Fulton-Montgomery Community College

JOHNSTOWN — Dr. Greg Truckenmiller, provost and vice president for academic affairs at Fulton-Montgomery Community College, announces the students named to the dean’s list for fall 2017, which include the following. They have earned this honor by the attainment of a semester grade point average equal to or exceeding 3.20.

Jaidyn Alderson, Zubayer Ali, and Bianca Alicea, all of Amsterdam; Tammy Allan of Northville; Jennifer Ambridge and Yvonne Ambrosino, both of Gloversville; Joseph Amsinger, Johnstown, and Caitlin Anadio-Pitkin, both of Johnstown; Jordan Araya of Fonda; Gabriel Arroyo of Amsterdam; Yuwang Au of Johnstown; Nikolette Bailey of Gloversville; Estelle Baines of Fort Plain; Alexis Baker of Fultonville; Carly Baker of Canajoharie; Rebecca Baker of Gloversville; Karen Bakuzonis of Glenville; Andrea Balogh of Gloversville; Shane Barker of Fonda; Aidan Barnhill and Samantha Bartholf, both of Gloversville; Audra Beddig of Fultonville; Colleen Bellamy of Amsterdam; Cameron Biche of Gloversville; Dennis Bier of Amsterdam; Jacob Billa of Johnstown; Adam Birch of Amsterdam; Jackie Bishop of Hagaman; Mitchell Blackwood and Lauren Blanchard, both of Gloversville; Svetlana Bleichner of Fort Plain; Rio Blundell of Broadalbin; Melanie Boggie of Gloversville; Elizabeth Boles of Broadalbin; Kayley Bonificio of Johnstown; Jessica Bortell, Amsterdam; Shahna Bottisti of Tribes Hill; Kayla Braman of Gloversville; Michael Braunwart of Canajoharie; Kaeli Brenan of Wells; Meagan Brino of Amsterdam; Heidi Brown of Fonda; Michael Brown of Johnstown; TyAnn Bunn of Broadaldbin; Genevieve Bushek of Tribes Hill; Emma Callahan-Brittain of St. Johnsville; John Capovani of Amsterdam; Echo and Willow Carey, both of Gloversville; Ashley Carter of Galway; Siyue Chen of Amsterdam; Mackenzie Chest of Fultonville; Joseph Chittenden, Sunghyun Cho and David Cihlar, all of Gloversville; Cristin Cislo of Amsterdam; Theresa Clark of Gloversville; Bradley Cleland of Caroga Lake; Brianna Clute of Northville; Savannah Colliton and Jessie Cooke, both of Amsterdam; Abbey Cooper of Gloversville; Michael Countryman and Scott Crewell, both of Fort Plain; Chasity Cruz of Amsterdam; Tatianna Curry of Gloversville; Amanda Czelusniak of Johnstown; Marielle Dador of Gloversville; Elizabeth Danaher of Fort Plain; Alexandra Danna of Broadalbin; Raina Danylak of Johnstown; Aleshya Darling of Gloversville; Yvonne Davila-Rivera of Amsterdam; Joshua Dawson of Fonda; Noah Day and Briana Dean, both of Johnstown; Jade DeGuair of Gloversville; Cheyenne DeHate of Broadalbin; Sean DellaRocco of Amsterdam; David DelRio of Gloversville; Joseph DeNoyell of Amsterdam; Ashley DeRosa of Mayfield; Allie DiCaprio and Lola DiCaterino, both of Amsterdam; Allysa Diehl of Gloversville; Theadora Dingmon of Johnstown; Amanda Dolcemascolo and Brandon Donovan, both of Amsterdam; Shelby Dopp of Mayfield; Jacquelyn Dostie of Amsterdam; Abigail Douglas of Fonda; Jacob Dudar of St. Johnsville; Cheyenne Duncovich of Tribes Hill; Angela Duross of Johnstown; Kayla Dutcher of Mayfield; Rane Dutcher of Gloversville; James Earl of Broadalbin; Nicholas Eglin, Amsterdam and Brenda Elwood, both of Amsterdam; Emily Feerick of Mayfield; Gabriella Fernandez and Nicholas Ferrara, both of Gloversville; Hunter Fifield of Amsterdam; Jill Flansburg of Johnstown; Katrina Foster of Gloversville; Stephany Fowler of Canajoharie; Katherine Frank of Gloversville; Tontionna Frasier of Canajoharie; Spencer Frenyea of Johnstown; Cassandra Funk of Amsterdam; Teresa Gale of Gloversville; Keegan Garnet and Brianna Geleta, both of Johnstown; Anthony George of Amsterdam; Trevor Gibson of Gloversville; Eric Gieseler of Hagaman; Taylor Gifford of Amsterdam; Victoria Glasser and Jessica Glode, both of Gloversville; Mae Goh of Johnstown; Stephanie Gonzales and Isabel Gonzalez, both of Amsterdam; Dawn Goodemote of Broadalbin; Jillian Gorzycki of Amsterdam; Amanda Graham of Gloversville; Morgan Grandshaw of Canajoharie; Jean Grandy of St. Johnsville; Katrina Grant of Gloversville; Terence Greco of Broadalbin; Sarah Green and Brittny Greenhalgh, both of Johnstown; Kylie Griffiths of Gloversville; Denise Grimon and Christian Guere, both of Amsterdam; Christian Gugliemelli of Hagaman; Madison Gurga, Celine Gustas, and Scott Gutowski, all of Amsterdam; Baylee Hall of Fonda; Caroline Hall of Caroga Lake; Helen Hall and Janice Hambor, both of Gloversville; Julie Hampton and Orrin Hart, both of Mayfield; Tyler Hart of Gloversville; Claire Hayes and Elizabeth Hayward, both of Johnstown; Elizabeth Healy of Amsterdam; Ashley Hebert of Fort Plain; Austin Heroth, Courteney Hill and William Hoenzsch, all of Johnstown; Paula Hofmann of St. Johnsville; Hayli Hohler and Joshua Hopkins, both of Gloversville; Jolene Hornbeck of Fultonville; Blaik Horning of Fort Plain; Chelsa Hutchins of Fultonville; Conner Hutchinson of Hagaman; Helen and Jessica Hutt, both of Canajoharie; Alexandria Iglesia, Marie Insogna and Davia Iorio, all of Amsterdam; Rami Issa and Carter Ivancic, both of Gloversville; Megan Izzo of Galway; Nitara and Ryan Jackson, both of Gloversville; Robert Jacobs and Crystal Jeffer, both of Fultonville; Kaylee Johnson of Gloversville; Ariel Jones of Glenville; Kyle Jordan of Broadalbin; Alanna Kaminski and Mohammad Karimi-Nia, both of Amsterdam; John Kee of Johnstown; Antonio Keller of Broadalbin; Sarah Kempter-Swain and Hudson Kennedy, both of Caroga Lake; Kendall Kennedy of Fort Plain; Jennifer King of Gloversville; Mariah Kirk and Joshua Klare, both of Johnstown; Diane Klim of Fonda; Connor Konifka of Fultonville; Trisha Krajewski of Gloversville; Rebecca-Lynn Krolikowski, Sharon Kruger and Victoria Krzynowek, all of Amsterdam; Sarah Krzys of Tribes Hill; Samantha Kubas of Amsterdam; George Lacosse, Kady LaGreca and Ethan Lalli, all of Gloversville; Catalina Lange pf Fultonville; Gabriel LaPratt of Fonda; Maecee Lathers of Fort Plain; Amber Lee of Palatine Bridge; Derek Lee and Mingtao Lei, both of Johnstown; Marlana Lewis of Amsterdam; Ting Li of Gloversville; Zongsheng Li and Joshua Licciardo, both of Johnstown; Brandon Little and Erika Loose, both of Amsterdam; Kaeleigh Lozier of Johnstown; Austin Luck of Galway; Kathia Maracayo and Julia Marcuccio, both of Amsterdam; Kenya Marlow of Johnstown; Arianna Marti of Amsterdam; Ali Martin of Gloversville; Riley Martin of Amsterdam; Cierra Mason of Northville; Paola Mateo of Amsterdam; Natalie May of Gloversville; Sarah McLaskyof Fultonville; Alyssa McNulty of Amsterdam; Terry McWhinnie of Fort Johnson; Stephanie Medrano of Amsterdam; Logan Mello of Galway; Jaime Mickus of Broadalbin; Andrew Miller of Amsterdam; David Miller of Gloversville; Kristin Minch of Broadalbin; Amy Mogensen of Mayfield; Deesha Mohan of Johnstown; Cameron Monks pf Broadalbin; Grace and Joshua Montenaro, both of Hagaman; Jordan Montgomery of Broadalbin; Chris Moore of Fonda; Hanna Moore of Fultonville; Elyse Morales of Northville; Maegan and Zachary Mueller, and Bradley Mulligan, all of Gloversville; Cheyenne Munson of Fort Plain; Seth Myers of St. Johnsville; Colby Nasadoski and Christopher Natoli, both of Amsterdam; Heather Neahr of Galway; Sekoya Nearbin of Fort Plain; Sze Yu Ng of Johnstown; Danielle Noonan of Amsterdam; Eric Noonan of Johnstown; Kyra Noureddine of Hagaman; Courteney Oare of Broadalbin; Courson Orlosky of Gloversville; Madisyn Orsell and Robert Osborne, both of Johnstown; Timothy Panton of Hagaman; Susan Parisi of Dolgeville; Daniel Parslow of Fonda; Ippany Parsons of Gloversville; Amber Passino of Broadalbin; Elizabeth Pavlus of Fonda; Anthony Pawlaczyk of Amsterdam; Jasmine Pechtel of Johnstown; Rena Peconie and Giselle Perez, both of Amsterdam; Madison Perez of Gloversville; Alaysha Peters and Heather Petitti, both of Johnstown; Kaylin Phillips of St. Johnsville; Bailey Pieniazek and Trevor Pike, both of Gloversville; Makayla Pine of Amsterdam; Julia Plumadore and John Pomeroy, both of Gloversville; Hannah Priamo of Amsterdam; Kevin Prior of Gloversville; Kristen Przybylo, Patrick Purtell and Gianna Quatrini, all of Amsterdam; Kelsey Rajkowski of Johnstown; Kimberly Ranaldo of Canajoharie; Girija Rathore of Amsterdam; Elizabeth Raylinsky of Fonda; Abbie Reed of Gloversville; Kierra Reid of Fort Plain; Allison Ricci of Johnstown; Paul Richardson and Samantha Richardson, both of Fultonville; Jonathan Rivera and Michelle Rivera-Rosado, both of Amsterdam; Scott Robinson of Edinburg; Lyssette Rodriguez of Amsterdam; Matthew Romaine of Gloversville; Kaitlyn Romanowicz of Amsterdam; Mercedes Rose and Gillian Rosmarino, both of Gloversville; Michelle Rost of Amsterdam; Jennifer Rowland of Caroga Lake; Christine Rulison of Johnstown; Erica Russo of Amsterdam; Megan Ryder of Broadalbin; Jane Ryle of St. Johnsville; Anthony Sainato of Amsterdam; Samantha Sanoguet of Gloversville; Jonathan Santiago of Fort Johnson; Nashaly Santiago and Sarah Santos, both of Amsterdam; Spencer Satterlee of Gloversville; Glenn Savarese of Northville; Laura Scharpou of Caroga Lake; Noah Schaufelberg of Amsterdam; Allie Schuyler of Fort Plain; Joshua Scott of Caroga Lake; Lisbeth Serrano of Amsterdam; Gloria Seydi of Gloversville; Bailey Shave of Amsterdam; Karleen Sheckton of Broadalbin; Michael Shufelt of Fort Johnson; Nikki Simon of Johnstown; Kimberly Simpson of Gloversville; Sunpreet Singh of Johnstown; Nathan Sitterly of Canajoharie; Lyndsay Siudy of Amsterdam; Debra Smigen of Mayfield; Peter Smith of Edinburg; Matthew Smrtic of Gloversville; Jeremy Sosa, Jordan Spaid, Brianna Sparks, Nicole Sprung and Marielle St. Aubin, all of Johnstown; Audra St. Onge oif Northville; Cicily Stafford and Gabrielle Staley, both of Amsterdam; Jodi Stevens of Gloversville; Raymond Stone of Broadalbin; Brian Swank of Amsterdam; Thomas Szumowski of Broadalbin; Joseph Tambasco of Amsterdam; Jasmine Tate of Gloversville; Brittany Tatlock of Amsterdam; Sherry Taylor of Gloversville; Dylan Teater of Broadalbin; Michael Thiessen of Johnstown; Grace Thomson of Piseco; Amy Tollner and Madison Tompkins, both of Amsterdam; John Trinkle of Broadalbin; Jodi Trumbull of Canajoharie; Meagan Trumbull of Fort Plain; Anthony Turnbull of Hagaman; Laura Turner of Gloversville; Amanda Twible of Wells; Caitlyn Van Aernam of Gloversville; Tryne Van Avery of Amsterdam; Rebecca Van Deusen, Ben and Ross Van Nostrand, all of Gloversville; Aiden VanLoan of Fort Plain; Jaime Vassi of Fort Johnson; Jamal Vazquez of Gloversville; Brianne Vecchio and Connor Verde, both of Amsterdam; Alexandra Vincent of Gloversville; Breanna Viscosi of Fultonville; Felicia Viscosi of Gloversville; Michala Vitalis of Amsterdam; Richard Vogle of Fort Plain; Krista Walker of Mayfield; Susan Walker of Amsterdam; Cameron Warner of Northville; Russell Warner of Johnstown; Denise Watkins and Joshua Wavres, both of Amsterdam; Rebecca Way and Tyler Weaver, both of Fultonville; Stephen Wendt of Gloversville; Brianna Were of Johnstown; Clayton Wheatley, Bailey Whitbeck, Marie White and David Whitman, all of Gloversville; Andrew Wilcox of Amsterdam; Kasey Wilder of Johnstown; Gwendolyn Wilkins of Galway; Daniel Wilson of Canajoharie; Kelsi and Rachele Winney, both of Broadalbin; Sarah Woodcock of Johnstown; Devvon Woodruff, Danielle Wright, Steven Wrobel and Julia Yanno, all of Gloversville; Devin Young of Fort Plain; Joshua Young of Broadalbin; Alexandra Zarrelli of Amsterdam; Katelyn Zarrelli of Gloversville; Samantha Zemken of Wells; Dan Zhao of Johnstown; and Kaeriis Zuppardi of Canajoharie.