Johnstown skiers sixth at sectionals

QUEENSBURY — The Johnstown boys and girls alpine ski teams competed at the Section II Alpine Skiing Championships on Tuesday at West Mountain.

The meet consisted of a giant slalom run and a slalom run.

Both the Johnstown boys and girls finished sixth in the overall team standings.

In the boys meet, Shenendehowa won the team title with 32 points, while Saratoga Springs (52 points) was second and Niskayuna (74) was third. Johnstown was sixth with 153 points.

In the girls meet, Shenendehowa edged Queensbury, 44-48 to claim the team title. Emma Willard was third with 50 points and Johnstown was sixth with 149 points.

In the boys giant slalom event, Shenendehowa’s Evan Scriven won with a time of 54.07 seconds, while Lake George/North Warren’s Lane Feldeisen was second with a time of 54.83 seconds. Stillwater’s Ian Montgomery (56.08 seconds), Niskayuna’s Nick Fratterigo (56.35) and Saratoga Springs’ Peter Hoffman (56.38) completed the top five.

Zack Szurek was Johnstown’s top finisher in the giant slalom, placing seventh with a time of 57.79 seconds

Peter VanDenburgh (1:01.64) was 26th for the Sir Bills, while Ben Lake (1:06.59) was 38th. Spencer Kotwasinski (1;12.74) was 45th for Johnstown, while Tyler Kortz failed to finish.

In the boys slalom, Scriven completed his sweep, posting a dominating time of 42.83 seconds. Saratoga Springs’ Ricky Gimbel was second with a time of 46.08 seconds and Glens Falls’ Matt Parent was third with a time of 46.57 seconds.

Szurek was Johnstown’s top finisher, posting a time of 49.26 seconds.

Kortz (59.79 seconds) was 31st for the Sir Bills, while Kotwasinski (1:06.94) was 40th. VanDenburgh and Lake both were disqualified.

Feldeisen, Scriven, Ian Montgomery, Gimbel, Alex Kruk (Shenendehowa), Hunter Montgomery (Queensbury), Hoffman, Freterrigo and Patrick Leonard (Shenendehowa) were named to the boys Section II state meet team, while Glens Falls’ Matt Parent will serve as an alternate.

In the girls giant slalom event, Saratoga Springs’ Elizabeth McIntyre won with a time of 57.74 seconds. Albany Academy’s Alexa Moynihan (58.16 seconds) was second and Emma Willard’s Calynn Cerniglia (58.35) was third.

Molly Lake was Johnstown’s top finisher, placing 14th with a time of 1:01.54.

Emily Fleming (1:03.58) was 18th for the Lady Bills, while Katie Romano (1;17.43) was 49th. Zoe Bartholomew (1:19.58) was 51st for Johnstown, Jenna Parslow (1:25.32) was 54th and Emily Frank failed to finish.

Shenendehowa’s Tea Trifunovic was the top finisher in the girls slalom event with a time of 46.74 seconds. Schuylerville’s Hannah Klingebeil (47.96) was second. Queensbury’s Maddie Montgomery (48.09), McIntyre (48.19) and Shenendehowa’s Melissa Taggert (48.99) completed the top five.

Lake led Johnstown, placing 10th with a time of 51.97 seconds. Fleming (53.89) was 15th for the Lady Bills, while Romano (1:19.27) was 43rd. Bartholomew, Parslow and Frank all were disqualified.

Cerniglia, Moynihan, Maddie Montgomery, Klingebeil, McIntyre, Chloe LoFaro (Emma Willard), Taggert, Trifunovic and Gabi Gisotti (Shenendehowa) were named to the girls Section II state meet team, while Lake will serve as an alternate.

The state championships are scheduled for Feb. 27 and 28 at Bristol Mountain in Canandaigua.

Section II Alpine Skiing Championships

at West Mountain


Overall Team Scores

Shenendehowa 32, Saratoga Springs 52, Niskayuna 74, Queensbury 89, Stillwater 97, Johnstown 153, Glens Falls 160, Albany Academy 169, Lake George/North Warren 191, Schuylerville 280, Ballston Spa 320.

Individual Results


Evan Scriven (Shen) 42.83, Ricky Gimbel (Sara) 46.08, Matt Parent (GF) 46.57, Nick Fraterrigo (Nisk) 46.85, Ian Montgomery (Still) 47.12, Hunter Montgomery (Qby) 47.24, Alex Kruk (Shen) 47.56, Patrick Leonard (Shen) 48.04, Andrew Fraterrigo (Nisk) 48.31, Michael Pumiglia (CBS) 48.93, Zack Szurek (John) 49.26, Peter Hoffman (Sara) 49.37, Andrew Parent (Shen) 49.58, Atticus Connell (Sara) 49.59, Michael Guido (Qby) 50.06.

Giant Slalom

Scriven 54.07, Feldeisen 54.83, I. Montgomery 56.08, N. Fraterrigo 56.35, Hoffman 56.38, Kruk 57.75, Szurek 57.79, Andrew Zilka (Sara) 57.91, Leonard 58.09, A. Parent 58.32, Gimbel 58.36, A. Fraterrigo 58.64, H. Montgomery 58.67, Max Lautenberg (Still) 58.80.

State Meet Team: Feldeisen, Scriven, I. Montgomery, Gimbel, Kruk, H. Montgomery, Hoffman, N. Fraterrigo, Leonard, M. Parent (alternate).


Overall Team Results

Shenendehowa 44, Queensbury 48, Emma Willard 50, Saratoga Springs 80, Ballston Spa 115, Johnstown 149, Lake George/North Warren 159, Niskayuna 171, Albany Academy 190, Glens Falls 190, Schuylerville 208.

Individual Results


Tea Trifunovic (Shen) 46.74, Hannah Klingebeil (Schu) 47.96, Maddie Montgomery (Qby) 48.09, Elizabeth McIntyre (Sara) 48.19, Melissa Taggert (Shen) 48.99, Chloe Lofaro (EW) 49.34, Calynn Cerniglia (EW) 49.52, Alexis Metivier (Qby) 49.85, Claire Felton (BS) 50.42, Molly Lake (John) 51.97, Gabi Gisotti (Shen) 52.35, Katie Gerouso (Qby) 52.52, Cameron Parry (Sara) 53.77, Lilly Perkett (LG/NW) 53.84, Emily Fleming (John) 53.89.

Giant Slalom

McIntyre 57.74, Alexa Moynihan (AA) 58.16, Cerniglia 58.35, Trifunovic 58.37, Lofaro 58.70, Montgomery 58.77, Sarah White (Qby) 59.61, Taggert 59.88, Felton 1:00.01, Klingebiel 1:00.38, Parry 1:00.45, Metivier 1:00.52, Lara Cunningham (EW) 1:01.36, Lake 1:01.54, Gisotti 1:02.21.

State Meet Team: Cerniglia, Moynihan, Montgomery, Klingebiel, McIntyre, Lofaro, Taggert, Trifunovic, Gisotti, Lake (alternate).