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Should New York state government subsidize property-tax increases for the next two years, as proposed by Gov. Cuomo's tax commission?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Dec-16-13 12:28 AM

That's part of the big problem BoB, you can't get people to stick together for anything. It has become a society that is "all about me" with a "you can't fight city hall" mentality. The founders would be doing a lot of head shaking with the way the American people have become. You can't even shame them into doing the right thing. Nobody ever feels shame any more in this "in your face, up yours" society. People don't care about anything but themselves. And that is the sad state of the US.

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Dec-15-13 10:37 AM

Revoltnow, for years I have been suggesting a concerted effort by all NYS Property Tax Payers to refuse paying the NYS Mandate line on our Tax Bills. It has to be organized and done by enough Taxpayers Statewide to be effective. Enough IS finally enough, lets just cede the title of Azzcoast to California and get on with our business.

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Dec-15-13 2:57 AM

well, if middle america would ever get it together... how long would it take for the capitol to empty out if we ALL just didn't pay those taxes? seriously people... if you don't agree with what's done with those dollars then stop giving it.. trust me. the bully will back down. they won't be able to afford not to....

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Dec-15-13 1:55 AM

Really, after all the years of property tax increases; now the economy shows signs of picking up and signs of property taxes dropping and now he wants a two year freeze on property taxes? Sounds like he wants the high property tax revenue plus the increase in sales revenue.

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Dec-14-13 8:51 AM

The best use of any excess tax money collected would be to either lower the income tax rate, or heaven forbid lower the cost of state mandates to the counties and schools.

My biggest fear is they are going to raise the cost of mandates to cover the property tax cut. Then in two years the property owner will be getting it stuck to them again.

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Dec-14-13 6:37 AM

As one who lives in upstate where the cost of living is lower and the wages are lower I would welcome this. It is a chance for the liberals in the cities to be involved in their beloved wealth redistribution as wages and taxes are higher in the cities where the cost of living is also higher.

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Dec-13-13 12:36 PM

How about if the only people eligible for state programs were those paying property taxes? The programs would cease because the people paying for them are the least likely to benefit from them. There are more people pay state income taxes than those paying property taxes. State subsidies are the most equitable way to go; everybody pays in, not just those of us stupid enough to own property in NYS.

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Dec-12-13 7:58 PM

Must be a loophole in it somewere. They will override it when needed like the 2% that is in place.

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Dec-12-13 2:57 PM

no, all of our elected criminals should turn themselfs in and end coruption here and there... let's lower taxes..since we've been getting lees every year don't ya think?.

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Dec-12-13 2:45 PM

Election year gimmickry!

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Dec-12-13 2:14 PM

Let's subsidize everything for everyone - that's called socialism. Perhaps we can get aliens to fund it so the State and Country won't go bankrupt!

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Dec-12-13 12:59 PM

Cuomo and his Manhattan slicksters HATE4 upstate. Why would he care if we are drowning in HIS taxes? It's all a sham.

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Dec-12-13 7:27 AM

All 'subsidies' are still taxpayer money so how will this work? Will State Income Tax payers now pay for the Prop. Tax increases? Contrary to popular lib belief, tax cuts do not 'cost' anything, it's our money to begin with so either some programs or give-aways have to end or this is just another shell game to divert attention and claim to be doing something for the taxpayer while actually making things worse for taxpayers. Just lower Property Taxes and get it over with and quit the political subterfuge.

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Dec-11-13 10:21 PM

Yet another vote geter for the liar in office!

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Dec-11-13 6:49 PM

We will pay more in the end? You must ask yourself can we trust a word Cuomo says? Remember he is a part of Government that supports Obama!

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