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Do you approve of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's job performance?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Nov-20-13 8:27 AM

Just like Bloomberg and his father Mario, power has gone to his head and he feels exempt from the rules especially Gun Control and closed meetings that are suppose to be open.

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Nov-20-13 8:30 AM

No. You see Andy, just like it doesn't take ten bullets to kill a deer, it doesn't take ten seconds to realize NYS taxpayers, including your base of downstate progressive liberals, are worse off than last year and the year before, and the year before that...Happy Thanksgiving Governor.

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Nov-20-13 11:23 AM

According to WAMC his approval rating is at an all time low, 44%. The same Siena poll says that two thirds of NYS voters favor him as the next governor. His $30 million campaign war chest doesn't hurt either. The age old question surfaces. Who will the Republicans come up with that can beat him? Nobody, so our only hope is for him to beat himself.

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Nov-20-13 12:17 PM

Hill, the voters need to smarten up and realize that at some point anybody would be better than what you have now. NYS is so messed up that anybody who might fix anything, no matter how small, would be a step up. Give a new person (he or she) a shot. It would be tough to make things worse

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Nov-20-13 1:44 PM

Cuomo appointed the Moreland Commission to investigate public corruption. Then, he allegedly tried strong arm the commission to steer subpoenas away from his political friends. I wholeheartedly agree that NYS politics is politics at its worst. But you don't fix it by replacing the clowns with new clowns. The whole system needs a revamp, six year terms, one and done.

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Nov-20-13 7:06 PM

Just two words, "SAFE ACT" that is all that needs to be said. Now lets move to repeal it and him!

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Nov-20-13 7:08 PM

Hilltopper, this is NYS, we never have the "right" guy run, it has to be the hated democrat for an R to sneak in.

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Nov-21-13 9:52 AM

Just goes to prove money can buy a government position. The silver spoon he was born with proves it.

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Nov-21-13 5:38 PM

I did not agree with anything Mario Coumo said, however I enjoyed listening to how he said it. I cannot say the same for the son.

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Nov-22-13 2:06 PM

I think Mario should feel SAFE and go into the woods with 7 rounds and pack of wild dogs.

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Nov-22-13 2:08 PM

Then see what his son thinks.

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Nov-22-13 5:13 PM

Cuomo's "reorganization" of state aid for school districts, which amounts to cheating upstate rural schools and giving it to larger districts and downstate where the votes are, is destroying many of our area schools. I'd like to see Bill Owens run against him in a primary...but he'd be hard to beat with his war chest of money and the backing of NYC and Long Island.

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Nov-23-13 7:25 AM

so, i'm not the only one that isn't fooled. more people need to wake up and start looking for way's to make the EDUCATION system sit up and take it's med' many years now in a down cycle? all brought on by WHO??? right. highly educated pieces of shyte... so the next time you see your overpaid area superintendant. ask his opinion of who will and how things will turn around? vegas odd's say's his suggestion will entail more high paying jobs. for positions that don't require positive results. like politics. or like his.

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Nov-23-13 11:52 AM

A logical place to start with spending cuts is with the Superintendents...We don't need a Superintendent for every school district.

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Nov-25-13 9:54 PM


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