There’s still plenty of time to enjoy fall fishing, hunting

So, for being the last weekend in October, I have surprisingly gotten out to do some hunting and fishing.

Lake Ontario was not a stellar trip, but it was still a good fishing trip and we did manage some fish. Even though, we by no means, slaughtered them. We did OK and brought some fillets home to eat.

Fishing on the “Big” lake is more of an experience, a trip to be taken. Lake Ontario, with it’s blue/green water as far as the eye can see and huge King salmon surfacing all around the boat make for a great experience. There are fishing boats everywhere and it’s very satisfying to watch other fisherman hook up only yards away.

There is still time to get out and fish this fall and it can be some of the most productive fishing of the year.

The Great Sacandaga is really low, but I was still able to launch the boat in the Mayfield area and it was too bad. We only boated a few walleyes and the only good-sized fish we lost at the boat.

A couple more trips on the GSL before it ices up are surely in the works and I’m still looking forward to getting out soon on my other favorite lake, Lake George. ?This fall I’ve also been fortunate to be able to participate and help with some young local anglers in the Broadalbin-Perth Fishing club.

As a volunteer on the board at First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union, we have a corporate donation program that provides opportunities for organizations in our area. We were able to present $2,500 to the club for fishing equipment. (The picture and news release was in the Oct. 23 edition of The Leader-Herald.

I learned about the club last year through the two teachers who started it, Brian Henry and Mick Gottung. We had a great trip on the Sacandaga, caught lots of fish and enjoyed all of the students who participated.

The club is a great way to get students outdoors, learning and being part of our natural world. It would be great to see other schools start a program like this. I feel that being in the woods or on the water is a huge part of who we are. We need more organizations like this in Fulton County and our area since we have an abundance of natural beauty and open spaces.

A huge shout out to Brian, Mick, Broadalbin-Perth and First Choice Financial!

With deer season (early bow) opening Sept. 27, I haven’t gotten out as much as I had hoped to, but getting out a few times is better than not at all.

I have had some luck seeing a few deer, but no luck harvesting one yet. The first few times in the tree stand I’ve had a couple doe come in close, but no good shots.

I’ll be focusing more of my time in the Southern Zone with the bow and may actually try my skills with a crossbow. I’ve never even shot one before, but any new piece of equipment to hunt with is always welcome.

During the muzzle loader season in the northern zone, which opened Oct. 15, I was able to see a few more deer although none presented a shot either.

Hunting with family is always something to be grateful for. This was probably the first time all of my brothers and I were able to hunt with our family from Wells. It was awesome to do drives and even push a nice doe to my brother Mark. Lots of fun, and lots of deer running around.?With Oct. 1 comes so many outdoor activities. Another great opportunity in the foothills of the Adirondacks is pheasant hunting. I recently went with my good friends, Guy Famiano and Chris Baldwin. Guy has two excellent hunting labs – Emmet, a chocolate lab, and Ted, a black lab, are awesome hunting dogs. There’s something different about a dog with purpose like hunting.

The guys and I met up with the labs on Saturday, Oct. 1 for some pheasants. We started out fast, a nice ringneck flushed not far from the parking area. The dogs flushed 7 or 8 birds that day, and I being a novice bird hunter, missed two. Guy and Chris put two in our game bag and all in all it was an action packed morning of hunting.

New York stocks about 30,000 pheasants across the state. With multiple release sites in our area, I’ll be heading out with Guy and the dogs as much as deer hunting and fishing allows. Hopefully, our family dog Gracie, will find her purpose later this fall and winter with Sophie on some rabbits.

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