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Do you think women should serve in military combat?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-28-13 12:11 AM

YES, everyone is equal and should be treated equally and paid equal wages. But part of being equal is being treated with respect equally. Sexually harrassing and sexually abusing women should not be allowed in the military or anywhere else.

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Jan-28-13 6:39 AM

Yes everyone is equal, however not all are treated that way, and this will not change it either!

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Jan-28-13 7:57 AM

Have we run out of able-bodied young men willing to fight and die for America?

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Jan-28-13 8:48 AM

More questions...Why are we risking men's lives so women can live somebody else's dreams? How are we going to reprogram men to treat women like men? Is the media ready to treat a captured/raped/mutilated female soldier like a man? Think about those men hanging naked and mutilated from a bridge for all to see, will you be able to say 'it's just a woman'. This is not an action of last resort that would push the enemy from our gates, this is a societal goal that has no place in a civilized society.

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Jan-28-13 8:51 AM

Peaceful, are you saying a woman should get a prostate exam before getting pregnant?

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Jan-28-13 9:38 AM

I think the majority of military women feel they should be allowed to do anything men do. If they are for it, I feel they should get the opportunity

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Jan-28-13 9:48 AM

Being in the military is a choice, so yes, the women who enlist should have to be just like the men. If you enlist, you are saying that you are willing to die for the government.

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Jan-28-13 11:00 AM

I couldn't picture most women being in the mud, rice fields, jungles, etc. If they had to be deployed to such a place.

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Jan-28-13 11:19 AM

Loyal, when you enlist in the Military your vow is to uphold the Constitution, not the 'Government', not the president. It appears that only those who have served know this...hmmm.

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Jan-28-13 11:39 AM

I would much rather sleep in pup tent with a female than a male.....Just saying

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Jan-28-13 11:41 AM

The government makes the decision to fight. The ones who do the actual fighting have no say in the decision. What does serving in Iraq have to do with the constitution?

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Jan-28-13 11:42 AM

Peaceful. I agree to some extent. Equal pay for equal work also means equal work for equal pay. And here is the problem. When it comes to physical labor women often struggle to compete with men. Sire we have those few who can out perform men, but as a general rule they cannot. Hence the reason they have their own sports teams.

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Jan-28-13 11:45 AM

getreal - "Yes everyone is equal, however not all are treated that way, and this will not change it either! "

I disagree. I say no two people are equal. We are all different and have different skill sets and abilities. Take for example a 2 mile race. We can start 10,000 people and at no time will 2 people cross the finish line at the exact same time.

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Jan-28-13 12:11 PM

This is truely a double edged sword. On one side you have the equality thing, women always want to be "like the guys" . You always see ads with women "borrowing" mens clothes (pjs, boxers, etc.) Why is that guys don't do that? Strange, taboo, and/or wierd behavior comes to mind. On the other side imagine the torture she would endure if captured. Emotions play into the battlefield also. It is a can of worms that just doesn't need to be opened.

Peaceful- go back to tree hugging

Loyal- swizzer is rubbing off on you

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Jan-28-13 12:20 PM

I just voted only to see where people stand on this, and as I guessed it's close. The reality is that men and women are not and never will be equal. In case nobody noticed our bodies are different and our minds are wired differently. There are things that each does well that generally the other cannot. Can we ever really accept that? Women today try to do things that our grandparents would just shake thier heads at and wonder why she would want to do such things. More political correctness gone awry.

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Jan-28-13 1:02 PM can't be THAT stupid...can you???? Even Marx would say you're not useful.

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Jan-28-13 1:15 PM

54 Million babies murdered since the SCOTUS allowed women to kill their offspring, more or less half of them girl babies. That's not enough to satisfy Progressives. Now they want to go after our Women. In the middle east, men strap bombs on their women and children. Progressives have sanitized the children part by abortion. Now they gallantly want to put a gun in her hands and say 'at least we're giving you a fighting chance'. It sure as heck isn't Conservatives who have a War on Women. Who really thinks some progressive woman is going to volunteer to serve and die? Feminists and girly boyz don't do Military. Care to guess who's the target????

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Jan-28-13 1:55 PM

Name calling and that last rambling post. Thank you for the "discussion", Bobbo.

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Jan-28-13 1:55 PM

Nope. If I had to choose who I would fight to the death, I would choose the weakest looking person. I would want only the strongest and most athletic person to watch my back and although I would really rather share my tent with a member of the opposite gender... women belong elsewhere serving their country in ways that they are the very best at. On the front lines after weeks of fighting a woman would also be a distraction... that alone could cost lives.

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Jan-28-13 2:09 PM

If they signed up to serve they deserve to fight. They have to pass any and all test like the men do, no playing favorites. Women are police Officers and Fire Fighters so what is the difference? If caught they will torture worse than a man, but that's the price they will pay due to sicko's that attacked us. Women come back from Iraq as disabled when the Humvee they were patrolling in got attacked. "It's a Man's World" mentality died years ago! There more important things then this, like Washington handing out citizenship to law breakers like their were prizes in Cracker Jacks!

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Jan-28-13 2:31 PM

Our part of these wars should be done. Time to bring our troops home and defend our own borders. The people in the middle east have been fighting before this country was even discovered. Look it up in any history book.

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Jan-28-13 5:43 PM

taxtired - We defeated the Japanese and the Germans in 1945. Why are we still occupying those countries?

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Jan-28-13 7:18 PM

Scarecrow57, we aren't occupying Germany or Japan and haven't for quite some time, although more recently if you count the Cold War and East Germany. We have strategic military bases there. That's not the same as occupation.

For the record we also have bases in Turkey (a country- our friend- we have never even been at war with), the UK (a country we haven't been at war with for 200 years), and countless others.

So I wait for you now to reply with some assinine and spun comment about how 'strategic military bases' in a friend-country is the same as 'occupation.'

And I'd LOVE to see you try and tell Angela Merkel of Germany that Americans are still occupying her country, the largest economy in Europe and one of the largest in the world. She gives me the evil eye every time I see her.

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Jan-28-13 7:31 PM

swizzer, I don't even know Angela but I can't blame her for giving youthe evil eye.

In the truest sense of the word we are nor "occupying" foreign countries. BUT with our troops deployed there, those countries Military budgets are miniscule compared to ours. We could save a bunch of $$$ if we weren't there OR made them pay for the protection the US military provides. Most places we are in don't really want us there anyway.

How many countries with embassies on our soil have their own military to protect thier interests like we need abroad ?? It is time we started playing not so well with others.

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Jan-28-13 7:48 PM

drugsrus, thanks for admitting you basically are totally out of touch with the global economics and politics. You should probably stick to slinging mud about Democrats because economics isn't your strongest suit.

Angela Merkel is the Chancillor of Germany and as such, head of one of the largest economies in the world. She's the one on the cover of the NY Times when the other countries are petitioning the European Union for bailouts. When Europe and the rest of the world need something, they ask Merkel.

And you don't think she'd make you scared, too?

Oh, right, you're the big, tough 'merican with all the guns and ammo and freedoms and bla bla bla.

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