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Should schools test teachers and administrators for drugs?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Mar-06-14 7:40 AM

Of course anyone that close to the children of the community should be tested. It should include the non-professional staff as well. Why would any of them object?

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Mar-06-14 11:08 AM

Those in the work force are ramdomly tested, Law enforcement along with anyone working in a school or library and They should also test All those who recieve DSS assistance our tax payer money at work!

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Mar-06-14 12:08 PM

Anyone on welfare should be tested for drugs too.

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Mar-06-14 12:44 PM

Drug test the taxpayer. If drugs are found, you are not allowed to PAY taxes. Now would someone please tell me why welfare moochers are not tested??

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Mar-06-14 1:00 PM

100% drug test for welfare users. Initial drug test and as warranted there after for all public employees. Daily drug test for anyone supporting property tax increases.

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Mar-06-14 1:19 PM

I also suggest testing all those who post to this sight. I am game

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Mar-06-14 2:12 PM

I will accept a drug test for any reason whatsoever! The problems stem from their use and legalization is a step in the wrong direction. Did you see where two 8 year olds and a nine year old were busted for using drugs at school? THIS is the beginning of a much larger problem. You want to make it easier for these kids to get into drug problems? I say Drug test EVERYONE that has anything at all to do with children or have ANY contact with children. This is a huge problem and too many of YOU do not believe that it is!

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Mar-06-14 2:17 PM

So what happens if you fail your drug test while on welfare? Stop payments to them and then what about the kids in the home? Spouse? Send them to jail? Take away the children or a combination of above? It is a slippery slope that if not thought out completely will have many unintended consequences... Lets leave that type of lawmaking to the progressives shall we?

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Mar-06-14 4:01 PM

the teachers union would have fun with drug testing!

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Mar-06-14 4:06 PM

The teachers union would have no problem with drug testing if all administrators were tested as well. The problem is that is NEVER part of the proposal.

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Mar-06-14 4:09 PM

Why would the teachers union agree to drug testing in this situation? Think about that carefully, Administrators will have a tough time selling drug testing locally as a proposal across the negotiating table if they are excluded from the testing themselves....and who created this problem? certainly not the teachers union.

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Mar-06-14 4:35 PM

Absolutely test anyone involved with the School System and Welfare recipients. This is obviously what the taxpayers who pay all these bills want. However TOT, I do not accept the premise that these people or their children are my responsibility to pay/care for in the first place. Yes, this is a Free Country, that does NOT mean freeloaders and drug addicts are free to sit on their butts getting free everything on my dime. First end citizens', legal and illegal, dependency on other citizens money. That is the single most destructive and hurtful act to citizens that can happen in any Society and has never succeeded wherever it's been tried, and we are today. THEN people will have to re-learn that novel concept called 'responsibility', progressive liberals and republicans be d**ned.

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Mar-06-14 4:47 PM

Since this is loosely about schools, I'm going to have some fun at clue's expense. No insult intended but if you are, its just a bonus. Reading only the declarative part of you post, i get "Why would the teachers union agree to drug testing in this situation. Who created the problem? Certainly not the teachers union"...Thank you Captain Obvious!! Test 'em all, no excuses.

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Mar-06-14 5:02 PM

16 percent no. Maybe there are more teachers and admins doing it. They don't want to get tested.

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Mar-06-14 7:26 PM

Why does everyone think that the recipients of welfare are all drug abusers? Florida attempted to test those receiving assistance, and the end results were disappointing. A small percentage of actual users resulted in the State of Florida having to pay the cost of the test for everyone who passed it. Do we really want to use our money when there is a possibility it will not show the results you're expecting?

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Mar-06-14 8:03 PM

You are correct Barbi...if people want welfare recipients to undergo drug tests, that's fine...but as you mentioned, it is an expense. And also what about drug tests for board members.

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Mar-06-14 9:40 PM

So far, everybody seems to be in agreement that testing for illicit drugs should be done. The one word lacking in all posts is "random". After the initial screening - every teacher, administrator, and DSS recipient should be tested at random, and if the situation should warrant, more often, but still at random times with no notice. A quick urine test would do.

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Mar-07-14 4:26 AM

This is something I find mind boggling, how we have removed parental responsibility from the parent and placed it on society. When I was growing up parent took care of their kids or faced child neglect charges. Now we give neglectful parent money and assistance so they can be more neglectful and of course when the children are finally removed because of all the neglect; we blame society for failing them. I'm tired of holding people up out of poverty; give them a latter and let them climb their own way out. If they are to lazy to use the tools provided to them to earn a better life then I'm content with letting them be content with the life they chose. Like they say; you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family, life is a *****.

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Mar-07-14 4:27 AM


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Mar-07-14 6:15 AM

BARBIJANE & LAKER: It is an added expense, but that is easily fixed. Reduce the amount of my money the recipient gets by the amount of the drug test cost. More businesses than you would think have random drug testing. Ad my company does and it tests everyone from the Boss to the newest employee(we don't have a board). I think all that are responsible for the education of our children should be tested. Including the Board. Why would they object?

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Mar-07-14 7:56 AM

Why FedUp? Does the phrase 'only for thee but not for me' ring a bell?

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Mar-07-14 10:21 AM

Goto you tube and search the phrase bill trying to coach me into insurance fraud that is William dingman attempting to construct a scheme to defraud

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Mar-07-14 10:41 AM

mrbob and flapper i agree with you both on the posts. remember the days when parents rised kids with some respect for themselves and other. i'm requested to take random drugs for my job, and it's private company. they should based on it's taxpayers paying there salary. that includes welfare. i would like to be rewarded for staying married and having children inside of the marriage and working on the problems inside of that, but no we reward people who don't try and quit at the first sign of trouble.

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Mar-07-14 11:44 AM

MR BOB, If administrators want to sell drug testing to the Union, making a proposal that includes drug testing EVERYONE INCLUDING ADMINISTRATIONS puts the Union in a position of weakness if they oppose. That's MY point. nothing further so don't try to read between my words.

Do you agree or not? I patiently await the response.

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Mar-07-14 12:02 PM

fedup...your proposal to reduce costs might be a good idea. As I said in another post, if you're a pro athlete and you fail a drug test you get another chance, maybe 2 or 3...can you say double standard.

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