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Do you support a proposed federal measure that would make it harder for employers to pay women less than men in comparable jobs?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Apr-16-14 12:14 PM

boob, "VALUE CAPTURE" has nothing to do with employees, or performance...once again I ask, what are you talking about?

"Value capture is a type of public financing that recovers some or all of the value that public infrastructure generates for private landowners."

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Apr-15-14 6:52 AM

Revolt I agree with you except there would be no one at the TOP, because the TOP do the least and are paid the most.

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Apr-14-14 9:04 AM

Balanced?? Why would a (non-union) Business owner subsidize lower performers at the expense the higher performers who are then expected to take up the slack? That was certainly not part of MY Business Model. Value Capture was.

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Apr-12-14 6:24 PM

It's quite complicated when it comes to equal pay for your employees. I think that Scarecrow makes a good point. I've seldom had 2 people perform equally. There's always going to be under performers and performers and every now and then an over performer, but that's expecting a bit much. If it's not their business then I really can't expect them to work as hard as the owner. If your job duties are the same then I feel that men and women should be paid equally. Employees will have strengths and weaknesses, that's why it's important to have a good balance of skills. A man and woman may not have equal skills at each task, but if you match people in a balanced manner they can compensate for each other and be successful.

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Apr-12-14 10:27 AM

Biased election year propaganda, brain candy for the uniformed! It has been illegal since 1963 to discriminate on account of sex. Equal Pay Act of 1963 (Pub. L. 88-38) (EPA), as amended, as it appears in volume 29 of the United States Code, at section 206(d). The EPA, which is part of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended (FLSA), and which is administered and enforced by the EEOC, prohibits sex-based wage discrimination between men and women in the same establishment who perform jobs that require substantially equal skill, effort and responsibility under similar working conditions. Cross references to the EPA as enacted appear in italics following the section heading. Additional provisions of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, as amended, are included as they appear in volume 29 of the United States Code.

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Apr-11-14 7:55 AM

Isn't there already an equal pay law on the books? - Oh I see, this time they REALLY REALLY mean it. Why not enforce the laws on the books rather than this political grandstanding. Oh yeah, it is a mid term election year where it looks like Obama is dragging down his party. Better do some pointless grandstanding to help. Except one thing - his party is running away from him faster than the roadrunner from the coyote!! You lefties own this record. Have fun defending it, if you can.

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Apr-11-14 5:15 AM

Thankfully Hill, that didn't work out for Wallace and the American Independent Party back in '68. This is just another diversion to keep Americans pointing fingers at each other instead if Washington. There is a larger problem than who gets paid what, the attitude of "You hired me, I showed up...You mean I gotta WORK TOO???? That's not my job."

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Apr-10-14 5:54 PM

Join a school system then demand 120,000 and say it is for the kids.

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Apr-10-14 4:50 PM


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Apr-10-14 12:29 PM

I think everyone should receive the maximum pay when they are hired and then get less as they get older and lazier.

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Apr-10-14 11:53 AM

Well the first thing to recognize is no two people perform at the same level. I want to know who they calculate this wage gap.

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Apr-10-14 11:43 AM

Of course I would support such a measure but it does pose some interesting questions. Would the WNBA MVP be paid the same as the NBA MVP? Would a top male fashion model get the same money as a female supermodel? Does it work both ways?

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Apr-10-14 9:43 AM

BoB: If the states addressed this issue there would be no need for the feds to be involved. "As your governor, I shall resist any illegal federal court order, even to the point of standing at the schoolhouse door in person, if necessary." George Wallace, 1962.

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Apr-10-14 8:47 AM

Although I support equal pay for equal work, man or woman, I can't help but wonder why are we letting the Government dictate the 'value' of different people in our society when the Government itself is guilty of hypocrisy on this issue? To me, it resembles more of George Orwell's metaphorical 'Animal Farm' than anything else. This Administration is very adept at splitting the population into segments and pitting them against each other.

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Apr-10-14 7:52 AM

I believe that every worker should be fairly compensated for the work that they do. They should be rewarded for doing more than their peers and on the same hand docked for underachievement. If you want equal pay no matter what color, race, age, sex or religion you are, do the job in an equal manor.

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Apr-10-14 2:25 AM

The best way to fight age discrimination is to just apply for a job while wearing a wig. Keep it on till you get the job.

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Apr-09-14 10:40 PM

women should be paid whatever the job rate is BUT first you need to define comparable jobs -- JFK addressed this issue in 1963. It's kind of like age discrimination, there is more of that going on now than before it was outlawed BUT you have to prove it

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Apr-09-14 6:31 PM

Appears to be a "no brainer"? What else could it possibly be?

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Apr-09-14 5:20 PM

Yes. If my wife had received the pay she deserved for her job equal to that which male members of the staff received, I could have quit my job, laid around the house all day, messed around with my neighbor's wife, drank beer and listened to my wife walk in the door at 5pm and say, "Honey, I'm home."

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Apr-09-14 4:45 PM

This appears to be a no-brainer. However, on April 11, 2011 both Republicans George Amedore and Marc Butler voted against the Assembly Bill A6130 that would "Prohibit Discrimination in wages based on gender, race, and national origin." I hope FC GOP chair, and female, Sue O'Neil wades in on this one.

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