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Should New York state legalize marijuana for medical purposes?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jun-05-14 8:15 AM

I just stopped in to see if TOT was still carrying on.

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Jun-04-14 10:52 PM

In Maureen Dowd's latest column for the New York Times, she describes her scary experience eating a pot candy bar while reporting on legalized marijuana in Colorado.

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Jun-04-14 10:15 PM

We should all meet and discuss this over a few beers and some Acapulco Gold.

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Jun-04-14 1:38 PM

Yes everyone can have an opinion. Everyone can want anything that they want... but there is only one right thing and in this case I do not think it is legalizing dope. I just love the hypocrisy involved in liberals thinking, smoking bad, doping... hey lets legalize it! Everyone should do what they want, except this that and any other banable substance or issue. If they agree it is ok if they do not then lets ban it. Sugar, salt cigarettes, fossil fuels, coal and many other substances are forbidden of wannabe forbidden but lets all get stoned.

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Jun-04-14 10:04 AM

"Correction, I am never on the wrong side". Perfectly said TOT. Other than 'I'm right, you're wrong', can somebody tell me what the defined, objective 'right side' or 'wrong side' of any debate or argument is? I believe that is a personal I right or wrong?

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Jun-04-14 7:20 AM

More mindless drones....someone always needs the vote!

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Jun-03-14 8:34 PM

Correction, I am never on the wrong side. In this case there seems to be many more on the wrong side than usual though... maybe we can ask the non-pot smokers why they are not more involved yanking the chain of all the pot heads. If you are on the pot for all side chances are you are already a pothead. Kill off brain cells and vote liberal.

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Jun-03-14 3:43 PM

Quote from former Yankee pitcher Catfish Hunter...when asked if he preferred grass or astro-turf, Catfish replied, "I don't know, I never smoked astro-turf."

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Jun-03-14 1:56 PM

looking at the pure numbers here, TT is WAY on the wrong side of this one

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Jun-03-14 1:37 PM

I do think that it is ironic, I also believe that when the public demands that you outlaw basicly every substance known to man that can harm you yet call for legalization for a drug that is harmful. I understand the "what harm could it do to a dying person" but it is a step to legalize a brain killing drug. Have you talked to a long time dope smoker? It is entertaining but not what I ever want to emulate. The only people that think that the stuper you are in is a normal thing is a doper. To the rest it shows brain damage.

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Jun-03-14 12:01 PM

TOT, usually we are in agreement on most issues, BUT it is painfully clear that you are on the wrong side of this issue. Medical pot is cultured to produce higher levels of the medicinal chemicals - THC being only one - and don't you think it ironic that pharmaceutical companies are attempting to create the same effects in pill form??

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Jun-03-14 7:58 AM

so as you die from cancer from smoking the dope treating your glaucoma the dead brain cells will mask the pain? Great argument! Sounds like your global warming science, bogus!

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Jun-03-14 12:43 AM


LOL!! Yeah, that's why there is medical marijuana, because there is no medical benefit.

THC is a pain reliever. Marijuana is used to treat glaucoma. An AMA study showed that weed increases lung capacity and reduces your chance of getting lung cancer. It helps control epileptic seizures. It decreases anxiety. It may even stop cancer from spreading. THC slows the progression of Alzheimer's disease. It eases the pain of multiple sclerosis. It improves the symptoms of Lupus.

What else would you like to know, TiredOfTax? Oh right. Legalizing weed would also reduce your property taxes.

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May-31-14 9:04 AM

cont. anything that they want. Remember this is the land of the free and the home of the brave!

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May-31-14 9:03 AM

But yet the government can tell you to put on a helmet, a seat belt, a car seat, if you can use a phone or drink or eat in your car, where you can park what speed you can drive what you can do to your children, what you pay or can charge for services, where you can cross the street, where you can smoke what goes in your foods, what you can eat, where or how you buy or use or share LEGAL drugs, if you can drive a car, if you can marry or divorce your lover, how much you pay in taxes, if you can dig a hole, fill in a hole or fill one with water on your property, if you can run naked down the street or topless on the beach, what you can take or give or buy, and from whom you can buy it, limit what you can mount on your firearm or if you can carry one at all, take away your ability to work, collect every conceivable bit of information about what you do, who you are, where you go, how much you spend or on what you spent it... yeah I believe that they can control your intake or output of

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May-30-14 3:16 PM

Legalize it for all purposes. The Nanny has no business telling me what I put in my body!!!

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May-30-14 2:13 PM

There is absolutely NO MEDICAL BENEFIT FROM SMOKING DOPE! Why do you want to forbid the use of other items for health reasons but not dope? Hypocritical?

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May-30-14 1:54 PM

The question is should pot be "legalized for medicinal purposes?", not recreational purposes. Your permission is not needed nor is it being solicited.

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May-30-14 1:30 PM

Go ahead and decide for yourselves... but I will not give you permission to use, sell or distribute a harmful drug that does nothing to cure anything. Like Bob says grow your own and use it all you like! Some have obviously killed off a lot of their brain cells already... Obama was elected twice!

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May-30-14 7:04 AM

I suppose one could quietly grow their own for personal use. I don't believe pot is any more of a 'gateway drug' than a screwdriver is a 'gateway weapon'. You're either weak-willed and lack self control or not, a substance or a tool will not change anything.

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May-30-14 6:07 AM

Everyone is free to decide their own medical treatment. TOT, sounds like you are advocating government control of it as in your perceived worst nightmare, Obamacare.

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May-29-14 9:49 PM

Tot, please do not blame marijuana for our politicians poor performance. We wouldn't want to spread common misconceptions now, would we?

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May-29-14 8:19 PM

I believe that the state legislators do smoke dope, the loss of brain cells provides a bonafide excuse for their poor performance!

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May-29-14 2:43 PM

Don't our State legislators smoke it on a daily basis..

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May-29-14 1:56 PM

Just the same old BS and whoever is left to foot the bill will be taxed even more to cover the medical costs for those wasted potheads with rotted brain cells who sit smiling away without a care in the world. Just what a supposedly progressive civilization needs to remain viable?

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