Russell wins Mountain Valley Hospice 5K

JOHNSTOWN — After winning the first leg of the 5K Triple Crown on May 6, Amsterdam’s Cody Russell made it 2-for-2 on May 20 in the Mountain Valley Hospice 5K at Fulton-Montgomery Community College.

Russell finished the 3.1-mile course in a time of 18:22.

He was the top overall finisher in the Glove Cities Rotary’s Run for the Roses 5K on May 6 with a time of 19:10.

Finishing second overall in the Mountain Valley Hospice 5K was Johnstown’s Gabe Cole who posted a time of 18:34. Amsterdam’s Cory Russell (19:31) was third, Johnstown Larry Poitras (19:50) was fourth and Johnstown’s Jeff Klingbeil (20:22) was fifth.

Gloversville’s Helen Reed was the top female finisher, placing 10th overall with a time of 21:37. Kiersten Albertson was the second female finisher and 11th overall with a time of 21:45, while Fort Plain’s Stacy Merchant was the third female finisher and 14th overall with a time of 23:02.

In the boys age 15-and-younger division, Johnstown’s Christopher Murphy was the top finisher with a time of 23:09.

Johnstown’s Katie Romano (24:48) was the top finisher in the girls age 15-and-younger division, while Caroga Lake’s Jenna Wiedemann (42:54) was second.

Cole was the top finisher in the boys age 16-to-19 division with a time of 18:34.

Amsterdam’s Cory Russell led the men’s age 20-to-29 division with a time of 19:31. Fonda’s Aidan Simons (21:35) was second and Gloversville’s Wilfred Cool Jr. (1:00.07) was third.

In the women’s age 20-to-29 division, Albertson (21:45) was first, Dolgeville’s Kaitlyn Lyons (25:07) was second and St. Johnsville’s Kristen Lansburg (25:09) was third.

Klingbeil topped the men’s age 30-to-39 division with his time of 20:22. Johnstown’s Bradley Valachovic (21:09) was second and Johnstown’s John Valovic (22:57) was third.

In the women’s age 30-to-39 division, Merchant (23:02) was first, Gloversville’s Jessica Brosat (26:09) was second and Gloversville’s Rene Dutcher (27:00) was third.

Loudonville’s Jian Shen (21:14) was the top finisher in the men’s age 40-to-49 division. Gloversville’s Jamie Spraker (22:08) was second and Gloversville’s Milo Gifford Jr. (23:50) was third.

In the women’s age 40-to-49 division, Caroga Lake’s Valerie Wilson (26:19) was first, Fonda’s Teresa Nare (26:33) was second and Caroga Lake’s Jan Wiedemann (27:35) was third.

Johnstown’s Larry Poitras (19:50) led the men’s age 50-to-59 division, Gloversville’s Ron Green (20:35) was second and Gloversville’s Shawn Krutz (23:52) was third.

In the women’s age 50-to-59 division, Saratoga Springs’ Lorraine Skibo (24:39) was first, Amsterdam’s Emily Etzkorn (26:32) and Fort Plain’s Diana Schwartz (28:04) was third.

Gloversville’s Charles Hagelgans (34:05) was the top finisher in the men’s age 60-to-69 division, while Johnstown’s Bridget Polidore (32:55) led the women’s age 60-to-69 division.

In the women’s age 70-to-79 division, Johnstown’s Marilyn Fairman (37:49) was first, Broadalbin’s Joan Boehme (52:50) was second and Gloversville’s Helen Mykel (1:00.37) was third.

Johnstown’s Robert Fairman (29:54) was the top finisher in the men’s age 70-to-79 division.

The Mountain Valley Hospice 5K was the second race in the 5K Triple Crown presented by St. Mary’s Healthcare. A total of 62 competitors completed the 3.1-mile course.

The first race took place May 6 with the Run for the Rose 5K in Johnstown.

The series will conclude June 10 with the Lexington 5K.

Three 5K races will be held on three different days resulting in one male and female grand champion. There will also be cash prizes and medals awarded and other prize drawings for those who enter the 5K Triple Crown.

Three local groups are joining forces to raise money, promote their causes and increase tourism in Fulton County.

Lexington will host its annual 5K race on the day of the Belmont, June 10, with 8 a.m. registration and a 9 a.m. run, starting from Lexington, 465 N. Perry St., Johnstown.

The registration fees will be $60 per participant on race day.

All Triple Crown entries are automatically entered to win great prizes, including gift certificates, running gear, clothing and more.

Runners will receive a free shirt and goody bag for each race.

Single race registration for any of the above races is also available at

Cash prizes will be awarded to Triple Crown winners (male/female) in the following age groups: 20-39; 40-59; 60-and-older. The first prize will be $100, second prize will be $75 and third prize will be $50. Medals also will be awarded in the following age categories: 15-and-younger; 16-19; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70-and-older.

For more information, e-mail Jessica Ford Smrtic at

Mountain Valley Hospice 5K

Overall Results

1. Cody Russell (Amsterdam) 18:22, 2. Gabe Cole (Johnstown) 18:34, 3. Cory Russell (Amsterdam) 19:31, 4. Larry Poitras (Johnstown) 19:50, 5. Jeff Klingbeil (Johnstown) 20:22, 6. Ron Green (Gloversville) 20:35, 7. Bradley Valachovic (Johnstown) 21:09, 8. Jian Shen (Loudonville) 21:14, 9. Aidan Simonds (Fonda) 21:35, 10. Helen Reed (Gloversville) 21:37, 11. Kiersten Albertson (Kirkville) 21:45, 12. Jamie Spraker (Gloversville) 22:08, 13. John Valovic (Johnstown) 22:57, 14. Stacy Merchant (Fort Plain) 23:02, 15. Christopher Murphy (Johnstown) 23:09, 16. Milo Gifford Jr. (Gloversville) 23:50, 17. Shawn Krutz (Gloversville) 23:52, 18. Lorraine Skibo Saratoga Springs) 24:39, 19. Katie Romano (Johnstown) 24:48, 20. Keith Waters (Amsterdam) 24:52, 21. Kaitlyn Lyons (Dolgeville) 25:07, 22. Kristen Lansburg (St. Johnsville) 25:09, 23. Lauren DuBois (Amsterdam) 25:42, 24. Christopher Murphy (Johnstown) 25:51, 25. Jessica Brosat (Gloversville) 26:09, 26. Valerie Wilson (Caroga Lake) 26:15, 27. Emily Etzkorn (Amsterdam) 26:32, 28. Teresa Nare (Fonda) 26:33, 29. Rene Dutcher (Gloversville) 27:00, 30. Jan Wiedemann (Caroga Lake) 27:35, 31. Edward Nicosia (Amsterdam) 27:39, 32. Diana Schwartz (Fort Plain) 28:04, 33. Katie Gifford (Gloversville) 28:34, 34. Kelli McCoski (Amsterdam) 29:18, 35. Rebecca Danelorich (Gloversville) 29:19, 36. Robert Fairman (Johnstown) 29:54, 37. Mary Bagwell (Broadalbin) 29:58, 38. Carm Anagnostopulos (Johnstown) 30:23, 39. Jill Cook (Fort Plain) 30:46, 40. Elizabeth Cosselman (Gloversville) 31:03, 41. Jennifer Hulbert (Sprakers) 31:10, 42. Lynsey Hulbert (Hagaman) 31:11, 43. Bridget Polidore (Johnstown) 32:55, 44. Joseph Raczes (Amsterdam) 33:33, 45. Maureen O’Brien (Pattersonville) 33:43, 46. Jennifer Ligon (Gloversville) 33:52, 47. Sarah Spritzer (Gloversville) 34:00, 48. Charles Hagelgans (Gloversville) 34:05, 49. Dorothea VanValkenburgh (St. Johnsville) 35:02, 50. Mike Kwiatkowski (Fort Plain) 35:18, 51. Marilyn Fairman (Johnstown) 37:49, 52. Tabetha Angus (Johnstown) 39:47, 53. Jenna Wiedemann (Caroga Lake) 42:54, 54. Joan Boehme (Broadalbin) 52:50, 55. Kathy Mabie (Amsterdam) 52:51, 56. Jackie Nulty (Hagaman) 52:53, 57. Crysti Simonds (Fonda) 54:28, 58. Edith Boehme (Gloversville) 56:30, 59. Cheryl Mykel (Gloversville) 56:33, 60. Stacey Cool (Amsterdam) 1:00:06, 61. Wilfred Cool Jr. (Gloversville) 1:00:07, 62. Helen Mykel (Gloversville) 1:00:37.