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Do you think the agreement reached with Iran over its nuclear program is appropriate?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Nov-26-13 12:46 PM

IF YOU THINK FOR A SECOND they will not be workin on a NUKE you are a FOOL................they have lied to us for 25 years.......go ahead a release the BILLIONS of $$$$$$......this just shows how STUPID (OBAMA) IS .....he said it himself..........and YES I think he is STUPID........period. YOU CAN START THE IMPEACHMENT process NOW if you want.....i will not be a sheddin a tear there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:)(:)

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Nov-26-13 1:28 PM

I do believe that the US government is misguided in this quest for an agreement. The Obama administration is hard pressed to get agreement from anyone on any topic at all. But this one is not going to help anything at all, it weakens the US and the worlds resolve and is a morale booster to Iran. A lose lose situation.

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Nov-26-13 4:26 PM

Once again, the 'smartest' man in the room gets rolled by barbarians. Unless, of course, like his heritage taught him to do, he lied too. Hmmmm...

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Nov-27-13 8:29 AM

This is what you get when you send a Community Organizer to do a Commander in Chief's job. The agreement does nothing for anyone but the Iranians. At least it took attention away from the Obamacare lies and faliures, Benhazi Cover Up, IRS targeting, AP spying, James Rosen spying, NSA tracking and spying, Fast and Furious gun running scandals. What a wonderful president we have. The only thing to be thankful this holiday season is that we are one year closer to getting rid of another Jimmy Carter.

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Nov-27-13 8:57 AM

Fed Up is absolutely correct, and That was the whole idea, take attention away from the Obama Care debacale. What will the next "trick" or I didn't know, they never told me I was not informed be. Must be "nice"? to have all those staffers and policy people who don't have a clue.

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Nov-27-13 10:40 AM

Remember, the people who think the peace plan with Iran is "Appeasement" are the same ones who sold weapons to Iran and invaded the wrong country after 9/11.

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Nov-27-13 1:30 PM

Difficult to believe, but this administration makes the Carter years look desirable. Whatever Carter's shortcomings, he was a 100% patriot.

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Nov-27-13 2:05 PM

The agreement does not stop the inspectors. If Iran renigs then the sactions can be put back into place. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them but we must start someplace and this is good place to start. So put it in place and we need to be ready if it doesn't work. But to do nothing will get us just that nothing.

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Nov-27-13 10:38 PM

it all seems like an old scene at home -- Dad says "You kids better behave" kids --" OK we will"

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Nov-28-13 7:57 AM

To add to Insane's comments...there is already a bi-partisan bill to put back the sanctions if Iran doesn't comply. Let's give it a chance.

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Nov-28-13 8:30 AM

Laker, I think Neville Chamberlain said the same thing to the British before WW2. That didn't work out so well for the Brits.

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Nov-28-13 8:44 AM

Yes Bob, I've thought about that also, but Neville was so mistakenly confident he didn't even have any back up plan...I think he trusted the Germans far more than we trust Iran. I guess everyone has to decide if we should try the diplomatic route first, or is it too much of a gamble? I lean toward trying it, while monitoring the whole thing with watchful eyes. And off topic, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all posters on this site.

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Nov-28-13 10:53 AM

Yes, we should keep one eye on this and one eye on Isreal, the canary in the coal mine. Iran is Isreals biggest threat and there is no uncertainty in their thinking, no agreements the US or other Countries may have with Iran will stop them from dealing with Iran as they see fit.

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Nov-28-13 10:54 AM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Nov-29-13 9:05 AM

If they want nukes so bad why not give them one. Then detonate it.

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Nov-29-13 9:30 AM

Good idea taxtired, lets do it with many so, that from space, the crater damage spells out USA.

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Nov-29-13 10:56 AM

Its right up there with the Iraq deal, and we saw how good that worked.

However, A good response would be for the U.S. to fix its own dysfunctions first. As the man said - "He can't even run his own life, I'll be d a m n e d if will run mine" - Jonathan Edwards.

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Nov-29-13 9:25 PM

If John Kerry negotiated the deal then you know it is a farce and horrible for the U.S .

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Nov-30-13 7:38 AM

It's not a bad deal because Saudi Arabia and Israel don't like it. We are supposed to do whats best for the USA not foreign countries.

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Nov-30-13 8:17 AM

Secretary of State John Kerry has reached a nuclear deal with Iran. Or to put it another way, America has just surrendered to Iran. –Jodi Miller

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Nov-30-13 8:31 AM

ktj...Kerry was respected in the Senate on both sides of the aisle. Had he been elected Pres over Bush, the Cheney/Rumsfeld gang would have been mercifully out of the picture.

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Nov-30-13 9:20 AM

While we may want peace, the cult of islam demands submission. Saudi's want submission from those pesky Iranian mullahs, Iran wants the US to submit to their 'rights' and on and on...everybody in that sandbox is at each others throats to submit to something or other. What we have negotiating for America is an effete representation of the European propensity of bowing before any barbarian that comes over the hill. We need leaders and hero's not limp biscuits like Kerry.

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Nov-30-13 9:31 AM

Laker, sure, those in Congress love and respect EACH OTHER, get outside the Beltway and there's a whole different picture that Americans see.

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Nov-30-13 10:10 AM

Hey Laker 88, you say Liveshot Kerry was respected in the Senate. Please he was laughed at for being such a pompous a--. The only thing he has ever been a success at is marrying someone else's money. Hence his nickname "The Gigilo'. And while Bush and company were awful if Thurston Howell Kerry had been elected the only positive would be that the current President would not have been elected.

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Nov-30-13 10:18 AM

One more thing laker 88. I remember when he was running for Pesident. He did a photo op at a Wendy's took the food on the bus and 3 miles away stopped to pick up dinner at an expensive French joint. A complete fraud through and through. Oh yes and 'John Edwards". Real smart decision there.

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