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Should New York state help pay for prison inmates' college education?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Feb-20-14 11:36 AM

Can't afford an education? Just break the law, go to jail and the good citizens of NY will pay your college tuition. Make the crime serious enough so to get a longer stiffer sentence and with good grades and good behavior, you can receive your Doctorate while in prison too! What an advertisement for crime!

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Feb-20-14 1:12 PM

What a joke...cut childcare funding by millions but pay for inmates college? are you kidding me?,

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Feb-20-14 2:45 PM

Are you freaking kidding me? NY has cut education so much that schools are scrambling to meet budgets, eliminating teaching positions and Cuomo wants to give inmates a free college education? The more of a social screw up that you are, the more you have handed to you. Criminals get a free college education while my daughter struggles with her college loans? I DON'T THINK SO! Let them do their time and pay for their own education like every other LAW ABIDING CITIZEN DOES. I've said this before, CUOMO'S GOTTA GO!!!!!!!

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Feb-20-14 4:21 PM

I believe that the governor has finally found something that almost everyone will object to. This wasteful plan is so bad I believe Obama should adopt it nationally anytime now!

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Feb-20-14 4:57 PM

Put them on a chain gang, pay them $1/hour, and give them an opportunity to pay for their own college. The Immigration Act Feb. 20, 1907 states, "That the following classes of aliens shall be excluded from admission into the United States : All idiots, imbeciles, feeble-minded persons, epileptics, insane idiots, and persons who have been insane within five years previous; persons who have had two or more attacks of insanity at any time previously ; paupers ; persons likely to become a public charge, beggars, persons afflicted with tuberculosis or with a loathsome or dangerous contagious disease." Passed by congress and signed into law by T. Roosevelt, now the imbeciles are running our government.

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Feb-20-14 6:23 PM

I seem to recall that there were some people here who voted for the Manhattan Mussolini.

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Feb-21-14 1:56 AM

Clearly, this person is not fit to be the leader of anything. Andy must go.

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Feb-21-14 7:30 AM

This is a cute diversion but will never happen. NYS is falling apart economically, Common Core is a disaster Statewide so the focus must be changed to some other weekly absurdity to come out of Albany. BTW, that was a good post Hill.

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Feb-21-14 11:24 AM

Wow, No more funding a 529 college account. Just tell your kid to punch someone in the face and he automatically gets a 4-year bachelor's degree. What a great deal here!!!

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Feb-21-14 11:25 AM

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple brought in Obamacare counselors and had his prisoners enroll in Obamacare. Once they are in the system the federal government will pay for their healthcare vs Albany County taxpayers. This is a beautiful example of mandate relief,of throwing a federal mandate for prisoners' healthcare back into the lap of the federal government.

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Feb-21-14 12:16 PM

Ahh, now I know where the rest of my increase in health care costs went. I hope they send a thank you note. Just sent my $2300 in for college for my kid, I think I might have a few more dollars for the prisoners, after all they need it and I don't. I wonder where the Rammen noodles are?

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Feb-21-14 3:06 PM

Better than coming out of my property taxes; College kids are covered under their parents' insurance until age 26. I guess after 26 you're not considered a kid.

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Feb-22-14 7:20 AM

Hill, whether the money comes from Local taxes or Fed taxes it's still YOU the Taxpayer always footing the bills. With the Feds involved there's just a lot more 'shells' involved in the game. I have a question that hasn't been asked yet. How trustworthy is a prison educated felon in the first place?

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Feb-22-14 7:47 AM

" College kids are covered under their parents' insurance until age 26"

And there is part of the problem with ACA. Since we have these wonderful exchanges with subsidies for those who cannot afford it, anyone over the age of 18 should be responsible for their own insurance,. Change that part of the law now, it only benefits the rich,.

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Feb-22-14 7:48 AM

One other thing, where is the 1 person who said YES...? I want to see them defend this lunacy.

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Feb-22-14 9:02 AM

With the feds involved they are picking everyone's pocket, not just the homeowner, making it the less of two evils.

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Feb-22-14 9:07 AM

The Gov. should be putting his efforts in creating jobs and making NYS attractive to outside businesses. He should increase the war on drugs, and clean up the inner cities of gangs and violence and leave responsible gun owners alone!

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Feb-22-14 9:25 AM

BoB: prison "grads" going to the head of the list to fill an affirmative action quota or a civil service position with total disregard of the applicant's history is where this is going. I can only guess what classes will be offered; most certainly none of the STEM subjects where there is a shortage. New Amsterdam sounds better every day. Work applications no longer ask your age to prevent discrimination, but they still ask your ethnicity because that type of discrimination against "other" is encouraged by the government.

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Feb-22-14 11:07 AM

Hill, great catch. I too like the New Amsterdam idea. The way they're going about it is so unique it may actually work. Ok, now those who are interested in this topic can search 'Secession Movement in New York' then read the Washington Times article. This idea is spreading to Calif. but with 6 separate States. I wonder what could be causing this? Perhaps its 30 States, as of 1/2014, support a Constitutional Convention. I'll bet good money that in 2016 there will be an Article 5 Convention. First to install a Balanced Budget Amendment then on to States Secession issues. Interesting times are afoot.

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Feb-22-14 7:51 PM

I was just reading about a new democrat plan to give every baby born in the US a $500 savings account... just throw the money in the creek it will be just as useful as any of these great giveaway plans!

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Feb-23-14 2:50 PM

Next poll question: Do you favor all of NYS north of Westchester splitting from NYS and becoming a new state called "New Amsterdam"?

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Feb-24-14 12:42 AM

It's ok for Emperor Cuomo to illegally take our gun rights away? Now he's taking our tax money to pay for piece of trash rapist and drug dealers to have college? I say NO. Let them get a student loan like I did. I'm still paying it back after getting a four year degree. Lets all vote to succeed from NY and move to live here in New Amsterdam. To bad there aren't any politicians with any kahunas.

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Feb-24-14 8:39 AM

I'm in Hill, but part of the problem is the more we are informed the more Albany will ignore us. Ironically, that may also be part of the solution in that ignorance is bliss right up to the time it smacks you in the face, then it's too late.

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Feb-24-14 1:06 PM

Where can I find the details of this plan? There must be more to this because on the surface, it is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. The number of arguments against this idea are exhausting just to think about.

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Feb-24-14 1:38 PM

Thanks for the example of typical liberal thinking don't know anything about the subject, make a heroic assumption then claim to have arguments against it. Silly lib.

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