Seneca Lake trip slated for June 24

TRIBES HILL –The Tribes Hill Iroquois Seniors began their Thursday meeting at 10 a.m. with a social hour hosted by Chaplain Barbara Furman and Sherry Meyers

Furman opened the meeting with a prayer followed by the pledge of allegiance to the flag and a reading entitled “A New Day.”

President Meyers announced the April birthdays: Genie Hojohn April 1, Nora Olander April 7, Susan Gutowski April 17 and Judy Russo April 22; anniversaries Emily and Tony Scott April 19; and Bill and Dolores Danelorich April 26.

Role was taken by Vice President Pam Jasewicz, with 24 members present.

The minutes were read by the secretary, Barb Minch, from the April 4 meeting and were approved by Doris Schafer and Allan Taylor.

The treasurers report was read by Barb Lampkin, Treasurer, and will be filed for audit.

Trip: Pat Schwartz reported that everyone enjoyed the trip on Tuesday to Daniels Banquet Specialist and the stop on the way home to Haponowitz meat market. She is taking sign ups for the next overnight trip to Seneca Lake on June 24. The trip will include a two hour boat ride with lunch and music in Watkins Glen, then on to a winery and then to the Ramada Inn. The next day will include a tour of Bellhurst Castle with lunch at the castle in Geneva and then depart home.

Social: Roger Wilmot reported that next Thursday is the hot dog lunch. He has donations for a raffle today and also has prizes for Bingo next week. Mary and Donna volunteered to bring in a salad next week. The hot dogs will cost members $1.00. He has enough potato chips for next week also.

Bill Lampkin thanked the members for going to Mildred Hitchcocks wake last Thursday.

The winners of the raffles today were, Judy Russo, Eleanor Gill and Barbara Lampkin.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made Mary Hart and Bill Jasewicz.

Furman closed the meeting with a closing prayer.

Those looking for something to do on a Thursday morning from 10 to noon and want to meet new people, please feel free to come to one of the meetings. They every Thursday at 10 at the Sacred Heart Church on Third Street in Tribes Hill. They are always looking for new members.