Tai Chi classes to restart on March 3

FONDA — The Glen-Mohawk Seniors regular meeting Tuesday was called to order by Vice President Gloria Kimball. The morning prayer was given by Allan Taylor; then the group did the Pledge of Allegiance.

Kimball took the roll call with 17 members present. The members welcomed Debie Whiting as a new member.

There was one correction to the secretary’s report. The St. Patrick’s dinner and show is on March 11. The motion to accept the secretary’s report with the correction was made by Charlene Fonda and seconded by Esther Porcello.

Olive Taylor gave the treasurer’s report which was filed for audit.

Phyllis Smith, corresponding secretary, sent a get well card around for everyone to sign.

The signup for the Mardi Gras luncheon ended. There is a signup sheet for the St. Patrick’s dinner and show on March 11, at the Log Cabin, Holyoke, Mass.

Old business: There will be no Tai Chi class next week. The class will resume March 3, and March 10.

There was no new business.


Kimball said the new thrift store in Fultonville is closed Sunday and Monday.

Fonda did trivia on the month of February, including President Washington and Lincoln’s monuments. Kimball read tips from Martha Stewart.

Mary Fox conducted the 50-25-25 raffle with Kimball’s help. The winners were Sandra O’Dockerty and Smith.


Starting at $4.15/week.

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