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Do you plan to spend more on holiday gifts this year than you did last year?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Nov-13-13 10:40 AM

Really? In this economy, with the uncertancies of Obama Care and how much MORE WORKING people are now going to have to pay out, (even if the insurance is through the employers) You think this is an important Question!

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Nov-13-13 11:46 AM

Since my shopping is already done, I can say that I know that I spent more than last year. I also spent more on groceries, gas and all utilities too!

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Nov-13-13 12:17 PM

I am spending my Christmas budget on my new and improved healthcare after I find one I can afford!

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Nov-13-13 1:20 PM

I plan on doing the same as ever. I am employed full time and earn enough to be kind to my family and friends. I am fortunate to be able to say that because here in Fulton County there are a lot that need assistance and that number is growing daily. When do you think that the powers that be pay some attention to jobs and everyone's ability to help themselves? Oh wait that is not the plan, we want to put people on assistance to show how great we are, not assist them to help themselves.

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Nov-13-13 2:49 PM

iv'e decided to BOYCOT china. so finding gift's not made there will be to hard. i'll just make cards on U.S. paper. and give american made cash. why i have less of it should be next weeks pole question?

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Nov-13-13 4:17 PM

Hey, What happened to Thanksgiving?..never mind. Considering the comments on this I suppose that's another stupid question.

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Nov-13-13 4:24 PM

I never plan on it but we always do. I wish the younger generation could be transported back in time to experience a Christmas in the 1950s. Who can forget the entire family gathering after church at Grandma's house? What a feeling it was knowing that all 25-30 people there would not want to be anywhere else in the world. Christmas is about memories and they don't sell them at the store.

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Nov-13-13 6:15 PM

Nice comments Hill....The commercialism of Xmas has gone so overboard that it's created a ton of stress for many. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday....little commercialism, families getting together to enjoy a meal, and not having to worry about blowing their budget on expensive gifts. It's an enjoyable laid back family holiday.

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Nov-13-13 8:48 PM

Hey BoB, Thanksgiving has become the day when grandma cooks a big turkey dinner for everybody so they can be well nourished and while stuffing their faces, plan the shopping strategy for later or tomorrow.

And Hill is on the right track, there are no Holidays observed with the reverence of days gone by. What if no store opened before 8 AM on Friday?? and what if everything was closed on Thursday??

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Nov-14-13 8:09 AM

Thanksgiving is a mere obstacle to the almighty Black Friday. We should just change the name of the holiday to Black Friday eve. Why stop there? Why dont we make November, National spend all your savings on Chinese junk awareness month?

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Nov-14-13 9:05 AM

And to add to stackrat, why not start Christmas music on Labor Day.

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Nov-14-13 11:20 AM

We celebrate by going skiing. A lift ticket is good enough for me!

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Nov-14-13 1:58 PM

I look to give special gifts that are truly needed. I don’t measure by how much I spend but how much the gift will be appreciated. If that means more money than so be it. I also like to make donations so I can make a difference to those less fortunate.

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Nov-14-13 6:07 PM

It was so cold this morning I saw a democrat with his hands in his OWN pockets!

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Nov-14-13 7:21 PM

Having spent close to a year unemployed, I have definitely cut back. Gifts will be what they will be and everyone will have to understand.

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Nov-14-13 9:21 PM

Are "holiday gifts" Christmas presents?? I don't buy "holiday gifts", and I don't say "happy holidays" I say "Merry Christmas" and I sing the politically incorrect "Deck the Halls" not the new politically correct version.

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Nov-15-13 6:53 AM

It was so cold this morning that I actually saw a Republican stop and help a naked homeless man

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Nov-15-13 9:36 AM

It's so cold out their I saw Democrat call for more taxes to help the naked homeless man.

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Nov-15-13 9:37 AM

I hope everyone will decide to stay with their family on Thanksgiving and let the bloodsucking retailers know that we do not support them being open on a national family holiday.

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Nov-15-13 12:56 PM

@ LoyalSocialist For once I agree. I want all of you people to boycott Walmart on Thanksgiving day. Please pass the word. The workers there have families too.

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Nov-15-13 12:57 PM

@ Pards, It was so cold this morning I saw a Democrat with his hands in his own pockets.....

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Nov-15-13 1:02 PM

Yeah, 'Holiday' gifts. STOP IT or no Christmas presents for you and you get Coal, if I find any. Oh the irony; what was once plentiful and a classic metaphor has become rare and now it's considered worse than the recipients behavior. Does giving coal to someone now have a different meaning??!

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Nov-15-13 1:35 PM

I asked a girl I know who works at Walmart if she was working Thanksgiving Day, she said "H*ll yes, and I get extra hours right up to Christmas". She assured me that she isn't the only one either and it didn't sound as if they're being forced to be there. Scare, boycotts, more often than not, have the reverse of the intended outcome. Chik-Fil-A is a good example. Anyhow, this is the Holiday where we look at our neighbors bowl and help to see that they have enough, not to see if they have more than we do. One day out of a year we get it right. Its like going to Church on Sunday bowing in reverence to Faith, unity and goodwill to all Men then going straight to H-e-l-l on Monday.

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Nov-15-13 2:40 PM

They say "holiday gifts" because ***SHOCKER*** there are people who give gifts for non-christian holidays during this time of the year (i.e. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa) and also people who do not celebrate the holidays as a religious time.

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Nov-15-13 2:53 PM

BoB: Maybe the woodchucks who own the Leader Herald can send some up from the corporate office in West Virginia. They probably have a pot belly coal stove right in the office that inspires all their pro-coal editorials. I remember, way back when, the coal truck backing into Grandma's driveway, the delivery guy popping out the cellar window and setting up the chute to the coal bin. Gravity did the rest. As soon as the dishes were done Grandma was parked in her rocker next to the stove for the duration. Talk about radiant heat.

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