Meeting minutes for the Perth Seniors

PERTH — The Perth Seniors had their meeting. Elaine Gasner, co-leader of the seniors, did the meeting.

Marshall Leggiero led the members in “The Lord’s Prayer” and the Pledge of Allegiance. The attendance was 23.

The 50-50 was won by Sally Kreuczunas. The birthdays for August were announced.

The secretary’s report was read by Sharon Fenstermacher in the absence of RoseAnn Mathews.

Diane Rozdolski gave the treasurer’s report.

The membership report was given by Martha DePasquale.

Wanda Crosbie gave the kitchen report.

Fran Smith gave the sunshine report.

The trip report was given by Carl Haff and Dolores Leggiero.

In old business, the picnic at the The Bridge Walk at Perthshire was a success.

At the next meeting, the bylaws will be done.

Peter Betz, town liaison, told some jokes.

The meeting adjourned.