Royal Mtn. racers compete at meet

ROME — The Royal Mountain Junior Racing Team competed in the two-run paneled slalom at Woods Valley on Sunday.

Isabella Fluty was second in the 8-and-younger girls division with a two-run time of 57.59 seconds.

In the 8-and-younger boys division, Carson Cheney (55.17) was first and Tanner Sandel (58.95) was third.

Samantha Sandel won the 10-and-younger girls division with a time of 51.88 seconds, while Jill Sandel (44.34) was second in the 12-and-younger girls division.

In the 10-and-younger boys division, Brady Cotter (47.06) was first, Marcus Leo (53.89) was fifth, Jakob Hanna (54.15) was sixth and Noah Stock (55.12) was eighth.

Colin Cotter (42.31) was second in the 12-and-younger boys division, while Carter Cheney (47.68) was sixth and Andrew Lake (48.42) was eighth.

Emily Fleming (44.04) was second in the 14-and-younger girls division, while Molly Cook competed in the 8-and-younger girls division.