month of February were announced.

The secretary’s report was given by Roseanne Matthews and the treasurer’s report was given by Diane Rozdolski. Both reports were accepted.

The kitchen report was given by Wanda Crosbie.

Sunshine: Cards were sent out.

The trip report was given by Carl Haff. May 21, will be to the Log Cabin, Holyoke, Mass. for a variety show. The cost is $51 for members; $54 for non-members. The deadline will be May 6. July 15, will be to Mac-Haydn Theatre for “42nd Street” musical. The cost is $59 for members; $62 for non-members. The last day to sign up and pay will be June 23.

The meeting adjourned.

Peter Betz, the group liaison, told some jokes.


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