‘Dear Santa’

Dear Santa,

How’s it going? I bet you’re busy tonight. I’m busy too writing this. Look, here are some cookies for you. I also left some carrots for your reindeer although my grandpa says reindeer don’t eat carrots but that’s okay because my Aunt Kelly says you should eat the carrots because you’ll get even fatter if you keep eating cookies at everyone’s house. I hope you like the soy milk. Grandma said I couldn’t leave you the regular milk because she needs it for the pancakes for breakfast. She says Seth drank too much when he was eating chocolate jumbles and watching The Christmas Story. She wasn’t really angry. I was going to leave you a beer but Aunt Sara said that it doesn’t go with cookies..

I was told there wasn’t time to write a note as I had to go to bed early. But the grownups were making so much noise, I couldn’t fall asleep. Everybody’s gone to bed now, so, I just came down to write a note. 

I hope you find me. I’m here at grandma and grandpa’s house. We are all here. Mom said she told you ecpecially that we would be here so you would bring my presents to the right place but I am nervous that you will get mixed up. Mom is pretty bad at directions.

If you want to make sure you have the right Chloe, I’m sleeping on the third floor with the big girl cousins. I’m on a mattress on the floor. They said I am too wiggly to sleep with them. Its okay because someday I’ll be the big girl cousin.

 I made some of the cookies. The chocolate kiss ones are the best. I decorated the gingerbread man. Doesn’t he look like the principal of my school? I tried to make a bow tie but the candy hearts melted and now he just has a red neck. Everyone thinks that I did a beautiful job decorating, that’s because I’ve had a lot of practice. Grandma is into gingerbread men big time and she says I’m her best helper. I’m her only helper. I’m not old enough to say “no” when she gets so excited. Well for next year there are new cousins coming up!

Have you checked your list twice ? 

Izzy said she asked you for a boy that isn’t just a “friend”. And my oldest cousin, Nina, asked you to stop making things for us and just bring presents to the poor kids who don’t get any toys. But I know she didn’t mean it. Why wouldn’t you give toys to the poor kids?

Uncle James said he asked you to bring the world a better energy source. I hope you know what he means because I don’t know what he is talking about but he sure likes to talk about it.

Well Santa, you’ve given me so much over the years. Really, more than I ever could’ve dreamed of. You are a very nice man. I even like your red suit although a bit out of style. I could help you find something more stylish when you have the time.

Enough of that. I’m gonna cut to the chase. I would like a cell phone. My mom says “no way.” I know if she told you “no way,” to the cell phone she doesn’t mean it. She means she doesn’t want to pay the monthly charges, so if you could somehow include them, that would be great. I’m sure you have cell phones in that big red bag. And, ya know, I’m sorry I told that joke about you being deep fried. I never want to see you as a crisp cringle.

I know my brother also told you “no way” to my cell phone. He says he didn’t get a cell phone until he was 12, but you and I know that he was 10, don’t we? It was the Christmas he got his first Xbox. Wow. I know I won’t be 10 for awhile. So if you give me a cell now you can skip the Xbox and I will text you every day. Promise.

Well, got to get to bed, there is someone special coming soon… Ha! Ha!

I know I should probably sign this from my little cousins, too, but I’m not. They are a year and a half and already have the biggest presents under the tree, so they don’t need any more.

I have been as good as I could be for my whole life. Have a great night.

Your BFF,


P.S. I just came down for a minute. Honest. I was cold. Grandma’s house is always cold. Is it true you won’t come if I’m awake? I guess you didn’t see me while I was sleeping. Don’t worry, I am going back to sleep. The cookies are still here and the milk is still cold. Some of the kisses fell out of the cookies so I hope it was okay that I ate them. Wow, look at that, There are even more presents under the tree. Oh Santa, Gabriela and Lucia definitely have enough.

A reader requested this letter that I shared with you six years ago. The “author” is now a teenager and probably will be mortified that this is in the press. The little ones now are about her age in the story. We have added two daughters-in-law, a son-in-law, significant others, grand and regular and two little ones to our table. This year we are looking forward to the blessings of Christmas. Have a great holiday.

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