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Do you support President Obama's proposal to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-29-14 8:40 AM

Low income workers need an incentive to work instead of staying home and collecting the same amount from social services by doing nothing. The problem is, how do you do it and not kill the small business owner? But, the current system is killing the property owner.

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Jan-29-14 8:55 AM

Stop fooling around, raise it immediately to $50.00 an hour and lets see what happens.If you want a better job then position yourself to get a better job.

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Jan-29-14 11:35 AM

What happens is, you get a raise, you get excited to see the first paycheck with the increase and that's when you see that the raise went to taxes as your income level had just risen. More you make, the more you pay. You can always change your deductibles, but at the end of the year, while preparing your taxes, you find you have to pay a lump sum to the Government. Both cases has happened to me in the past.

Business owners has to pay that increase, so they raise their prices. That may make repeat customers upset and they stop doing business with them. If you are talking retail or an entertainment venue, such as a restaurant or bar, the sales tax at the end of the bill increases due to paying higher prices. It's only a win win for Government at all levels.

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Jan-29-14 11:56 AM

funny how it's the min wage earner that's the middle class now??? yet no mention of making huge numbers of the LOWER class into the middle is there. raisig it for a few. is only gonna hurt the many. yet, those at the top won't notice a thing other than the bumps in the market...

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Jan-29-14 12:37 PM

how about getting back to the CEOs pay being 30 times that of the lowest person on the payroll???? It is now a 4000+ multiplier and the top dogs still aren't happy.

Redistribution of wealth is not a good thing BUT redistribution of the corporate payroll is sorely needed. And companies need to return to community morality. Most have lost their souls to the new god $$$$$$$. they feel no responsibility to the rest of the community -- being good corporate citizens.

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Jan-29-14 12:38 PM

Isn't this proposal just for Govt. Contractors and new contracts going forward, not the whole Country? If this were, we're looking at $15.00 Big Mac's. It's very misleading to claim higher minimum wages would put more money in the economy; the same amount of money will be there but fewer people will be earning it with everybody paying more for everything, destroying the very economy the Govt claims to be saving. At what point does a liberal admit is too much? $15/30/40/hr? When do they admit their insane Statist economics can't possibly work?

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Jan-29-14 12:46 PM

The minimum wage increase does not help the poor- most dont work now anyway. It does not hurt the wealthy - It wont effect their take home pay. The groups it hurts are the small business owners and the middle class. The small business person has to absorb a huge cost increase in employee costs (along with the Obamacare increases) and the middle class will pay for more they products because costs increase. Just another silly idea created by those who have never been either middle class or a small business owner. Raising the wage is a BAD IDEA!!

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Jan-29-14 12:50 PM

If you dont think the wage increase is a big deal for small businesses, think about this. Lets say the business is already paying someone $9 an hour. They will have to move that to $10.10 which is a 12% increase in employee costs. If you dont think 12% is a big increase, let the Fulton Cty Board of Supervisors increase your property tax by 12% and see if it hurts!! 12% is a job killer and a business killer.

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Jan-29-14 1:27 PM

That only relates to new Government contracts. Not anyone else. He is giving away more tax payer dollars.

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Jan-29-14 1:46 PM

There should be NO minimum wage. If someone is willing to do it for a price who are YOU to tell them that they cannot? As far as Obama, you cannot believe anything that he says or implies.

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Jan-29-14 2:55 PM

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."* *Unless you are the working poor. Then you are just lazy.

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Jan-29-14 3:13 PM

LOYAL: The key word being PURSUIT of happiness - not a guarantee. If you are successful in your pursuit, you probably dont care about $10.10 an hour anyway. Those looking for a guarantee are the $10.10ers

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Jan-29-14 3:58 PM

I definitely do not agree with a $10.10 minimum wage for ALL workers, especially teenagers that live at home. I just believe in holding big corporations (Wal-Mart, Target, McDonalds, etc.) responsible for being the biggest welfare queens out there. Remember that not everyone working in a minimum wage job is there because of the situation THEY created. Many are just desperate to work, yet they still have to rely on public assistance to survive because minimum wage does not cover basic needs. Its a sad state of affairs when the top 1% are raking in 95% of the wealth in this country, while the middle class is being completely forgotten by either side.

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Jan-29-14 4:31 PM

Well said Loyal.

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Jan-29-14 4:32 PM

Loyal, who's money is being confiscated for 'the greater good'? Those who you criticize or the working poor? The problem is, as Hill alluded to, it's gotten too comfortable to be on Welfare. Cutting County Welfare 50% would be a swift 25% savings for property tax payers. If that's too cruel, tough sh**. My Deed states I am free to enjoy my property with out incumbrances. 56% of my property tax going to DSS is a severe incumbrance and I would rather put my money into the economy MYSELF.

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Jan-29-14 5:27 PM

Former Presidential Speechwriter Marc Thiessen accused President Obama of plagiarizing the 2007 State of the Union he wrote for Bush, stating, “Barack Obama has gone from blaming George W. Bush to plagiarizing George W. Bush.”

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Jan-29-14 6:28 PM

Mr. Bob, Do something about it. You writing essays all the time does NOTHING.

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Jan-29-14 7:32 PM

I say go for it, lets get over the slow death of America. Anything that comes out of his mouth is just a political game!

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Jan-29-14 7:35 PM

If you stand for this guy and this administration you have forgotten its "WE THE PEOPLE" not "NOT WE THE GOVERNMENT"!

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Jan-30-14 9:21 AM

I absolutely agree the the welfare system is flawed and something needs to be done to curb the reliance on it, the issue is if someone actually starts working, their benefits are almost instantly cut. There needs to be a grace period where an individual (especially when there are kids involved) can adjust and slowly be taken off the system. Either way, if they are making the current minimum wage, they cannot survive without some sort of assistance. Paying workers even a little more would put A LOT of money back into the economy and out of the offshore bank accounts of the company executives. Additionally, for too long the US has allowed corporations to outsource work and import products without any sort of penalties, thus losing manufacturing jobs that supported this country for well over 100 years and kept money in the US economy. My generation is now paying the price for flawed policies that only benefited the wealthy friends of politicians.

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Jan-30-14 9:21 AM

In preparation of the forthcoming Employer mandate, many employers are cutting their full-time employees'down to part-time or simply eliminating positions to fall below the 50 employee mark. As a college student working for minimum wage, my daughter received the raise in January but she also received the notice from her employer that everyone's hours are being cut. So that being a result of a 75 cent hike, can you imagine what a $2.10 hike would do. Sorry Mr. President, but you placed such a huge financial burden on businesses with your health care reform that many businesses in America are struggling to operate and pay their employees $8.00 an hour. Like notgood said..why not do it and bring them to their sad reality faster...OUT of BUSINESS.

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Jan-30-14 9:29 AM

Well taxtired, my 'essays' got your attention and that's enough for me.

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Jan-30-14 9:44 AM

Loyal, put down the progressive economics manual that has failed wherever it's been tried and pick up and read any book on real Economics will you? Economics is the practice of predicting human behavior, progressivism is the practice of CONTROLLING human behavior. I already know that, now you do too.

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Jan-30-14 11:24 AM

I find it hillaryarious that liberals are so offended when anyone suggests that people should work harder. That is pure punishment to them.

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Jan-30-14 11:26 AM

No Mr.Bob, he wants to start with the Federal Employees. He mentioned a pizza owner with 250 employees and several stores that did it on his own and wants the federal gov't to follow suit and increase nation wide. I do not know where this pizza guy is located but it isn't here. Not all small busness owners have 250 employees and are not corporations that can absorb the increase in pay which would lead to layoffs and higher prices. My medical insurance through my job tripled due to Obama (crap) care because the insurance company now has to cover all the new people who signed up for Medicaid! But remember your insurance won't go up!!!

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