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Do you think the federal government is handling the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing properly?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Apr-24-13 12:09 PM

The local Police did a superb job. As for the rest of the Federal Govt., too early to tell but so far, not so good. Appears the FBI dropped the ball awhile ago but I'm not going to rush to a hasty judgement except to say Al Qaeda is "on the run" all right, on the run to killing as many Americans as they can.

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Apr-24-13 12:41 PM

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Apr-24-13 12:49 PM

If you think trampling our 4th amendment rights is a good job I guess you would agree. Did anyone ever hear of illegal search & seizure? I am glad they found him but if the feds did their job in the first place this incident would have never happened. Maybe this was a test by the administration to see haw the public will accept marshal law, apparently the general public like it !!!

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Apr-24-13 12:57 PM

How would anyone know without any inside information?

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Apr-24-13 1:35 PM

The feds dropped the ball numerous times before during and after the attack! You do not need inside information to see that they were inept. look at how they handled the interview of the older brother last year they were informed NUMEROUS times from Russian authorities that they suspected terrorist ties. They had both brothers in their sight and allowed one to escape called off their search and if it wasn't for a boater checking his boat in his backyard OUTSIDE OF THE SEARCH AREA the younger brother may still be on the run. KEYSTONE COPS!

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Apr-24-13 1:38 PM

These feds have every single tool available to aid them in their job. Super spy stuff we have never seen and how did they use it? The local cops had better results at far lower cost!

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Apr-24-13 1:59 PM

Why is all quiet concerning the deported Saudi student ??? This is being put in the drawer with Benghazi

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Apr-24-13 3:00 PM

The feds didn't do s---. It was the stateis and local cops who got it done. The feds just tied up traffic[Obama and Biden having to show up for photo ops both shut major roadways for 2 days as people tried to go about their life.

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Apr-25-13 7:29 AM

Congressman Tom Cotton took to the House floor "to express grave doubts about the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism policies and programs". "I rise today to express grave doubts about the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism policies and programs," said the freshman congressman from Arkansas. "Counterterrorism is often shrouded in secrecy, as it should be, so let us judge by the results. In barely four years in office, five jihadists have reached their targets in the United States under Barack Obama: the Boston Marathon bomber, the underwear bomber, the Times Square Bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, and in my own state—the Little Rock recruiting office shooter. In the over seven years after 9/11 under George W. Bush, how many terrorists reached their target in the United States? Zero! We need to ask, ‘Why is the Obama Administration failing in its mission to stop terrorism before it reaches its targets in the United States?’”

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Apr-25-13 8:53 AM

Well the "aftermath" investigation is not complete, will have to waite for the outcome. My concern is with the "Alert" we received from Russia in 2011. Was that before or after his "best friend" and two others were murdered? My other concern, when they released the pictures to the public, they stated they did so because the two were not found in any database and needed the public's help to help indentify them. Now, if the FBI did investigate and question the older brother back in 2011 would he not be in some type of database? One would think at least one FBI agent would have seen his picture and said "hey he looks like the guy Russia warned us about in 2011". I guess he just "fell through the cracks".

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Apr-25-13 11:34 AM

and the "Gang of eight" senators have more legislation proposed that won't work. We have enough laws for criminals and illegals to break. Why not spend the money enforcing them ??

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Apr-25-13 12:12 PM

Discobulous, I suspect you want a few nasty things to happen so you can use it as another excuse to trample the Constitution.

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Apr-25-13 12:17 PM

wow, and here I thought trampling the Constitution was part of swizzer's pres Soetoro support group.

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Apr-25-13 12:27 PM

I'd like to know how the brothers got their hands on handguns and so much ammunition. The older brother was denied US citizenship based on an FBI background check, and neither brother had handgun licenses. This is a real concern for me. It's too easy for bad guys to get guns. And it was really simple for them to get gunpowder. They simply drove to New Hampshire and bought fireworks.

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Apr-25-13 12:54 PM

so Dave, how many laws should we pass to keep that from happening again ? Why aren't they looking into the mosque the brothers attended??

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Apr-25-13 1:57 PM

I wonder why these guys that were ON THE TERRORIST WATCH list were allowed to receive public assistance as well as food stamps? I also want to know why the federal judge shut down the interrogation early when they were getting so much valuable information? Why does everthing have to be covered up and the procedures hindered when it is of such a national security risk?? Who and why would anyone want to shut him up? And who gets the benefit of shutting him up? I'd say that it is NOT going to help or hurt the bomber... so just who does it help?

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Apr-25-13 1:58 PM

Why should anyone investigate a mosque? Did the FBI investigate Adam Lanza's church?

So far as laws go, you tell me. Handguns are everywhere here in Brunswick, Georgia according to a police officer friend of mine. The going rate on the street is $150. The baby that was shot between the eyes here was done with a $150 handgun by a gang member. How do you suggest we deal with it?

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Apr-25-13 2:00 PM

Dave they had ONE gun to get another they shot a policeman in the head to get his... maybe he shouldn't have been armed either?? Take away the policemans guns as the criminals are getting their hands on them!

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Apr-25-13 2:03 PM

Dave spoken like a true liberal! Take and take no matter what pass laws and then use unlike circumstances to justify the outcome. First the MOSQUE reported nothing although they BANNED one of the brothers for being an extremist. Second I know of no other religion that has stated numerous times that they were here to fight Americans and to defeat our imperialist government!

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Apr-25-13 4:50 PM

TOT- spoken like a true Limbaugh pretend conservative. Ignore the problem, pretend there are no solutions.

Terrorism is to the Muslim faith as the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity.

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Apr-25-13 4:52 PM

well Dave, they bought regular fireworks legally in NH disassembled them to get the gunpowder. Probably not as potent as that available at the local BATF approved place, BUT no flags went up either, and the stuff they used got the job done.

As to your gun problem in Ga. - How about pressuring the judicial branch of local gov't to strictly enforce gun laws already on the books, instead of plea bargaining them out. Plea bargain the robbery or "receiving stolen property" or some other charge but keep the firearm charges- they demand stiffer penalties.

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Apr-25-13 8:18 PM

Dave Gibson you say "Why should anyone investigate a mosque". Are you for real. First of all can you please enlighten me as to when anyone ever mentioned anything about Adam Lanza going to church. Did he ever mention his belief to fight jihad for his religion. Please let me know where you heard Adam Lanza did what he did based on his religion. You seem to be so sure of his chuch after all.

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Apr-25-13 8:28 PM

Dave Gibson what is the exact body count for the Westboro Baptist church compared to Muslim terrori sts. How many innocent children have the Westboro folks killed. There is a solution. Eliminate organizations who preach killing innocent people who don't fit into their beliefs. Don't worry Dave I'm not talking about planned parenthood.

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Apr-25-13 8:41 PM

Remember the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq lost before the invasion? Remember the rumors that they were moved to Syria? Well maybe, just maybe the weapons of mass destruction are going to reveal themselves... won't all you liberals be thrilled then? What did Syria use on its OWN people? Didn't Obama say that that was the RED LINE?? Well lets see how a true Peace Prize WINNER handles this!

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Apr-25-13 9:33 PM

I agree hit the nail on the head early on with a simple question.

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