Michigan couple ties the knot in doughnut shop they met at

WYOMING, Mich. (AP) — Shayna Canales and AJ Johnson met at Marge’s Donut Den some five years ago and their relationship has been a sweet sensation ever since.

The couple tied the knot at the popular Wyoming bake shop Feb. 3 to make for an unusual but familiar wedding venue, The Grand Rapids Press reported.

The sugary details of their match?

Johnson worked at the Donut Den part time and he became friends with a fellow employee, teenager Xavier Love. They both worked at the counter.

One day, Love’s mother came to pick him up at the shop. That woman was Canales.

Johnson summoned enough courage to stop the mother and son as they were about to leave.

It was then that he asked Canales to go out with him on a date, asking for permission first from her son.

The couple dated for years and got engaged in June of last year.

With a blessing and nod from Marge Wilson — owner of Marge’s Donut Den — the two decided to get married at the confection shop to commemorate the location where they met.

Canales also wanted her father-in-law, Melvin Crawford, to officiate their ceremony. He could not do so at the church they attended because of a rule about outside pastors officiating weddings.

Marge’s Donut Den also has two adjoining rooms to the shop that allowed for enough space for the wedding and reception.

Canales recalled thinking, at first, that “I’m not getting married in a bakery,” but she soon warmed to the idea because of the adjoining rooms.