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Should same-sex marriage be legal in all 50 states?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Apr-03-13 6:48 AM

Of course. This is a no brainer.

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Apr-03-13 9:07 AM

Progressives, keep dreaming of what will never happen. Go ahead and insist you have the right to marry the one you love and I'll insist I can marry Italy because I love her and want and bring all my new in-laws over for dinner. My Brother wants to marry Poland and I keep telling him it's a real bad idea but he won't listen either.

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Apr-03-13 10:38 AM

If only we could use the kind of money and effort used to normalize the image of homosexuality instead for curing cancer and other worthy causes.

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Apr-03-13 10:39 AM

since marrage is a "Religous" matter. then it should be a religous decision.. not political or financial....let the new Level Headed POPE decide. I'll go with what he say's..... as i'm suposed to...

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Apr-03-13 10:53 AM

If two consenting adults want to commit to each other, that has absolutely no bearing on my daily life. Let people love who they want to love. In the bulk of US states, you can legally marry your first cousin, but two adult men or women cannot legally be married. How does that make any sense? American hypocrisy at its finest.

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Apr-03-13 11:04 AM

But BOB, won't you have to divorce your sheep before you could marry Italy?

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Apr-03-13 11:08 AM

Revolt now, ever hear of separation of church and state? It's there for a reason. If a church wants to make laws, then they will have to pay taxes. We all know what they think about that and besides who cares what the pope has to say about anything

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Apr-03-13 11:15 AM

Yet in our country every voter has the freedom of religion and that freedom doesn't end at the poll booths and, it is called freedom of religion not "from" religion. It is something how some try to perverse religion in order to normalize perverse relationships.

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Apr-03-13 11:26 AM

Don't know what country you live in Flapper but the one I live in says I don't need to follow any religion if I choose, so stop trying to push it on others and perverse, that's your opinion and really who appointed you moral police

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Apr-03-13 12:05 PM

It's funny how some people do not want others to force "religious belief's" on others, but has no problem saying that everyone should believe what he/she believes.

As for the churches, I have not heard of one religion trying to pass laws. They do say that their religion does not allow it and wants Government out of it, and I agree. This is a moral issue and should stay far away from Politics. Plus, Politicians speak out of both sides of their mouths. They too believe one thing but will say another if they think they might just shore up another voters blocks.

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Apr-03-13 12:07 PM

Instead of worrying so much about two people who love each other getting married, why don't you consider the effects of this season's prime time shows on channel 13. Do you really want your family and children watching Hannibal, Grimm, and Revolution? So these producers are making disgustingly evil shows only to make money (and teach kids how to do these evil things). But perhaps these shows ARE our society and our world as it stands now. And it can only get worse unless society chooses peace and loving kindness.

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Apr-03-13 12:15 PM

Hey rocky it's not a moral issue it's a civil rights issue. Lets get that straight, no pun intended

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Apr-03-13 12:31 PM

Isn't that the problem, homosexuals want you to mind your own business then turn around and make homosexuality a public issue. Well as a public issue I disagree with homosexuality and the intent to push it in all public forms like public schools and public broadcasting. Oh that right, opposing voices on homosexuality are prohibited in the public forms especially those with religious groundings.

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Apr-03-13 1:01 PM

Bostonyankee, as far as the church is concerned, it is a moral issue. Has nothing to do with civil and I never said it did. Isn't my belief's, wether religious or personnel, just as important as your beliefs? I, for one, would like to decide for myself, after weighing all the issues, just where I stand on it. I do not need it shoved on me and I fear that I could lean the opposite way if it is.

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Apr-03-13 1:21 PM

Hey rocky, yes it is your right to believe what you want, I already know from your earlier post what that is. But to me this is a civil right for all Americans to have their marriage regognized regardless of what the church says, just my opinion which is different than yours, just sayin

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Apr-03-13 2:01 PM

Why have any limits at all? If someone wants 5 wives let them? If someone want to marry their same sex brother/sister shouldn't that be allowed also?? Why should there be anyone telling us what we cannot do? Where shall we stop inhibiting ones sexual preferences? Age? Race? Species?? What about one day when they can genetically manufacture a spouse for you? You guys are onto something, unlimited sexual acceptance no matter what you believe individually and is right for you shall be OK with everyone? PS everything before now is sarcasm. There should be limits and they should be obvious to all. If you want to deviate from the normal and it harms no one then you have my blessing. But when it harms others and subjects innocents to abnormal behavior... there will be consequences.

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Apr-03-13 2:21 PM

tot - is it ok to "subject innocents" to abnormal behavior on the TV/movies? And what WILL the consequences be? Heterosexual couples, who supposedly "love" each other, are doing some pretty nasty, evil things during sex on TV (I'm sure many of them consider themselves to be good Christians). You ok with this?

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Apr-03-13 2:32 PM

This is a civil rights issue, and also a financial issue with tax implications, so of course gay marriage should be legal. Everyone should be equal under the law in this country.

It is, however, also a moral issue. If a church will not perform a gay marriage, then a gay couple would have to find another church to get married in, or a justice of the peace.

Someday, history will look back on this and wonder what all the fuss was about, just like when blacks and women were made equal to white men.

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Apr-03-13 3:11 PM

In a religious sense, marriage is a religious union. In regards to our states and country, marriage is a legally binding contract. So as far as LAWS go, as long as both parties to the contract"marriage" are freely willing to enter the contract and abide by the terms of said contract, then let them be married in the eyes of our government. If the various religions choose to honor or not honor such marriage, it is a choice of the religions and will be dealt with as seen fit by the god or gods that are worshipped. Religious acceptance of such unions is a non legislated issue.

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Apr-03-13 3:13 PM

By the way, don't religions generally teach acceptance and forgiveness of ones sins or trespasses?? ;)

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Apr-03-13 3:26 PM

Taxedtoomuch - very true! It's important to teach forgiveness of ones' sins or trespasses. Clearly that's why priest pedophilia in the church is accepted and covered-up. ANYTHNG GOES in this society, so why not homosexual marriage??

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Apr-03-13 3:52 PM

I am curious, let's hypothetically say that I am not religious. Then which or who's god do I answer to for my sins upon my demise??? The Muslim god? The Christian god? The Buddhist god? The Hindu gods? or any other god or gods??

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Apr-03-13 4:17 PM

The most vital thing i ever took from reading the bible. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone [or something like that]. It is fine to oppose things out of your own sets of belief. But it is another thing to do it in the name of God.

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Apr-03-13 4:28 PM

Bostonyankee, not sure, but I think you might be wrong. As for myself and only myself, I am NOT against Gay marriage nor am I for it. I don't think my opinion should matter. They are who they are and we have very few differences, with the biggest being who I sleep with. My point is, no one should be able to tell a religious order that they have to accept them nor should you be able to tell me I have to accept them. The thinking towards acceptance has come a long way over the last few years and it did not take law suits, the Supreme Courts or demands to get as far as they have. What I am saying is, you can't force me or anyone to think the way you want them too. I'm not Catholic, but if I were and the church demanded that I have no contact with a gay or lesbian couple, that might just end up being the straw that broke the camels back and my next dinner party's invites would be for only homosexual partners. I don't need laws or a church or gays to tell me what to think.

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Apr-03-13 4:46 PM

Rocky, . I can't agree with you more when you said that gay people should not force a religion to accept them, I never said that nor implied it. If you want to marry then find someone who accepts you to do it, no argument there. Being catholic myself I can't agree with them on their stance on gay marriage. Who are they to say its wrong. I don't think that is what God would say. He according to them created everyone.

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