Section II committee approves run rule

While practice for the spring sports teams began Monday, the Section II Athletic Council gathered to vote on the “mercy” rule for high school baseball teams passed earlier this month by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee adopted a 10-run rule for high school baseball on a two-year trial period stating a game would end after five innings if a team is leading by 10 or more runs — or after 4 1/2 innings if the home team is leading.

Monday, Section II voted in favor of the two-year pilot program by a vote of 13-11.

“The Athletic Council is made up of the eight leagues in Section II with three voting members from each league,” Section II Baseball Coordinator and Gloversville baseball coach Mike DeMagistris said. “It now moves on to the eight leagues to vote on if they will adopt the rule or not.”

DeMagistris noted that the leagues will be looking at which levels the rule will be used at.

“The leagues can vote not to use it at the varsity level and but can at the junior varsity and freshman levels,” he said. “The modified teams already have a 15-run rule.”

In the possibility of teams playing non-league contests between a league that does adopted the rule and one that doesn’t the coaches must mutually agree if the rule will be in effect for the game or not.

If they can’t decide, then it defaults to the rule of the league of the home team.

Regardless of the league votes, the rule will be in effect for the next two seasons at the regional and state tournament.

The Foothills Council is scheduled to vote on the rule at its March 15 meeting.