Dutch Apple cruise trip slated for Oct. 9

TRIBES HILL — The following are for the Tribes Hill Iroquois Seniors. At both meetings: The meetings took place at 10 a.m.; Chaplain Barbara Furman opened each meeting with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance; Vice President Pam Jasewicz took the roll; Barb Lampkin, treasurer, read the treasurer’s report and both were filed for audit.

Aug. 29: A social hour was hosted by Katherine Downing, Pat Schwartz and Rose Gargiulo.

Furman gave a reading, “A Walk in the Country.”

The roll showed 26 members plus three guests present.

President Sherry Meyers announced the August birthday, Barbara Lampkin, Aug. 29; and anniversary, Pam and Bill Jasewicz, Aug. 17.

The minutes were read by Barb Minch, secretary, from the Aug. 8, meeting and were approved.

Trip: Schwartz reported on the trip to Foxwoods Casino. Lu Wilmot announced the Glen-Mohawk Seniors are planning a trip Oct. 9, to Albany to go on the Dutch Apple Cruise Boat. The boat ride will take 1 1/2 hours and will stop at the Cracker Barrel for lunch. She is taking signups now for this trip. She also passed out the itinerary for the Maine trip to the members that are going. It was announced that the Perth Seniors are having a trip Sept. 24, to Lake George on the Lac Du Saint Sacrement.

Sunshine: Cards will be sent to two members.

Social: The Christmas party is being planned for Dec. 12, at the Raindancer. There will be a choice of three entrees. The club can bring in their own dessert.

Sherry Meyers asked for volunteers to be on the nominating committee for officers. Pam and Bill Jasewicz and Bill Lampkin volunteered.

The installation banquet will take place on Oct. 17. It was decided, after a vote, that Checkers Out will cater it and it will be held at the church hall. The menu will be discussed at a future meeting.

Sherry Meyers reminded everyone next week is food pantry week; bring a non-perishable food item or paper goods.

The next month’s coffee committee will consist of Emily and Tony Scott and Wilmot.

The raffle winners were Susan Gutowski and Ted Dediezk.

Barb Lampkin and Pam Jasewicz had some funny readings.

Barb Lampkin brought in a picture she made in crewel for her grandson.

Downing asked for prayers for her grandson, who will be having surgery.

The meeting adjourned.

Sept. 5: A social hour was hosted by Tony and Emily Scott and Wilmot.

Furman gave a reading, “Hope.”

Sherry Meyers introduced the four guest speakers from St. Marys Hospital who discussed cancer prevention and care. Kelsey Carpe spoke about skin cancer and passed out a sheet of sun safety tips; Minerva-Ortiz Otero spoke about breast cancer and screening; Ricardo Orengo spoke about prostate cancer; Leslie Montenaro spoke about colorectal cancer. Information was passed out to the members. A question and answer period followed the presentations.

The roll showed 29 members plus five guests present.

Sherry Meyers announced the September birthdays: Wilmot, Sept. 4; Janice Lewek and Schwartz, both Sept. 16; Anita Bush, Sept. 19; Joel Szabo, Sept. 20; Tony Scott, Sept. 24; Donna Deay, Sept. 27. Anniversaries: Beverly and Dennis Speri, Sept. 28; and Donna and Ron Deay, Sept. 29.

The minutes were read by Minch from the Aug. 29, meeting and were approved.

Furman reported the senior picnic is Friday at the Fonda Fairgrounds.

Trip: Schwartz reported the next trip is Nov. 14, to the Colonie Center shopping and lunch at the Cracker Barrel. Wilmot stated the two clubs need to coordinate their trip schedule for next year so they don’t plan trips on the same dates. She stated that parking for the Maine trip on Monday will be at the St. Kateri Shrine, Fonda. Be there around 10:30 a.m. She is still taking signups for the Dutch Apple Cruise boat ride with lunch at the Cracker Barrel on Oct. 9.

Sherry Meyers announced that there will not be a meeting next week.

Sunshine: Cards were sent to two members and a sympathy card will be sent to one member.

Social announcement: The installation banquet is scheduled for Oct. 17. Checkers Out will cater it in the church hall and set up everything. Barb Lampkin, Cheryl Meyers and Bill Danelorich volunteered to bring desserts. The cost is $10 per member and signups will begin at the next meeting. Danelorich volunteered to be the master of ceremonies at the event.

The 50-25-25 raffle winners were Danelorich and Mary Hart.

Barb Lampkin had some funny readings.

The meeting adjourned.

If anyone is looking for something to do on a Thursday morning from 10 a.m. to noon and wants to meet new people, feel free to come to one of the meetings. The group meets at 10 a.m. every Thursday at the Sacred Heart Church, Third Street, Tribes Hill. They are always looking for new members.