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Do you think the 211-game suspension for Alex Rodriguez is fair?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Aug-06-13 9:02 AM

Bonds, Clemens, McGuire, Rodriguez; all cheaters with huge contracts. What kind of 'process' lets a cheater continue to play the game against non cheaters? Pro sports, especially baseball, have become polluted with steroids and other drugs in order to make competition more 'exciting'. I'm done with baseball.

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Aug-06-13 9:57 AM

NO IT'S NOT FAIR!! The only fair thing would be for him to get fired! If he only gets a 211-game suspension - this would only be another example of the decline of the USA. Keeping him just to make money off him - the heck with the example it sets for kids. And he's so smug and smiling on the news - clearly sees nothing wrong with his actions.

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Aug-06-13 10:44 AM

He gets paid the most he gets punished the most. Professional sports is big business and all about money and not the fans.I watch it less and less. Come to think about it maybe it is time to cut the cable. Yea that's it, cut the cable.

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Aug-06-13 11:06 AM

Agree with the comments here. Too bad baseball has gotten out of control on many fronts....salaries, drug use. And to top it off, Arod plans to appeal, he can't even own up to it. At least I can have a little respect for Peralta, the Detroit shortstop...he said he made a horrible mistake, admitted his guilt, apologized to teammates and fans, and said he now has to face the music, he won't appeal. In many ballparks, especially Yankee stadium, prices have increased so much to pay for exorbitant salaries that the average Joe can barely afford to take his kids to a ballgame. I don't blame Bob, screw baseball.

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Aug-06-13 11:42 AM

It's kind of funny, with all the other stuff going on how much this junk is out front. You could even say it is a nice diversion to keep your eyes off other things.

Who really cares what these idiots do anyway. Babe Ruth's records , Roger Maris' 61 record still stands as far as I'm concerned. Yup even clean Hank Aaron did not break the Babes record.

All the "record breakers" had more at bats, played more games - lifetime and season than those who set the original record. All they did was outlast. The McGuire home run season was 30+ games longer than Maris' - so how was the record broken??????

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Aug-06-13 11:49 AM

Lighten up people -- IT'S a GAME whose players are w-w-a-a-y-y overpaid and glorified. The players used to be role models and they knew it. Now it is all about the $$$$ and they don't care about anything else - not even themselves. Let them do whatever they want, when fans stop supporting by not going to games, not buying their "stuff", and ignoring them rather than treating them like gods, maybe somebody will get the hint.

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Aug-06-13 11:50 AM

He should be suspended from major league baseball forever. It is a total disgrace what some of these athletes do and think they are untouchable - they are not role models. It seems all is done for the almighty dollar anymore and no one has personal responsibility or scruples. Stinks like yesterday's limburger cheese.

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Aug-06-13 12:20 PM

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Aug-06-13 12:26 PM

This penalty is ridiculous. Who did he assault? What was his crime? Is baseball really saying that what Rodriguez did is so much worse, more of a stain on the game, than the players who have been arrested for DUI or DV offenses? He took something that he felt would make him a better baseball player. It is just entertainment, after all. It isn't life or death. And if you are worried about what your children will think,then raise them to think for themselves and keep sports in the proper perspective. FREE A-ROD!

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Aug-06-13 12:40 PM

193755-- I think that is what I just said.

BlackFrancis1 - you are taking this way too seriously - let the almighty A-Rod just crawl in a hole and live on the millions he has already made. OR he could just move to G'ville and be wi' da res o' da dealers.

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Aug-06-13 1:01 PM

Actually I don't even really like the guy. It is just baseball's hypocrisy that rankles. As someone noted earlier, baseball profits enormously by charging high prices for tix and advertising. Why do they think people will pay those prices? Not to watch some skinny guy bat .250 and hit 4 home runs a season. Let 'em take whatever they want to - they are consenting adults, after all - and keep hitting those tape measure home runs. You don't hit a home run with a steroid, you hit it with a bat.

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Aug-06-13 3:32 PM

no contest sports fans. do any of you get paid millions, and then cheat to make more... pete rose wasn't this guilty of discracing the game.

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Aug-06-13 4:39 PM

BlackFrancis1, when you hit homers BECAUSE of steroids you don't get to bat, you get the boot.

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Aug-06-13 4:50 PM

I think it would be fitting if every AL pitcher, amid the 'boos' from the fans that this creep has brought on himself, intentionally walked the cheater every time he came to bat. Let him play half of the game then take his bat home. He might get the message that nobody wants to play with a bratty little cheat anymore.

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Aug-06-13 5:05 PM

Hold on, BF1 gave me a great idea..."It is just entertainment, after all. It isn't life or death". As a fitting punishment turn all the steroid pumping pro sports 'stars' into Gladiators. Life and death entertainment rolled up into one neat package seen every Monday night during Halftime with Hank jr. back doing the promotional song. Heheh.

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Aug-06-13 5:26 PM

I remember watching the Mets with my dad on TV in the 60s. Don Clendenon doing his magic on first base, Bud Harrelson on short stop, Tommy Agee in out field, Tom Severs, Tug McGraw....what fun!!!

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Aug-06-13 6:41 PM

If you cheat, you should not be allowed to compete! It is a fair punishment but what wasn't fair was competing with those that did it the RIGHT way!

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Aug-06-13 8:01 PM

I think it is only fair if they all get the same punishment!

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Aug-06-13 9:03 PM

Arod cheated, he got caught, end of story. Man up, face the music, and take your punishment like others are doing.

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Aug-06-13 10:59 PM

I bet the 211 game suspension will be bargained down to 50 games and the suspension will begin the day after the Yankee's season ends. Baseball has tuned into a real sissy sport where a hangnail will get you on the DL for 10 days. It’s as much of a "sport" as golf, darts, Polish horseshoes and pool. Everybody except the pitcher and catcher could smoke a cigarette while they are playing; the true test of what separates a sport from a game. You could even sleep off a hangover in the outfield. Baseball is right up there with watching paint dry, grass grow, and "Meet the Press" as far as excitement goes. Take it off TV and beer prices will drop 50%.

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Aug-06-13 11:32 PM

I agree with Roger Wyland on 13 when he calls his show Big 'Bored' Sports.

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Aug-07-13 12:25 AM

wow 'topper -- did somebody poke you with a stick???

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Aug-07-13 7:03 AM

Seeing as I am not a sports fan period. All of this crap is not sending the right message to the younger generation that believes in it. Wake up people.

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Aug-07-13 12:49 PM

In 1969, Tom Seaver, starting pitcher for the NY Mets, made $40,000 per year.

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Aug-08-13 12:36 AM

Peaceful, and Johnny Bench made $2 million in his whole career. What's your point???

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