A little bit of paint does a building good

The Gloversville Senior Center got an upgrade this summer with volunteer help

Mackinly DiScioscia, left, and Michael Kolak help paint the kitchen at the Gloversville Senior Center on Thursday. (The Leader-Herald/Kerry Minor)

GLOVERSVILLE — The Gloversville Senior Center has been given a bit of a lift in the past few weeks thanks to the hard work of volunteers and some generous donations.

The light yellow walls that formerly covered the center are now gone. In its place, vibrant colors of orange, olive, red and plum have gone up.

Volunteers, Workforce Solution students, community service members and others have been busy painting every nook and cranny of the center at 53 Church St.

Center Director Ellie DiScioscia said she has been looking forward to updating the color scheme at the center for a while now.

“We’re painting throughout,” she said. “We’re making it more energetic in here. It kind of gives it a whole new feeling when you walk in. We want people to feel happy, comfortable, and welcome” she said.

Amber Rafferty, left, and Hallie Glinski, right, are shown in the updated office at the Gloversville Senior Center on Thursday. (The Leader-Herald/Kerry Minor)

DiScioscia said the color palette was carefully chosen to help with the relaxed atmosphere, since sometimes those who are arriving at the center are having other issues in their lives they want to talk to someone about.

“When they leave here, we want them to go out with a smile on their face and feeling better about their situation,” she said. “Sometimes something as simple as a little bit of color can do that. It can be uplifting.”

DiScioscia said changing up the colors has allowed those who enter to get a better sense of the space, including making the stage area — where weekly coffee hours for artists are held — and the library more noticeable to visitors.

“We just wanted it to feel uplifted,” she said.

DiScioscia said she hopes the center’s library area, which lies to the left of the main entrance, can be used in the future as a meeting room or a place to do things like yoga.

The updated stage area at the center. (The Leader-Herald/Kerry Minor)

The paint was paid for by a private donor and was purchased at Sherwin-Williams at the Johnstown Mall.

“It didn’t cost the center anything, which is very important,” she said.

DiScioscia said employees at Sherwin-Williams has been extremely helpful offering discounts and advice, as well as ordering more of a specialty paint that is used by hospitals and nursing homes.

DiScioscia said the specialty paint was needed since it was both free of chemicals and odors that can be troublesome to center visitors with breathing issues and is easy to clean, a plus in a place with a busy kitchen.

“They ordered more cases of [that specific paint] when I mentioned the project we were doing,” she said. “They were very kind to us. We couldn’t do it without them.”

DiScioscia said some of the center regulars were a bit apprehensive about the changes at first. But they came around as the rooms were completed one by one.

“Once they saw it, and it was dry and stuff was on the walls, they went ‘Wow!,'” she said about the reaction to the finished product. “It gives it a whole new feeling. It’s their place. It’s their center.”

She said the plum color in the office and the vibrant blue in the art room have been big hits.

The center was finishing up work on the new red kitchen on Thursday and is planning to paint a hallway near the side entrance still.

A few more small changes may be in line down the road, but right now the center is focusing on getting the painting finished before the students from Workforce Solutions go back to school.

A busy time

While the center is getting its face lift, they are still working on a program to ensure their senior’s stay warm this winter.

The center is continuing to collect new coats, boots, hats and mittens for a program they are starting this autumn.

Operation Outerwear and for Seniors is aimed at obtaining a variety of outerwear items. The center is looking for outerwear items for all seasons and sizes.

The gear should be easy for seniors to get in and out of, with things such as slip on boots.

DiScioscia said several coats have already been dropped off, but the center is looking for more before they start giving them out later this year.

Any business, individual or organization interested in partnering with the senior center is welcome to contact DiScioscia at the senior center by calling (518) 725-0923 or emailing her at seniorcentergloversville@yahoo.com.


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