Mayfield girls place third at sectionals

NORTH CREEK — Mayfield eighth-grader Madison Relyea earned a trip to the state championships Wednesday at the Section II Nordic Skiing Championships at North Creek Ski Bowl.

Relyea finished fourth with a time of 29:12.4 in the girls 7K classic race.

It will be the second trip to a state meet this school year for Relyea, who placed sixth in the girls Class D race at the state cross country championships in November.

Johnstown’s Alayna Gray placed 13th with a time of 31:53.0 to earn an alternate spot for the state meet.

Queensbury swept the top three spots in the girls race as Eliza Blood (27:29.8) was first, Emily Atamanchuk (28:24.9) was second and Bailey Gengel (29:06.8) was third.

Queensbury won the girls team title with a total of 6 points, while Shenendehowa was second with 21 points. Mayfield was third with 51 points and Guilderland was fourth with 65 points. Johnstown finished ninth with 100 points and Canajoharie was 10th with 164 points.

Mayfield’s Maggy Lambo (32:03.1) placed 15th, while Molly Lambo (36:03.7) was 32nd. Emily Barker (36:16.1) finished 33rd for the Lady Panthers, Juleh Nikollaj (36:30.4) was 35th and Emily Frasier (48:24.8) was 59th.

Molly Sear (38:21.2) was 41st for Johnstown, Lauryn Wilson (39:43.5) was 46th and Lyndsey Fiore (42:45.0) was 53rd. Emma Fiore didn’t complete the race for the Lady Bills, while Emma Gottung did not start the race.

Maddy Elliot was Canajoharie’s top finisher, placing 47th with a time of 40:38.3. Carolyn Adams (44:22.8) was 57th for the Lady Cougars, while Jenna Sheperd (50:43.9) was 60th.

Queensbury will be represented at the state meet by Blood, Atamanchuk, Gengel, Maggie Borgos, Anna Manzella and Alexis Bartlett. Rounding out the Section II state-meet team are Relyea, Shenendehowa’s Anna Wiedmann, Shenendehowa’s Meghana Caron, Shenendehowa’s Julianne Burns, Guilderland’s Erin Miceli and Johnsburg’s Ava Anderson will represent Section II at the state meet. Gray will serve as the team’s alternate.

In the 10K classic boys race, Mayfield’s Josh Febbie earned a state-alternate spot by placing 13th with a time of 44:13.3.

Queensbury swept the top four spots, with Brian Beyerbach (37:11.9) first, James Conway (37:53.5) second, Daniel Manzella (38:03.7) third and Nino Manzella (38:10.6) was fourth.

Luka Nikollaj (47:22.7) was 26th for Mayfield, while Connor Akowicz (47:44.3) was 27th. Also competing for the Panthers were Dylan Bumpus (31st, 48:38.5), Riley Mykel (32nd, 48:51.8), Jackson Dunn (37th, 50:45.8) and Harrison Harper (52nd, 55:55.5).

Gabe Cole was Johnstown’s top finisher, placing 44th with a time of 52:30.8. Zachary Ropeter (54:00.4) was 47th for the Sir Bills, while Dom DiScioscia (1:00:29.9) was 60th. Alfio DeMarco and Mark Cwiakala did not start the race for Johnstown.

Louis Hand led Canajoharie, placing 62nd with a time of 1:02:03.4. Jacob St. Martin (1:08:31.6) was 66th for the Cougars, Austin Countryman (1:08:55.6) was 67th and Mack Frank (1:21:19.8) was 69th.

Queensbury claimed the boys title with a total of 6 points, while Shenendehowa was second with 30 points. Johnsburg (31 points) was third, Glens Falls (64 points) was fourth and Mayfield (66) was fifth. Johnstown was 11th with 139 points and Canajoharie was 12th with 195 points.

Queensbury had Beyerbach, Conway, Daniel Manzella, Nino Manzella, Aiden Rowley and Sullivan Fitzgerald qualify for the Section II state-meet team. Rounding out the Section II representatives are Saratoga Catholic’s Michael Halligan, Shenendehowa’s David Benson, Johnsburg’s Seamus Tomb, Shenendehowa’s Justin Caron, Johnsburg’s Casey Tomb and Hadley-Luzerne’s Erik Schreiner. Febbie will serve as the team’s alternate.

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association Nordic Skiing Championships are scheduled for Feb. 27 and 28 at Harriet Hollister Spencer State Park in Springwater.

Section II Nordic Skiing Championships

at North Creek Ski Bowl


Team Scores

Queensbury 6, Shenendehowa 30, Johnsburg 31, Glens Falls 64, Mayfield 66, Guilderland 70, Saratoga Springs 77, Lake George 121, Hadley-Luzerne 121, Scotia-Glenville 136, Johnstown 139, Canajoharie 195.

Individual Results

Bryan Beyerbach (Queensbury) 37:11.9, James Conway (Queensbury) 37:52.5, Daniel Manzella (Queensbury) 38:03.7, Nino Manzella (Queensbury) 38:10.6, Michael Halligan (Saratoga Central Catholic) 38:45.9, David Benson (Shenendehowa) 39:13.5, Seamus Tomb (Johnsburg) 40:51.0, Justin Caron (Shenendehowa) 41:41.3, Casey Tomb (Johnsburg) 42:05.2, Aidan Rowley (Queensbury) 42:34.6.

State Qualifiers

Beyerbach, Conway, D. Manzella, N. Manzella, Halligan, Benson, S. Tomb, Caron, C. Tomb, Rowley, Sullivan Fitzgerald (Queensbury), Erik Schreiner (Hadley-Luzerne), Josh Febbie (alternate, Mayfield)


Team Scores

Queensbury 6, Shenendehowa 21, Mayfield 51, Guilderland 65, Glens Falls 65, Saratoga Springs 68, Johnsburg 70, Scotia-Glenville 71, Johnstown 100, Canajoharie 164, Lake George 169.

Individual Results

Eliza Blood (Queensbury) 27:29.8, Emily Atamanchuk (Queensbury) 28:24.9, Bailey Gengel (Queensbury) 29:06.8, Madison Relyea (Mayfield) 29:12.4, Ana Wiedmann (Shenendehowa) 29:15.5, Maggie Borgos (Queensbury) 30:17.9, Meghana Caron (Shenendehowa) 30:33.7, Anna Manzella (Queensbury) 30:50.1, Julianne Burns (Shenendehowa) 30:55.8, Erin Miceli (Guilderland) 31:00.7.

State Qualifiers

Blood, Atamanchuk, Gengel, Relyea, Wiedmann, Borgos, Caron, Manzella, Burns, Miceli, Alexis Bartlett (Queensbury), Ava Anderson (Johnsburg), Alayna Gray (alternate, Johnstown).

Section II Combined Championships


Queensbury (48 Alpine, 6 Nordic – 54 total; Shenendehowa 44-21-65, Saratoga Springs 80-68-148, Johnstown 149-100-249, Glens Falls 190-65-255, Lake George 159-139-298.


Shenendehowa 32-30-62, Queensbury 89-6-95, Saratoga Springs 52-77-129, Glens Falls 160-64-224, Johnstown 153-151-304, Lake George 191-121-312.