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Should state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver resign his leadership position over his role in a settlement to end sexual harassment claims against a former assemblyman?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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May-30-13 6:34 AM

Silver, Bruno, and all the rest; If you dig deep enough they all are dirty and a disgrace.

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May-30-13 6:56 AM

They are all useless

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May-30-13 7:26 AM

ABSOLUTELY! And he needs a lot of company, without taxpayer retirement! He is very lucky to not be going to jail where he belongs.

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May-30-13 9:13 AM

Come on now. This is nothing more than your typical 1%er. None of these clowns care about the people or the common person. FIRE them all.

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May-30-13 11:34 AM

He should be gone AND pay back the $103,000 to the NYS taxpayers, This was not approved by us and should be forced to give it back!

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May-30-13 11:44 AM

term limits, vote them out and don't let them stay too long. six to eight years is long enough. The idea of professional politicians is wrong.

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May-30-13 11:50 AM

Time for him to go. Should have been gone years ago. Needs to be done with term limits though as some billionaire in NYC will buy him another term, on the condition he votes their way.

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May-30-13 11:53 AM

The $103,000 should come from the moron's retirement account that caused this situation along with any and all associated costs. This behavior makes most sophomores look like saints. To think these cretins are the elite and entrusted to govern us. They can't even govern their own urges. Disgusting.

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May-30-13 12:32 PM

Kick Silver to the curb and put his greedy a-ss in jail. NOW.

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May-30-13 1:17 PM

Yes, but it's too late to complain about New York State.

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May-30-13 4:32 PM

Silver's ugly should be fired now and no cushy Cadillac pension either ! He is a woga .

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May-31-13 7:20 AM

It has to be hard on the star struck progressives that have waited so long to see themselves in power just to watch them all unravel into a pathetic mass of corrupt festering ineffective blob of manure. But on the bright side it will never get any better than this for ya as they smell so bad it limits your chances for future wins! Maybe if they lie a great deal and promise more taxpayer funded free stuff...

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May-31-13 8:28 AM

Not much disagreement here! Silver's resignation should only be the tip of the iceberg. With NYS legisture being one of the most dysfunctional legislatures in the country, many more resignations should follow his. Educational funding reform is LONG overdue. It should be one of the main priorities...ha, with that dysfunctional bunch, when we're all dead and gone education will still be funded through property taxes.

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May-31-13 11:09 AM

Just for the record. I know at least one NO vote, was supposed to e a yes vote....My Bad.

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May-31-13 11:40 AM

He should be gone, like a lot of the others in government! It's even bad on the local levels.

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May-31-13 8:17 PM

Very sad how these Idiots get to be elected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun-01-13 7:59 AM

Good idea Disco...and I think Siberia would be an ideal location for the old politician's home.

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Jun-01-13 9:26 AM

It should be called the Isle of Idiots

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Jun-01-13 7:43 PM

7 0ut 8 responding to this poll say he should step down. If you were to take this same poll in NYC or LI , Silver would probably see 7 out of 8 supporting him. What we need is a constitutional convention to address all of these issues, things like term limits, how to deal with these questionable payoffs, recall elections, filling an elected vacancy, appointing of interim replacements of local offices such as sheriff and county clerk by local boards, not by the Governor, etc. The last convention was in 1966 and was rejected. It was presented as an all or nothing ballot item. Not individual line items. Last time many of the elected members of the assembly and state senate were elected as delegates. BIG MISTAKE. These politicians will only do everything to protect themselves from being voted out like they did in 1966, by not having individual line items.

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Jun-01-13 9:00 PM

Yes, but not only for this incident. Silver and any other of his ilk - regardless of their party affiliation - are an embarrassment to the citizens of NY State. Their sole purpose is to ensure their re-election, and their efforts are motivated by greed, power and increasing their positions within and beyond their present spheres of influence.

Any legislators who DO NOT strongly voice their opposition to his continuance should also be voted out of office and replaced with candidates whose ethics and morality reflect their willingness to work on behalf of their constituents. Nothing less is even remotely acceptable.

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Jun-02-13 8:41 AM

Knickman, that would require them to do this thing we call work. ;)

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Jun-02-13 5:03 PM

As in the words of a dear friend who passed a few years ago, he would say of Herr Silver: Schmuck!

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Jun-02-13 7:06 PM

I should have been clearer in my post. I should have said that it's too late for progressives to complain about NYS. You've got exactly the people you wanted and where you want them but now you don't like them or their actions...wahhh. I was attempting to be nice about it but with all you progressives and your phony outrage at your leaders doing what progressives do best; lie, cheat, and steal taxpayer money, I figured a reality check was in order. So how do you phoneys FEEL about the other six progressive NYS crooks about to get kicked to the curb or worse??? Seems like something going around, like a disease to the progressive body politic. The Constitution and limited government is the cure but progressives just puke at the thought of that medicine.

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Jun-02-13 7:49 PM

MrBob, aka, the self appointed authority on Progressivism. Your rants are getting bizarre Bob, give it up.

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Jun-02-13 8:55 PM

I do totally agree Bob. The progressive agenda has had its boon and it is about to implode. The state is reeling from this economy and the federal government has gone into a full out flush of our future taxpayer funds trying to make it look like they can succeed. It ain't gonna happen. We need a 180* turn right now but the progressive roadblocks are still up. Time is short and we need to circumvent those in charge to get the changes that America needs. I want to thank you and a few other conservatives for your service to our country, we have to be as vocal as the progressives have been for the past decade to meet this challenge head on. Keep up the fight, you are on the right side!

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