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Should New York state allow New York City to set its own minimum wage?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jun-18-14 3:19 PM

how bout new york city start paying for the water we send them every day.. yeah they deserve a raise.. and just who's gonna pay for this?

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Jun-18-14 6:23 PM

Why not, as long as they do not force their decisions on US!

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Jun-18-14 9:05 PM

New York City should become it's own State. Then it might not cost so much too live in up State!

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Jun-18-14 10:29 PM

Why is this even an issue?? Simply due to the cost of living in the Big Apple nobody should be making minimum wage.

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Jun-19-14 10:10 AM

Why bother? As it is, Welfare pays more than the minimum wage. All that would happen is the moochers/leechers will continue mooching and leeching off the taxpayers and more of those evil profit-seeking business' will leave.

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Jun-19-14 11:16 AM

FactOrFiction- downstate pays much more into the state budget than they get back. If NYC became its own state, upstate taxes would skyrocket.

As for NYC setting its own minimum wage, sure, why not? It would have no affect on upstate.

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Jun-19-14 11:51 AM

When the minimum wage gets hiked, the cost of everything else does as well. It in't like they get this hike and prices in the grocery stores and gas pumps stay the same. It doesn't work like that. So those who can't afford the cost of living now...won't with a wage hike either.

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Jun-19-14 7:15 PM

Let NYC do whatever they want. Lettum raise it to $100 hr if they want. In turn let us do what WE want too even if that means there is no minimum wage outside NYC. In fact, if they want lettum be their own state.

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Jun-19-14 10:11 PM

ADKman. It is called creative bookkeeping. I do not believe it for a second!

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Jun-20-14 10:15 AM

What is a lettum ??? I can't find it in any dictionary

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Jun-20-14 11:16 AM

Drugs, it's Algonquian that roughly translates to: 'let-the-idiots'.

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Jun-20-14 1:14 PM

There should be a minimum wage across the nation.

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Jun-20-14 1:41 PM

In a perfect world there doesn't need to be a minimum wage. Everyone believes that their services based on their ability are worth a certain wage per hour. Over simplifying, there are two painters, one that does an outstanding job and the other that cuts corners resulting in less than ideal results. As the reputation of these two painters gets around, the good painter is able to more readily find work at the rate he charges. The other painter attempts to charge the same rate and bid jobs using that rate. He finds that in order to get work he either has to cut his rate or improve his performance. If he lacks the skill set to improve performance, he must settle for charging a lower rate or find a job skill in which he can excel. Both men are painters, why would anyone pay them the same rate. The same is true with the minimum wage. Give a worker an incentive to achieve more and most will. It will be a slippery slope for the rest of the state if NYC increases their minimum wage.

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Jun-21-14 9:53 AM

Former, that works in a ideal world. The problem with the real world is that the good painter will get a few jobs and the corner cutter will be overloaded with work because he is cheaper and the work is "good enough". He might even end up hiring the good painter and complain that he takes too long to do the job.

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Jun-21-14 10:00 AM

here is a better example -- ins. cos. complain that towing rates are too high, all the decent towers agree that one weekend all the wrecks stay clogging up the roads. The old guy with a 1946 "Mater" tows them all off for $10.

Nobody sticks together and somebody will always do the job for less with an "at least I got work" attitude

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Jun-21-14 10:05 AM

The strength to do the job right and then to fight for yourself to get what you deserve is natural... survival of the fittest. If you have a gift in one area but are obviously lacking in another are you truly worth the top rewards?

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Jun-21-14 10:42 AM

There already is a Federal Minimum Wage's $7.25/hr. States can go higher but not lower. The argument here is whether or not NYS can/should allow one part of the State to have a different Minimum wage than the rest of the State. The formula politicians seem to using is one where large populations require a higher entry-level wage. That may sound reasonable but politicians don't create jobs, hire people or pay wages. For many reasons there is a supply/demand problem in NYC where the 'supply' of unskilled entry level workers far exceeds the 'demand'. Raising the minimum wage in an effort to change this economic disequilibrium will change it will make it worse by forcing business' out and further raising the 'supply' of unskilled people seeking jobs while decreasing business' demand for them.

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Jun-23-14 6:59 AM

the problem with paying the worker what they are worth is the employer always has there little cronies who do nothing, and reap all the benefits because they are the "yes man". The people who actually do the work get overlooked or laid off. That's one of the reasons why Unions where formed.

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Jun-23-14 9:55 AM

Getreal, paying someone for their worth is paying them for their skill, ability and experience. In other words, you are getting what you pay for. Minimum wage is the pay for an entry level, unskilled position where the worker is paid for what the JOB is worth and not the person, again getting what you pay for. Governments trying to determine a persons wages in the private workforce, regardless of the product or service being produced, only serves to increase the supply of unemployed people, decrease opportunity and cause higher consumer prices. You've heard the phrase 'voodoo economics'..Well, this is a great example.

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Jun-23-14 12:21 PM

I'm a little hazy on the purpose of setting a minimum wage. Is that an amount on which a single person can support themselves? How about a single mother w/ a child (or 2)? If you are going to set an hourly amount at which the employee can be self-supporting, without tapping into SNAP, HEAP, etc then the amount is ludicrously low. I've read some economists who think that for a single mother with 1 child to support herself w/ no social service help, she must earn a minimum of $20 per hour. Is that what is meant by minimum wage?

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Jun-23-14 1:26 PM

A "living wage" is what a person can live on without the help of government support. The "minimum wage" is the least amount an employer can set for an employee. Minimum wages are usually for people entering the working force for the first time, with the belief that a person will work their way up to a desirable wage. It is not a standard for living on one's own.

While I am not in favor of minimum wage, areas such as NYC should have the right to do what is best for them.

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Jun-23-14 3:09 PM

Anna, at issue is the New York State Legislature allowing one section of NYS to set a different minimum wage than the rest of the State, not what NYC doing what's best for NYC. Do you or anyone else out there think this precedent will NOT be used in other 'selected' areas of the State if allowed in NYC?? Of course it will, with the consequences will be small business' leaving NYC and NYS altogether, fewer jobs, and higher consumer prices to name a few. Yes, it CAN get worse. The minimum wage was never designed to support a family, the purpose was for a single unskilled, under-educated or inexperienced individual entering the workforce. The term 'living wage' was invented by income redistributers in a effort to fool and reward their herd of somewhat less than ambitious low achievers who need a trophy. Sorry, but in the real world those income trophy's are individually earned, not given away en masse.

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Jun-23-14 3:17 PM

BlackFrancis1...No. See explanation below. Since I believe that your own experience, profession and abilities are as you say, I also believe, intellectually, you already know the answer too.

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Jun-23-14 3:33 PM

So what do we do with an entire class of people who will be at or near minimum wage earners their entire lives? I concede that some are in that position because of shortsightedness, lack of motivation, whatever. But not every person working for minimum wage is lazy and stupid. They can never hope to get by without some type of assistance. I don't know what the magic dollar per hour number is that would make everyone happy but we are all going to pay, one way or the other. It's the price of an advanced civilization.

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Jun-23-14 4:04 PM

To MrBob51, I was trying to be neutral, living part time in California, I do understand the living wage. I believe it began in San Francisco. Who would've thunk it?

To BlackFrancis1, It looks like we've lost the original American spirit.

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