Keeping Earth clean

Rachael Taback, right, helps her dad, Justin Taback clean up trash thrown alongside the road. (Photo submitted)

JOHNSTOWN–When you’re grown up, you supposed to be responsible. But one little girl is getting a head start.

Justin Taback of 183 Steele Ave. got tired of seeing people throwing trash into wooded areas along his street.

So he and his fiancee, Jasmine Adams, enlisted the help of their 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Rachael.

About a month ago, they started cleaning up their yard, telling Rachael that “mother nature doesn’t like being covered with garbage,” Adams said.

Rachael “kind of ran with that,” Adams said, leading to her and her father taking walks a few times a week along Steele from Route 30 into the city of Gloversville to Kingsboro Avenue, picking up trash. They live across from a Nathan Littauer clinic and down the road from Mountain Valley Hospice.

It’s almost two miles, but Rachael likes the walk with her dad and their dog, Adams said.

At first they focused on bottles and cans. “There was a ton of them–$7 or $8 dollars worth,” Taback said.

But then they decided to pick up more trash because it was “awful, an absolute disgrace,” Taback said. “People open up their doors and scoop out trash.”

The Taback said they have to be careful because some of the trash is broken glass or sharp plastic.

Rachael is shy talking about their trash pickups, but her parents say she often initiates the walks.

“She enjoys doing it,” said Adams.

“They keep walking until she gets tired. It’s cool she doing this so young.”

Taback said he learned to respect the natural world growing up in wooded areas of Benson and being in a Northville Boy Scout troop that adopted and cleaned up highways as community service.

“The Earth is a living organism that sustains and takes care of us,” Taback said. “It needs our stewardship.”

Editor’s note: The Leader-Herald has started a new feature called Little Acts of Kindness. If you know of someone who has done a little act of kindness for someone else, let us know. Email to polder@leaderherald.com or submit through our virtual newsroom at leaderherald.com.


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