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Are you satisfied with the new Common Core educational standards?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Nov-06-13 1:34 PM

Common core is alright but the way it is being implemented with the modules is unfair to the kids in the higher grades that are not up to this level yet. It should be better administered so it would be fair to the kids that have no way of catching up to these high standards.

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Nov-06-13 3:38 PM

Like Obamacare, it started out as a good idea that got messed up along the way. "D-amn the torpedos, full speed ahead".

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Nov-06-13 10:36 PM

read that other thread -- Common Core is 1930s Nazi indoctrination of our children, you will comply,they will get the kids to rat out their parents -- no thinking allowed (in or out of the box) low standards -- it's all about the collective -- WAKE UP SHEEPLE - this is only the beginning

ToT you're folding-- it was never "alright"

Hill - this has never been a good idea and neither has Barrycare


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Nov-06-13 10:37 PM

mediocrity is the new superiority

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Nov-07-13 7:44 AM

I think it's common knowledge that HS "Graduates" can't hack it in jobs, military, and in college. I feel "common core" is similar to regents tests that they had in the 1940s. I hear a lot of comments on "cc" but haven't seen much real information. Can anyone cue me in? Cordially, Wolf

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Nov-07-13 7:52 AM

drugs, explain common core. Seems as though you know quite a bit and the rest of us could use enlightenment.

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Nov-07-13 8:10 AM

Common knowledge Wolf? Are you telling me that after all these years my successful job, service and college were an illusion? Anyhow, here's the short answer usedto: "...and they all lived in ticky-tacky and they all look just the same"---Little Boxes (1962) by Malvina Reynolds, read the whole song. 50 years later and it still fits like a glove.

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Nov-07-13 11:14 AM

Wolf,"regents tests that they had in the 1940s."?? Really??? In case you missed it, the Regents exams were (at least until a few years ago) were high standards exams. To obtain a Regents diploma took more credits than a regular one. and the last I knew NY and California were the only 2 states who still had a Regents board.

usedto, there is another thread with a news article that an intelligent and well spoken (OK written here) lady, screen name "adkgirl" did lots of explaining. Check that out.

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Nov-07-13 11:22 AM

and Wolf, "common knowledge that HS "Graduates" can't hack it in jobs, military, and in college" has not always been the case. There was a time when HS grads were ready for all that and more. IT's only since the "feel good", "no child left behind" crap started that lots of kids are "left behind". This "everybody gets a trophy" society has made mediocrity the new norm -- "I finished last" - "But you did the best you could, be proud that you participated, don't feel bad just because you lost"

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Nov-07-13 11:28 AM

usedto, you must be a product of early Common Core programs - you are not taught to think, problem solve, or anything that was commonly taught when this country led the world in education. You lack of the thought process is plain to see in your posts. How about you do some research into subjects looking to learn something besides what agrees with the current gov't agenda ???? Accept that they might be lying to you.

Just a suggestion

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Nov-07-13 12:29 PM

Unlike Obama careless, this is a good idea and it will succeed. What people need ot keep in mind is it is not the absolute score that matters. It is the change in score and where are you relative to everyone else.

I once took a test where I got 40% out of a possible 100%. That was good enough to be an A.

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Nov-07-13 12:38 PM

Scarecrow, it is scary that you accept this nonsense and line up with the sheeple. So the answer is to not be with smart people ??? You'll get a gold star for being a good citizen Sparky. They are happy you do not question authority

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Nov-07-13 12:45 PM

"good enough" is never good enough. I tend to take pride in my work and strive to put out the best product available. Mediocre should never be acceptable and that is what is being taught. 40% gets an A ???? not happenin' in any of my classes 40% = FAILURE - try harder next time

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Nov-07-13 3:00 PM

sorry I hurt your feelings - NOT

When are we going to start teaching the truth - that society does not care if you sleep in the penthouse or use the curb for a pillow. You are responsible for your lot in life.

As John Wayne said " Life is tough, it's even tougher when you're stupid"

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Nov-07-13 4:30 PM

Time for the teachers to step up and do thier job. BUT the union says to much work.

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Nov-07-13 5:09 PM

When teachers are asked to concentrate more on teaching "self esteem", it's a relfection more on family life than our schools. Sorry tax, I disagree...CC is preventing teachers from stepping up and doing their jobs. Hey Drugs, what's going on?..we're on the same side again.

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Nov-07-13 5:30 PM

surprise here gang, it's not the union but the administration that is causing the problems. A while ago here a friend of mine was a diesel/ heavy equip teacher and was told he was too hard on his students. He was told to make sure they got "good" grades and felt good about themselves. He also didn't have enough kids that wanted to be in his classes. They battled until he was demoted to a class of misfits for a couple of years - then he retired.

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Nov-07-13 5:32 PM

laker, scary isn't it

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Nov-07-13 5:56 PM

schools generally do what parents demand. Parents have demanded mediocrity and feel good and that's what they're getting

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Nov-07-13 7:09 PM

usedto, wow no sniping, BUT things have been dumbing down for probably 25 years. No child left behind, and all that crap is the administration, the parents have been quietly accepting what is going on nobody really looking, it was a gradual decline. "They" finally pushed too hard and woke the sleeping giant. And he (us) is not happy.

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Nov-07-13 7:18 PM

usedto: parents are indoctrinated to believe that their school, no matter which one, is providing the very best education possible with their "excellent" staff. From Oppenheim to Fonda its the same chant, "We have excellent teachers and my kid is on the honor roll." If you as a parent ask questions and for data to back it up you're labeled a troublemaker. In some districts, as test results indicate, mediocrity would be a step up. And, the first step to solving a problem is to recognize that there is a problem.

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Nov-07-13 7:26 PM

WOW -- Hill -- I am really impressed -- I am almost at a loss for words

As my granddaughter would say "Good job"

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Nov-07-13 7:26 PM

Hill you are right, there has got to be a way to compare your students will other schools students to see how you stand. It is not enough to cheer all the little things children do and think that they are getting a good education. It is a great idea to provide a way to meter your own schools progress or lack of any improvement. BUT it is not fair to the students that are on the upper end of this phase in as they are not up to the level that the new standards expect. You have to begin at the bottom then work your way up... You do not start school as a senior for good reason!

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Nov-07-13 10:12 PM

ToT, I hope you would expect the upper classes to be w-a-y ahead of the low standards Common Core expects. Every school had high standards that the students did their best to exceed because back when that "system" was in place, there was respect in society, people had "thicker skin" and could take criticism, more was expected of the students and they knew it and responded by applying themselves to actually learning the subject. Disappointing parents and teachers by not excelling is something almost laughed at by many of today's teens. But disappointments today are few as expectations are so low. And if you get out of school without a criminal record of any kind you make the honor roll

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Nov-08-13 7:53 AM

Drugs, you've mentioned No Child Left Behind in a derogatory fashion several times. Was that one Obama's fault? or was there someone else that pushed that out there? hard to remember

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