Accountants find balance in their careers

Do you love the idea of finding a career that helps you discover balance?

No, I’m not suggesting you become a yogi, although that would be a great lifestyle, too. I’m talking about finding the yin and yang of a career in accounting. Accountants discover the daily joy of juggling money and immersing themselves in the synergy of double-entry bookkeeping.

The ebbs and flows of debits and credits become rhythmic in the analyst’s tasks as the left crosses the right in a mythical dance that will outlive us all.

Imagine discovering the meaning of fiscal responsibility and financial health for yourself and all those around you. As the practitioner prepares for the final reconciliation to reach its crescendo, the final artwork is displayed on a green striped canvas and printed for all its’ stakeholders to see, a balance sheet.

The culmination of an accountant’s hard work is paid off with not only a rewarding paycheck and job security but the ability to create a perfect picture month after month that reflects all their hard work for everyone to see. A balance sheet is said to paint a picture of its subject at a specific point in time, so an accountant could also be considered an artist. The accountant uses the rules of principle and ethics, along with his pen and trusty calculator, to finalize the balance sheet that can drive its’ readers to invest.

Accountants are not only artists but they help those around them find peace. How many of us find challenges in balancing a checkbook, completing a tax return and planning for retirement?

A good accountant will listen, make recommendations and show empathy for all those who need financial guidance. We all strive to find balance between eating well, exercising, spending time with friends and loved ones but the accountant is the master of the final piece, finance.

The FM business division has an accounting degree that can be used to transfer to a 4-year institution or go straight into a career with the employability skills gained on the FM campus.

The FM business division offers classes in tax, financial accounting, managerial accounting, QuickBooks and advanced bookkeeping.

Accounting is a skill that takes practice and patience to master. Students also have the chance to become certified bookkeepers through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. This profession is taught on the FM campus and follows a rigorous curriculum laid out by the AIPB.

Advanced bookkeeping gives business students who have successfully taken financial accounting the opportunity to truly master the skill. We are also in the process of offering QuickBooks certification too.

The FM accounting degree is great for local employers of all sizes who wish to train their employees in the latest software and law as it relates to the field of accounting and finance.

Students leave with mastering skills in accounting as well as MS Excel and QuickBooks along with the ability to work in an accounting office in a wide range of careers.

For the truly dedicated student we also offer internships for our students who want the hands-on experience.

Talk to me at mark.swain@fmcc.suny.edu or Accounting Professor Laurence Zuckerman, CPA, MST, to find out more about your future career in accounting and finance.

Mark Swain is an accounting instructor at FMCC.


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