FM has the benefits of a four-year institution

For many students and families, the decision on where to attend college is huge.  There are many factors to take into consideration such as academic programs, tuition and fees, housing options, location, etc. 

Attending a four-year institution may be what the student wants because they think that’s the best way to move out of their parent’s house and live on-campus; they think that’s the best way to have a roommate; they think that’s the best way to really live the “college life;” or, maybe they think that’s the best (and only) way to earn a four-year degree.

At FM, students can have all the social aspects of a four-year institution while working on the first two years of a bachelor’s degree.  It is the end goal that many don’t think about. 

Graduating from a two- year college and transferring to a four-year one will leave you with the same degree in the end.  For example, FM recently signed 56 transfer agreements with SUNY Albany.  This means that across several majors, the coursework is outlined to assure transferability to SUNY Albany.  Students begin their studies at FM, graduate, transfer to SUNY Albany, and end up with the same four-year degree as any other SUNY Albany student!  The great thing about it is that a student can begin their studies local, know that their credits from FM will count toward a four-year degree, and be in junior standing upon arrival at SUNY Albany – all while saving lots of tuition dollars. 

If this idea sounds good, but you still were hoping to live on-campus and be part of the campus community, don’t fret.  FM has residence halls open to student of all counties, numerous student clubs, campus activities, and sports teams.  Students can be involved as much or as little as they’d like, all while working toward their educational or career goals.   

FM graduate Mykha’el Wilson, who successfully transferred and is a current student at The College of Saint Rose, indicates: “My transfer experience was simple and easy as FM had a signed transfer agreement with St. Rose.  I am in an accelerated program and will earn a master’s degree in accounting. FM certainly helped make my academic career flourish while I was there and after graduating. I credit FM with giving me every single tool I needed to feel confident transferring into an accelerated program. I am still in contact with some of my professors from FM; they continue to encourage and support me even after I graduated. I was able to save a significant amount of money by going to FM and feel like I got the best deal in the world. I had the same level of opportunity to join clubs at FM as I do now.  It is rare to find a place like FM where you can count on the support of faculty and students to help you achieve and even exceed your goals.”

Aside from SUNY Albany and The College of Saint Rose, FM has over 100 transfer agreements with many other SUNY and private colleges which are always expanding, and numerous resources on campus to help students be successful.  Not all students know where they want to go to college, and that is okay. 

Starting at FM is a smart first step, and the transfer counselor will assist with researching different majors and colleges, providing guidance with the transfer process every step of the way.

Andrea Scribner is education and career planning specialist at FM.


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