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Do you agree with a federal judge's ruling that New York City's stop-and-frisk policy is discriminatory?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Aug-14-13 8:01 AM

These numbers don't lie. Of course it's discriminatory

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Aug-14-13 8:13 AM

I agree usedto. In my opinion so are sobriety checkpoints, license/registration checkpoints and any subjective mass checks of citizens that assume everybody is doing something wrong. If it's not a money grab, its a personal freedom grab. As long as citizens allow this intrusion to happen, the police state will continue to roll over our privacy rights. Glad to see a Judge realize discrimination is not only a racial problem.

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Aug-14-13 9:23 AM

I agree and they should stop it immediately. In about a year the residents of those neighborhoods will be asking for it back. On second thought maybe they should start frisking grandmas in wheelchairs like the TSA.

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Aug-14-13 9:52 AM

I dont agree with much of anything that happens downstate, thats probably why I dont live there. I am curious as to why the LH spends so much time polling as to the goings on in the city? If I gave a hoot about what the cidiots do, I would buy one of the many NYC newspapers available. Cant we discuss matters a little more pertinent to the region?!

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Aug-14-13 11:38 AM

For example... Is it true that NYSDOT is going to rip up and replace the roundabout in Vail Mills? I want to know who ok'd that circle that isnt fit for a goat, much less the commercial traffic that it sees! Oops..cant get the iron for the new bridge up the road we just built, what do we do now??? Rip it up and let the taxpayers foot the bill! I want someones head on a platter!!! LH, hop to it!

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Aug-14-13 12:07 PM

Officers are supposed to have "probable cause" to initiate a stop or detain citizens. Stop and frisk is not a result of probable cause, nor are the DUI, registration, or other check points that grab revenue and go against our constitutional rights in the name of "safety".

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Aug-14-13 12:11 PM

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Keyword - PERSONS!!!!!

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Aug-14-13 12:15 PM

MrBob51. I agree 1,000%, yes I said 1,000. These roadblocks and checkpoints are an infringement upon our rights to feel secure in out persons and effects. Are our automobiles not our Personal Effects????

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Aug-14-13 1:03 PM

Rights?... nobody has the right to any rights. When you GIVE up rights by allowing them to be taken away, why would you expect to have any? Every new law chips at YOUR rights, in the name of public safety the authorities will keep tweaking the law to be more effective in crime prevention. It is up to YOU as to how far YOU let them go.

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Aug-14-13 1:59 PM

I'd like to go to get "Frisked!" TSA takes naked images of you lol I want to know the percentage of people stopped that actually were arrested compared to those that got felted up for no reason.

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Aug-15-13 6:55 AM

I wish more people could see forign countrys as I have seen to see and understand why these laws are necessary.

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Aug-15-13 10:56 AM

May be discriminatory...but necessary in those neighborhoods...If you have nothing to hide, you need not worry!

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Aug-15-13 11:20 AM

The most effective crime preventer is the common citizen. Use good sense and judgement and do not allow yourself to become a "victim". A lot of people become victims due to fear, complacency, and the false belief that someone else will intervene to save them. All these freedom taking laws do is move the United States ever closer to becoming those countries that we see in the news where the citizens have little rights and their biggest fear of being harmed is by their government and its agents.

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Aug-16-13 7:03 AM

You may not realize it getreal but your comment comes straight from the Communist Manifesto. You might want to read the Bill of Rights instead.

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Aug-17-13 3:07 AM

the problem i see... if it doesn't apply to all then it should not effect anybody... it's not airport security of a D.W.I. checkpoint were debating. it's selective pre-judgment of ones that LOOK like criminals?

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Aug-17-13 3:18 AM

GetREAL???? your real young huh?

are you living in a bubble? in those neighborhoods? try this idea on for size. if.. IF..... the law was to go elsewhere for there kicks. like washington for example. and the people in thoise NEIGHBORHOODS actually saw others getting treated like the criminals they are. i'll bet VEGAS odds that crime would almost dissapear in those just what is NESSECCARY today. more cop's? or a more fair and JUST society?

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Aug-17-13 9:31 AM

I understand your point revolt. It may not be perfect but we do have a fair and just society. Problems start when segments of society decide they don't like the way America is and want to 'fundamentally change' our Country in order to further their own ideology. We also have inner city tribal thugs who don't give a crap and have their own ideas of 'fair and just'. How was this allowed to happen? Because were told that racial, criminal, religious (except Christian) and all other 'perceived' types of profiling is baaaad, told to us by politically correct race hustlers and others who need to hide who they really are. That being said, this type of stop and frisk intrusion into our lawful, individual Constitutional Rights could not be allowed to spread. Profiling works and as liberals are fond of saying 'if you have nothing to hide, you need not worry', isn't that right??

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Aug-17-13 10:19 PM

I have nothing to hide however, the less I have to hide and the more intrusions I allow in the name of safety, the closer I become to being a slave. Free men have nothing to hide and therefore should not have to fear unnecessary intrusions in order to seek out those who do have something to hide.

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Aug-18-13 4:18 AM

bob. so just where is this just and fair society you live in. CANADA? give me an example of what you see? does the welfare system in your Hood, get it's funding from the lazy? or do the hard working honest ones foot the bill too? if i was king for a day. i'd outlaw the american slang. all words would mean actually what they are. justic. would be Just Us. (the true meaning) the fair part. is that the two powers in charge swap now -n- then. republicans today. dem's tomorrow...

they Fairly share the wealth among themselfs... they LEGALLY can do insider trading and many other low-down... UN-Fair & UN-Just stock transactions???

is that the fairness you speak of?

well. it's all a smokescreen. the PRE-PLANNED friction in the world. ????? it'll end one day. the day it becomes UN-profitable. wake up people. your being SCAMMED....

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Aug-18-13 8:52 AM

Would it be 'fair' to say we could go on and on detailing our own subjective opinions as to the definition of 'fair'. Lets begin with life isn't fair. Is it unfair that some have more drive and ambition than others? How do you redistribute drive, ambition, success to make it 'fair'?? You cant. If you're waiting for politicians to define fair, well, they already did...The Constitution and Bill of Rights spell it out. Beyond that, it's up to each of us to take advantage of whats been bestowed on us, not wait for somebody else to assign 'fairness'. If you believe its not fair that someone else has more than you then look out, there's a horde of people behind you crying its not fair that YOU have what you have, and behind THEM there are still more complaining about fairness. It never stops. The only 'fair' outcome from that is no one has anything, but then, is that also fair?? At this point, another subjective term enters the picture..'be reasonable'.

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Aug-19-13 3:34 PM

no bob. it couldn't. not untill it's the topic. "in all Fairness right"? sorry i went off like that before. hadn't had enough coffee yet i guess.

so, in case i'm not the only one confused... it's still. a no vote. not fair unless everybody get's searched. AND busted. not just those. LOOKS like a CRIMINAL type....

especially when. IN MY OPINION. o.k. bob? it seems clear that "right to the wire"!!!! 50-50 splittttttt right down to the bizzer everytime. the houses cant agree on anything but what there do nothingness or even worse. do wrong over and over. taking turns on who's to blame. will cost us. now that we can go on & on about right? topic please......

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Aug-20-13 6:36 AM

Revolt.. I think u live in that bubble....people are killing each other, If the cops didn't do what they do, more people would be dead...its only the criminals who are against being stopped and searched!...I have nothing to hide,nor do i sit on my stoop at 2am with my young children playing my music and doing crack. I lived in some of these neighborhoods, and if you havent lived it you should have no opinion because you have no idea what it is like!

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Aug-20-13 9:26 AM

Getreal, I agree with you about the ends, but that cannot justify the means since we live in a free society. The power to determine whether or not YOU are a criminal lies within the judgement of a sole police officer. If you are arrested and found innocent in court, you still have an arrest record that can impact your life. Powers like this need to be limited, that is why stop and frisk is wrong and against our Constitution, it happens without probable cause. Hitler and others used such policies and we all know how that turned out. It started small and became one of the largest tragedies of the last century because those who were not affected became complacent and allowed it.

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Aug-20-13 10:46 AM

"if you havent lived it you should have no opinion because you have no idea what it is like!" Getreal, do you REALLY believe that??? If so, let us know so we can begin to enumerate the topics YOU have no right to comment on ok?

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Aug-20-13 10:58 AM

I get your point revolt. I'm looking past the immediate reasons for the stop and frisk tactic and see the camels nose under the tent leading to an out of control police state assuming everybody is guilty of something and acting as they see fit. I agree that on the surface this policy seems to be a good idea but the effects would be devastating in a Free Society. Kind of like putting a band aid on a slit throat.

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