Students spend summer building apps

Trevor Cline, left, and Jacob Sisco. (Photo submitted)

FONDA — Fonda-Fultonville students Trevor Cline and Jacob Sisco spent part of their summer preparing for a mission to Mars–developing health apps for future Martians, coding robots and designing space helmets and a base for operations, according to a news release.

They participated in these workshops, exercises and simulations through the National Youth Leadership Forum held at Babson College in Boston from July 2 to 7. Fonda-Fultonville eighth-grade science teacher Theresa Heacock nominated Cline and Sisco to attend the “Explore STEM” program based on their academic potential, maturity, responsibility, and interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

“I want to go into computer programming or app design for a career, so the app course was very interesting to me,” Sisco said. “I learned a lot about the things I need to use to make an app that’s useful for others.”

The program had a Mars theme and focused on four areas: app design, modern medicine, robotics and civil engineering. They got to choose which area interested them most, and they participated in hands-on workshops related to that subject area for most of the day. Both boys chose app design as their main interest, as it’s a field that they are both considering for a potential future career.

“Our app was called Health Smarts. You could check three symptoms of a disease, figure out which one you had, and what the treatment would be,” Cline said.

“My group made an app that is similar to Apple’s Siri,” Sisco said. “We called her Marcia the Martian. The app monitored your heartbeat, played music, and showed what you need to do to monitor your spacesuit.”

The boys also participated in lectures and workshops related to the remaining subject areas.

“In the civil engineering course, I liked doing the 3D drawing of the Mars base, with the Apple pen and iPad,” Sisco said.

Both had memorable experiences, made new friends, and discovered interests that will help with making college career choices. Both Cline and Sisco said they have connected with their new friends online.

“A huge thank you to Mrs. Heacock for the honor of the nomination and giving us this incredible opportunity,” Cline said.


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