Golden Eagles post 5-0 record at Sabre Duals

ROTTERDAM — The Galway Golden Eagles posted a 5-0 record to win the team title at the Sabre Duals wrestling tournament Saturday at Schalmont High School.

The Golden Eagles had six wreslters post 5-0 records on the day as they defeated runner-up Shaker 57-30, Corinth 54-30, Schalmont 54-28, Lansingburgh 54-12 and Albany 66-24.

Joey Scheeren had two pin falls, a decision and collected two forfeits at 106, while Colling Bayer had four pin falls and collected a forfeit at 132. Billy Ous also had four pin falls on the day to go with a forfeit at 138, while Riccardo Dery had three pins and collected two forfeits at 152 and 160.

Dillan Palaszewski recorded four pin falls and collected a forfeit in the 160 and 170-pound weight classes and Sam D’Alessandro had two pins and collected three forfeits at 195.

Galway 54, Lansingburg 12

099: No Match; 106: Joey Scheeren (Gal) by forfeit.; 113: Brandon Grupe (Gal) by forfeit.; 120: Abbil Zahid (Lans) pin Dylan Collins (Gal) 1:20; 126: No Match; 132: Collin Bayer (Gal) by forfeit.; 138: Billy Ous (Gal) pin Tyler Harris (Lans) 0:21; 145: No Match; 152: Brenden Finch (Lans) pin Jonathan Hoyt (Gal) 5:15; 160: Riccardo Dery (Gal) pin Caleb Morrissey (Lans) 1:24; 170: Dillan Palaszewski (Gal) pin Jacob Pease (Lans) 1:21; 182: No Match; 195: Sam D’Alessandro (Gal) by forfeit.; 220: Ddraig Bouchard (Gal) by forfeit.; 285: Russell Cook (Gal) by forfeit.

Galway 66, Albany 24

106: Joey Scheeren (Gal) by forfeit; 113: James Grogan (Gal) by forfeit.; 120: Brandon Grupe (Gal) pin Muiz Bayewu (Alb) 1:36; 126: Dylan Collins (Gal) by forfeit.; 132: Collin Bayer (Gal) pin Chai Kam (Alb) 1:50; 138: Billy Ous (Gal) pin Dejawn Crooks (Alb) 1:38; 145: Jonathan Hoyt (Gal) pin Maxwell Kendall (Alb) 1:17; 152: Riccardo Dery (Gal) by forfeit; 160: Dillan Palaszewski (Gal) pin Angel Casiano Izzary (Alb) 1:39; 170: Jomain Rollin (Alb) by forfeit; 182: Nicholas Joslin (Alb) by forfeit; 195: Sam D’Alessandro (Gal) by forfeit; 220: Creedence Cameron (Alb) pin Ddraig Bouchard (Gal) 3:19; 285: Jake Sicard (Gal) by forfeit; 099: Ilan Kligerman (Alb) by forfeit.

Galway 54, Schalmont 28

113: Adam Henderson (Gal) by forfeit; 120: Brandon Grupe (Gal) pin Nick Noble (Schal) 0:51; 126: Andrew Beck (Schal) pin Dylan Collins (Gal) 1:09; 132: Collin Bayer (Gal) pin Daniel Tommasone (Schal) 1:29; 138: Billy Ous (Gal) pin Jason Slingerland (Schal) 0:56; 145: Jonathan Hoyt (Gal) pin Nick Vandenburg (Schal) 1:59; 152: Dave Leon (Schal) by forfeit.

160: Riccardo Dery (Gal) by forfeit; 170: Dillan Palaszewski (Gal) pin Dave Tomasek (Schal) 2:31; 182: No Match; 195: Sam D’Alessandro (Gal) pin Sam Skinner (Schal) 0:44; 220: Deric Rosa (Schal) maj dec Ddraig Bouchard (Gal) 12-0; 285: Robert Tortorici (Schal) pin Jake Sicard (Gal) 0:42; 099: Caleb Kenfield (Schal) by forfeit; 106: Joey Scheeren (Gal) pin Mark Nardini (Schal) 1:54

Galway 57, Shaker 30

120: Dylan Collins (Gal) by forfeit; 126: Colby Pierson (S) by forfeit; 132: Collin Bayer (Gal) pin Nazeer Sarwar (S) 1:30; 138: Tyler Stanton (S) by forfeit; 145: Billy Ous (Gal) by forfeit; 152: Jonathan Hoyt (Gal) pin Bassir Rezek (S) 2:28; 160: Riccardo Dery (Gal) pin Ghassan Chehade (S) 0:37; 170: Dillan Palaszewski (Gal) pin Levi Santaniello (S) 0:44; 182: Spencer Clements (S) by forfeit; 195: Sam D’Alessandro (Gal) pin Josh Bennett (S) 0:58; 220: Brian Garrity (S) by forfeit; 285: Russell Cook (Gal) pin Joseph Paruszkiewicz (S) 2:24; 099: Jashon Holmes (S) by forfeit; 106: Joey Scheeren (Gal) dec Austin Sill (S) 5-1; 113: Brandon Grupe (Gal) by forfeit.

Galway 54, Corinth 30

126: Mark Ellis (Cor) pin Dylan Collins (Gal) 2:32; 132: Collin Bayer (Gal) pin Curtis Rigley (Cor) 1:08; 138: Billy Ous (Gal) pin Sam Tromblee (Cor) 0:24; 145: Conor Eversole (Cor) dec Jonathan Hoyt (Gal) 5-4; 152: Riccardo Dery (Gal) pin Dan Shippee (Cor) 0:34; 160: Dillan Palaszewski (Gal) by forfeit; 170: Tyler Schoonover (Cor) by forfeit; 182: Nate Warrington (Cor) by forfeit; 195: Sam D’Alessandro (Gal) by forfeit; 220: Ddraig Bouchard (Gal) by forfeit; 285: Russell Cook (Gal) pin Cody Westervelt (Cor) 0:52; 099: Devlin Blanchard (Cor) by forfeit; 106: Joey Scheeren (Gal) pin Johnathan Freebern (Cor) 3:38; 113: Adam Henderson (Gal) by forfeit; 120: Alec Richards (Cor) dec Brandon Grupe (Gal) 6-1

Kearns named MVP at Battle in the Valley

COBLESKILL — Justin Kearns posted a 5-0 record to win MPF honors at the Battle in the Valley duals Saturday at Cobleskill-Richmondville High School.

Kearns posted had two pin falls, two decisions and collected a forfeit in the 106-pound weight class.

Na’Jon Subik went 4-1 on the day with three victories by decision and collecting a forfeit at 220-pounds, while Kyle Gray went 3-2 with his three wins by pin fall.

Warrensburgh/Bolton won the team title with a 5-0 record on the day, followed by Cicero-North Syracuse (4-1), Cobleskill-Richmondville (3-2), Mohonasen (2-3), Coxsackie-Athens (1-4) and Fonda-Fultonville/Johnstown (0-5).

“This was a very tough dual tourney and our kids have been working real hard and are getting better with more mat time,” Fonda-Fultonville/Johnstown coach Jim Rodecker said. “The merger has allowed our team to fill the weight classes and be more competitive during dual meets.”

Battle in the Valley

Cicero-North Syracuse 66,

Fonda-Fultonville/Johnstown 18

106: Justin Kearns (FFJ) dec Daniel Sweeney (CNS) 8-2; 113: Dario Cicarelli (CNS) pin Zenmatsu Myles (FFJ) 4:22; 120: Nathan Osborne (CNS) pin Marquise Johnson (FFJ) 1:17; 126: Jacob Montminy (CNS) pin Jonathan Cranker (FFJ) 0:59; 132: Shane MacDonald (CNS) by forfeit; 138: Josh Brighton (CNS) pin Dominic Lodestro (FFJ) 3:29; 145: Isiah Wahdan (CNS) pin Nasire Sanchez (FFJ) 1:54; 152: Zachary Maxson (FFJ) pin Jeff St.Denny (CNS) 1:40; 160: Kyle Gray (FFJ) pin Michael Livesay (CNS) 5:33; 170: Robert Salvett (CNS) pin Joel Thomas (FFJ) 3:17; 182: Julian Zavaglia (CNS) pin Kyle Morton (FFJ) 0:16; 195: Jack McDonald (CNS) by forfeit; 220: Na’jon Subik (FFJ) dec Troyan Jones (CNS) 7-5; 285: Brady Ramos (CNS) inj def Chris Hernigle (FFJ); 099: Harrison Portorsnok (CNS) pin Loretta Newcomer (FFJ) 1:23\

Mohonasen 54, Fonda-Fultonville/Johnstown 24

113: Zenmatsu Myles (FFJ) by forfeit.; 120: Jacob DeGuire (Moh) pin Marquise Johnson (FFJ) 0:46; 126: Jacob Ahrens (Moh) pin Jonathan Cranker (FFJ) 2:44; 132: No Match; 138: Derek Lagasse (Moh) pin Dominic Lodestro (FFJ) 1:44; 145: James Marx (Moh) pin Nasire Sanchez (FFJ) 0:41; 152: Zachary Zuend (Moh) pin Zachary Maxson (FFJ) 5:38; 160: Kyle Gray (FFJ) pin Damien Darconte (Moh) 1:19; 170: Liam Rivera (Moh) pin Joel Thomas (FFJ) 1:17; 182: Matt Miller (Moh) pin Kyle Morton (FFJ) 0:38; 195: No Match; 220: Na’jon Subik (FFJ) by forfeit; 285: Paul Brown (Moh) pin Triston Zito (FFJ) 1:05; 099: Anthony Schweizer (Moh) dec Loretta Newcomer (FFJ) (Fall) SV-1 6:15; 106: Justin Kearns (FFJ) pin Tre’ Smith (Moh) 0:48

Coxsackie-Athens 48,

Fonda-Fultonville/Johnstown 36

120: Nick Christiana (CA) by forfeit; 126: Noah Bartels (CA) pin Jonathan Cranker (FFJ) 3:10; 132: Andrew Riley (CA) by forfeit; 138: Jesse White (CA) pin Dominic Lodestro (FFJ) 1:19; 145: Austin Wood (CA) pin Nasire Sanchez (FFJ) 4:48; 152: Zachary Maxson (FFJ) dec Colin Riley (CA) 4-3; 160: Kyle Gray (FFJ) pin Jacob Warren (CA) 0:22; 170: Joel Thomas (FFJ) by forfeit; 182: Eli Warren (CA) pin Kyle Morton (FFJ) 0:30; 195: Colby Lord (CA) by forfeit; 220: Na’jon Subik (FFJ) dec Dakota Anatriello (CA) 10-7; 285: Marc Martinez (CA) pin Triston Zito (FFJ) 1:25; 099: Loretta Newcomer (FFJ) by forfeit; 106: Justin Kearns (FFJ) pin John Sitcer (CA) 2:58; 113: Marquise Johnson (FFJ) pin Logan Campbell (CA) 2:29.

Cobleskill-Richmondville 72,

Fonda-Fultonville/Johnstown 15

126: Nate Holliday (CR) by forfeit; 132: Dan Hotaling (CR) by forfeit; 138: Greg Hotaling (CR) pin Dominic Lodestro (FFJ) 1:34; 145: Devon Lampron (CR) pin Nasire Sanchez (FFJ) 0:27; 152: Laine Pleickhardt (CR) pin Camron Sweet (FFJ) 0:28; 160: Ethan Cooper (CR) pin Kyle Gray (FFJ) 0:26; 170: Gabe Warner (CR) pin Joel Thomas (FFJ) 5:12; 182: Hunter Edwards (CR) pin Kyle Morton (FFJ) 0:14; 195: Masen Cooper (CR) by forfeit; 220: Na’jon Subik (FFJ) dec Jeff Crooks (CR) 6-5; 285: Tim Benac (Cobleskill-Richmondville) pin Triston Zito (FFJ) 2:55; 099: Adam Burton (CR) pin Loretta Newcomer (FFJ) 1:57; 106: Justin Kearns (FFJ) by forfeit; 113: Marquise Johnson (FFJ) pin Gus Spohn (CR) 3:30; 120: Thomas Becker (CR) pin Jonathan Cranker (FFJ) 5:26

Warrensburg/Bolton 74,

Fonda-Fultonville/Johnstown 9

132: Trevor Winchell (WB) by forfeit; 138: Zack Davis (WBH) pin Dominic Lodestro (FFJ), :28; 145: Hunter McKenna (WB) pin Nasire Sanchez (FFJ), 1:23; 152: Greg Shambo (WB) TF Zachary Maxson (FFJ), 20-5; 160: Chris Simpson (WB) pin Kyle Gray (FFJ), 3:43; 170: Dan Monthony (WB) pin Joel Thomas (FFJ), :45; 182: Nolan McNeill (WB) by forfeit; 195: Chris Wilson (WB) by forfeit; 220: Jack Binder (WB) dec. Na’Jon Subik (FFJ), 4-2; 285: Gary Hill (WB) pin Triston Zito (FFJ), :19; 99: Tanner McKenna (WB) pin Loretta Newcomer (FFJ), :20; 106: Justin Kearns (FFJ) dec. Dylan Winchell (WB), 4-1; 113: Marquise Johnson (FFJ) by forfeit; 120: Zachary Carpenter (WB) by forfeit; 126: Zachary Shambo (WB) by forfeit.