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Do you think the prisoner swap involving Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was a bad decision?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jun-05-14 12:47 PM

CRAP!!! I hit the wrong button, voted no when I meant yes :(

The guy was a deserter and a traitor. We gave them 5 starters and we got a water boy who doesn't want to be here.

Obama just keeps screwing up. I guess in his mind the best way to get out of a scandal is to get into a new one.

Worst president ever.

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Jun-05-14 1:32 PM

When is someone going to have the nerve to start impeachment proceedings against Obama? I suppose it really doesn't matter because we might end up with Joking Joe ? All we are seeing now is bait and switch from one scandal to another and a lot of distraction in between. Well, all I can say is that I didn't vote for him as he is and was clearly unqualified. . .amen.

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Jun-05-14 1:42 PM

No impeachment!! The "low-information" voters will cry RACISM and influence "on-the-fence" voters the wrong way in the 2014 congressional elections.

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Jun-05-14 2:31 PM

I wonder what the President would have done if his daughters were over there? I bet none of the Gitmo prisoners would see the light of day let alone freedom.

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Jun-05-14 4:42 PM

This is simply another page in the thick book of Obama's failures. He has been very helpful to our nation's enemies. He is the biggest problem that our country faces, by far the most inept president that we have ever seen. It is hard to imagine what he and his team can mess up next. Not if he will but rather what! Stay tuned for the next huge mistake any moment now.

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Jun-05-14 4:42 PM

so ,(so far) we have 22%of the respondents think this was a good thing. That includes Scarecrow's mistake. I would be interested in reading their reasoning.

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Jun-05-14 5:12 PM

Trade 1 deserting/traitorous chicken-s*it girly-boy for 5 killers. In Obamas world that's a good deal, he gets an un-American supporter back and 5 scumbag cultists get to go back to killing more Americans or, seeing the new value, taking them hostage for trade.

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Jun-05-14 6:52 PM

"Never leave a soldier behind", doesn't mean just the ones you like. Try him for treason if he is truly guilty, but please spare me the righteous indignation. If the president didn't get him, you would be screaming about that. He was a POW, period.

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Jun-05-14 9:02 PM

I read part of an interview with General McChristal. He indicates that no American should be left behind and the Sgt should have the right to present his story before being judged because this is America. I think that says it all for me.

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Jun-05-14 9:18 PM

Solarguy, you don't see that as scrambling to support the position of the liar in chief ?????

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Jun-05-14 9:25 PM

The more of this deal that comes out the worse it smells. Even those still enlisted people who were his "co-workers" are not behind this "rescue".

So how about we trade Barry, Hilary, Eric, and Plugs for the Marine in Tijuana?????

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Jun-06-14 7:09 AM

While certainly an impeachable offense (dereliction of duty), I hope they do not attempt it at this point. No one is a better spokesman for smaller government, separation of powers and having experienced leaders elected than the current occupant of the White House. As I have said numerous times here, the left owns this record and must run with it. November will show whether the American people like his form of incompetent and deceitful leadership or want a change. I am sure change is in the wind. Anyone notice the usual left wing wacko liars and demonizers haven't raced to post on this one. Their silence speaks loudly. I don't think even they could come up with a FACTUAL defense of this latest debacle.

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Jun-06-14 10:15 AM

While I believe no one should be left behind I wonder what price is too high. Whose son or daughter may not come home alive to bring this "soldier" home? I do object to the administration crowing about how he has served with "honor and distinction". It is truly disrespectful to the men and women who have served with honor and distinction especially the ones who hit the beaches 70 years ago today.

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Jun-06-14 10:30 AM

POW? Not according to his Platoon members and the Pentagon.

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Jun-06-14 11:05 AM

fedup...I see you're still at it with the same ole quotes..."the lefties own it", "left wing liars" (unlike the always truthful Glenny Beck), "come up with a factual defense" etc etc. Ho hum, what the heck, I'll try this again...who cares about mounting a defense for any politician...regardless of political persuasions, if it's wrong, it's wrong! And speaking of "factual", even though I have suspicions/questions about this issue, it looks like there will be many more details coming in the next 2 weeks. For now I'll hold off until I see more facts. Oh, lastly, speaking of change, I anxiously await the GOP Presidential Primary travelling road show...what viable gop candidate will Teddy Cruz and his gang destroy this time around??

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Jun-06-14 11:56 AM

If everything we heard on FOX is true, yes, it was a bad decision. Like Laker said, let's hear all the facts before a final decision is rendered. That will mean listening to more than one news source, which surely will get many "disagrees".

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Jun-06-14 12:26 PM

Hill, CNN, NBC, CBS, are all reporting the same things.

What I find odd is that under Bush we were able to organize rescue missions and get those captives back. Under Obama we found Obama Bin Laden and took him out. Now all of a sudden we can't find this one soldier and rescue him? Sounds like an excuse to give aid and comfort tot the enemy and release 5 Generals in the Taliban Army.

Sadly, every time I think Obama couldn't possible do anything dumber he goes and proves me wrong. With three years left I really don't want to see his next worst mistake.

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Jun-06-14 12:27 PM

Further, Obama has undone 200 years of we don't negotiate with terrorist. It is now open season on Americans to be used as trade bait.

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Jun-06-14 12:36 PM

If I were to believe Susan Rice and the administration she serves, or our soldiers who served with Bowe, I do believe our soldiers without a doubt.

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Jun-06-14 12:38 PM

And I jsut saw on CNN that John McCain, a former POW, would not have made such a ridiculous trade. And Ridiculous was my addition.

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Jun-06-14 12:43 PM

Scarecrow57, we were getting intelligence from our captives under Bush, after Obama, they just killed by drone. That is a high price to pay.

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Jun-06-14 6:24 PM

I'm happy that the US taxpayers have 5 less losers to support at Guantanamo. Hopefully Guantanamo will be closed as soon as possible.

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Jun-06-14 10:51 PM

There are things called courts where people accused of crimes are judged.. We don't know what happened that night , only him and we will get his side soon enough.. We traded 5 guys that we couldn't convict even with a military tribunal.. If we had a case against them or that soldier they would have convicted them long ago.. So rage on arm chair quarterbacks..

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Jun-07-14 8:00 AM

gville, then you would support a swap with Mexico. 10 illegals for our Marine? Why is nothing being done for him? He have never in our history done a prisoner swap like this for a reason. This administration has set the country back 100 years with this bonehead move. 5 Taliban Generals for one deserter. In essence, 5 starters for the water boy, only Jerry Jones makes trades this bad (Hershel Walker)

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Jun-07-14 8:01 AM

And in my haste, I got the Hershel Walker trade backwards, Dallas did good with that one. It was the Vikings who sold the farm for nothing.

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