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Do you agree with the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jul-17-13 5:50 PM

If it was a black person that killed him how would it have been handled? Those that support just want to continue the race thing. We are so far passed it it's getting old with these race card throwers!

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Jul-17-13 8:34 PM

First this was made much worse by a former civil rights attorney... a racist that should have not gotten involved in a police issue at all. President Obama once again made it all so very much worse. The liars in the main stream media decided that it was not a juicy enough story so they manipulated the tapes to match what they needed to sell ads during their sensationalized broadcasts. They are wrong and should be ashamed of making this case all about race. The trouble ahead is all on these people... the press and president... shameful racists twisting facts to meet their needs.

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Jul-17-13 8:53 PM

Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery. When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife. Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate. The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic. Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent. Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.

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Jul-18-13 7:15 AM

It is amazing that not a word is ever said about the 50-60- killings in Chiacgo.

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Jul-18-13 9:28 AM

The kid was a punk, plain and simple! You want to go out and play hard guy in the hoodie? You might just get more than you bargin for! Score: Citizens 1, Dumb punks 0.

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Jul-18-13 11:28 AM

The jury has rendered a verdict. Jury decisions will never satisfy the likes of the Al Sharpton's and Jesse Jackson's of this world - rabble rousers, rather than unifiers. Shame on them.

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Jul-18-13 12:24 PM

who cares? Get this out of the Gloversville news. How about asking our opinion on a fun topic like the missing dump permit...I can't believe I just read the following statement: "VanDeusen said he felt it would be a conflict of interest for the city police department to investigate King.

"I wanted to remove all thoughts of impropriety regardless of the outcome of the investigation," VanDeusen said."

In other words, even if the Mayor was found guilty, The mayor gets a free pass. there's a surprise....NOT

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Jul-18-13 1:25 PM

The young future rapist and murder got what he deserved. Zimmerman did the world a favor.

The media tried to make this about race, it wasn't. Now move on.

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Jul-18-13 1:27 PM

Well Disgo, how do you aim at the leg when the young thug is on top of you slamming your head against the pavement?

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Jul-18-13 2:20 PM

As a democrat a little to the left of center, I must totally disagree with the uproar over the innocent verdict. The prosecution did a poor job only because credible evidence was lacking. To say that Zimmerman's actions were motivated by racism is off the mark. A thug is a thug no matter what color. But, since when does Rev. Al bother with the truth? How do you qualify as a racist if you took a black young lady to your high school prom? The country needs to get past the divisiveness created by the press and the black community. Holder needs to get off the soap box. And, blacks must realize that they are not the only race capable of dispensing street justice. Play with fire and you might get burned.

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Jul-18-13 2:40 PM

I'm not sure if Zimmerman was justified, but the issue was that the prosecution did not prove "beyond a reasonable doubt." That's the entire issue, no matter how Al and Jessie try to portray it. Go back to the Duke Lacrosse players falsely accused of sexual harassing/assaulting the black girl. Did anyone hear if Al and Jessie ever apologized for "finding them guilty."

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Jul-18-13 2:46 PM

travons actions that day got him killed. anybody slamming my head against the ground would die if that's how to stop it.. george could have done other LEGAL actions too. but the only crime was the agrivated assault by trevon... so young men everywhere, be-bopin around town with nothing better to do than cause trouble. be fore-warned.... it's yes sir, no sir... whatever you say my respected elder. instead of coppin an attitude towards those elders that know from experience that your up to no good...

ol george's suspicians were correct it turns out. not that the media would let us all in on it. seems the young lad had some STOLEN jewelry in his pocket under those skittles....

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Jul-18-13 2:47 PM

wow 'topper, it seems like you are moving a bit more right. Good post, and it is way past time for blacks to complain like Al Sharpton that it always because of color. Most times if I had to list the reasons I don't like someone, color is about number 20. Most times today race is NOT part of the issue

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Jul-18-13 2:57 PM

laker, you should know by now that Al and Jessie never apologize when they are wrong. When an outcome goes against their views, they demonstrate and march calling the decision or outcome "unjust", "racial", and other divisive terms, or just slither away until the next "crisis".

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Jul-18-13 3:02 PM

'The young future rapist and murder got what he deserved. Zimmerman did the world a favor. '

You're a disgusting sub-human piece of excrement.

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Jul-18-13 3:04 PM

Interesting no one here's commented on the ridiculous law Florida had that actually encourages this behavior. Coming from a state that can't seem to do anything right isn't surprising though.

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Jul-18-13 3:55 PM

rschweizer - Really, a law that says you don't have to give in to the thugs is bad??? Maybe the rest of the country should work on cleaning up these degenerates and getting them off the street.

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Jul-18-13 3:56 PM

RS : Maybe the prosecution should have pursued a manslaughter charge instead of 2nd degree murder. It seems like they overestimated the strength of their case, and in effect is the genesis of the backlash.

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Jul-18-13 6:15 PM

Hilltopper, I'm not in disagreement. All I was for in this case was a trial that was initially denied until charges were pressed. Guilty or not, at least the facts were weighed. Deposition was taken. Testimony was heard. That to me is important. While I don't agree with the verdict, it's mostly because I think the State was weak, the Defense strong. No one, not Sharpton, not Jackson, not even the KKK can say anything about an unfair trial here. You know, even the fairest trials render a non guilty verdict.

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Jul-18-13 6:19 PM

Scarecrow57, except that teenager wasn't a thug. Protect from thugs, YES. Not an unarmed kid wearing a hoodie.

This is also not to mention that the police explicitly told Zimmerman to NOT proceed and he did it anyway. That indicates a sign of actually pursuing in contradiction of law enforcement.

And let's be real: how many people here know security guards that think they're policemen? I know one that actually got fired for walking his neighborhood in Schenectady while in his security uniform (badge and all) as if he were a cop keeping law and order.

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Jul-18-13 7:42 PM

The far left have made this such a race thing it's very sad. RS you really need to look at the big picture. For Obama to even comment proves it! What about the white lady that was jump by three black people for her tips she made that night? Open your eyes...

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Jul-18-13 8:00 PM

Notgood....racism isn't confined to the far left, it can be all over the political spectrum. From Al and Jessie to the KKK. As always it's the extremists who promote division. Drugs...Yes, I realize that Al and Jessie have been short on apologies when they jump the gun on these issues, was just injecting a little sarcasm. Although I've had spirited disagreements with Mr Bob, I think he summed this up the best..."let Travon rest in peace, let George live in peace."

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Jul-18-13 9:02 PM

Laker-you and RS are a part of the problem with racism! Let it go!!!!

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Jul-18-13 10:11 PM

notgood....Can you explain how you made that deduction, based on my last post?????

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Jul-19-13 4:08 AM

And yet another clear reason none of us would make good juror's....

Just the FACTs man......

injecting emotions into the decision making process only feeds RACIAL tensions.

reguardless , if he was a thug, lil gagster, punk, or going door to door selling bibles. at the critical moment when approached by george. trevon made the decision to resist and assault..instead of giving respect to his elder...

so all we should be talkin about is... how can we get our youth to respect us again?????? or with emotion. go ahead kid, RUN your mouth.....

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