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Do you support the New York state gun-control measures approved by legislators?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-22-13 7:29 PM

Here is another thought, if one takes exception to this new register your weapons law, or is an honest Joe that just doesn't understand the law or maybe what weapons are assault classified. Therefore such weapons that should have been registered were not. Lets say that such a weapon got stolen, do you call the police as the law requires to report it and risk prosecution for failure to comply or do you forget the whole thing? If enough are not registered through fault or mistake how do you control such weapons? And after they are stolen without police aid to recover or investigate the theft who do you think will have possession of an assault weapon, the law abiding rightful owner or a criminal?

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Jan-22-13 6:56 PM

Thanks TOT for giving me the opportunity to segue into the root cause of the shoot out in Huston today. Yes, shoot OUT, not School Shooting. The root cause of this event was an argument. Since most murders are preceded by an argument extremists can use this as an opportunity to jump all over the first amendment even though no one was murdered but sadly, innocents were wounded. Silly huh.?. Wait for it. I have to admit, although it's repugnant to me, the meme of not letting a crisis go to waste is actually brilliant. You either know how to use it or you do not and fight a rigged battle. Btw Laker, same here.

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Jan-22-13 5:03 PM

Bob....good comments. We may not agree on several issues, but I did get a chuckle from that.

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Jan-22-13 2:18 PM

If u were born that way then u have an excuse.

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Jan-22-13 2:17 PM

rs, were u born a moron or did u learn it all on your own?????

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Jan-22-13 2:14 PM

HonestAbe, I'm pretty sure your comment was made by mistake. For you to say you know no one who voted for for President Obama and also that because of this the voting machines must have been rigged is baloney and you know it. Talk to someone outside Fulton County and the area and you'll see what I mean.

Unless of course you talked only to two people, both of whom voted for Mr. Romney. And that wouldn't be a very good sampling of people.

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Jan-22-13 12:25 PM

Some people can be liberal on one topic and conservative on another but the more you argue on the liberal side of things the more we can see the pattern of liberal thinking, hence the disbelief that an open minded liberal actually exists. As far as this topic, there isn't a single proposal that targets the actual problem, these new laws target individuals rights to what the second amendment has expressly granted... it does not state except a liberals view of a dangerous weapons can be banned. Why not go after the root causes of the problem instead of this misguided direction?

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Jan-22-13 10:53 AM

Also consider this. There are millions of people out there with anger management issues, mental health issues, and road rage that simply are not reported. Background checks will not really do much to stop the mentally deranged from getting weapons.

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Jan-22-13 10:51 AM

Well laker, as I said, it doesn't apply to all liberals. But when one posts factual, scientific, research and people disagree; I can pretty much say they are clueless.

As for the Gun control laws. If I thought they woudl do any good I would be all for them. And as a matter of Full Disclosure, I don't have nay guns at this time. The research and Studies show that these Bans do nothing. Myself, I am more concerned with the overall rise in violent crime since Obama took office. Up 23% in 2011 alone to 5.8 million. Yet, these fools are worried about 180 people killed by Assault Rifles. The Remington 767 .223 with a wood grain stock, 10 round clip, semi-automatic is just as deadly as the AR-15 .223 with 10 round clip and semi-automatic.

Al these laws will do is make life more difficult and costly for the law abiding, working, middle class, again.

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Jan-22-13 8:29 AM

renuzit, What do you consider a stupid reason???

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Jan-22-13 7:59 AM

Laker, I think that will confuse too many people on both sides. How dare you admit to having an open mind and then expressing it, given you admit you're Liberal. They may give you your walking papers dude. Then you have the audacity to sarcastically allude that perhaps some posters should reflect on that, unthinkable!!! Who do you think you are trying to boss people around. I'm not sure what you're up to but I'll be keeping my eye on you.

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Jan-22-13 7:48 AM

Renuzit, taken away be whom??? It's obvious you have no idea how to amend the Constitution. You might better read up on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution before you make such an asinine statement. And no, the president can't just wave a magic wand and make it go away no matter how much you and other low information people wished it were true.

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Jan-21-13 5:48 PM

I support the 2nd amendment, it can be taken away because of peoples foolish demands that we own military style weapons for stupid reasons, such as just being able to own one.

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Jan-21-13 4:52 PM

As I've said, I'm an avid hunter and gun owner. I go both ways on the new law...I'm not outraged by it, nor do I believe it's a constitutional affront, but respect other opinions. But to the tag team of Scarecrow and tot... Do you think that people can actually be liberal on some issues and conservative on others, or is there no inbetween?? just curious, if you catch the sarcasm. Re "Liberals don't take the time to even read or think."...please, you must be able to capture the outright stupidity of that statement. If you guys are spokesman for the "conservative" movement, then I'm proud to be a "liberal"

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Jan-21-13 2:06 PM

Scarecrow57, I have doe the same time and again but the disagrees let me know that I am on the right path! Keep up the good work knowing that it isn't the truth that liberals seek, it is our approval! SO give it to them even if it was a lie and they would still disagree!

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Jan-21-13 1:20 PM

taxtired Jan-21-13 10:03 AM

I agree. I posted where to get the 41 pages of the new law so people could read it if they wanted to. Disagrees also.

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And there you have it. Liberals don't even take the time to read or think.

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Jan-21-13 10:21 AM

I can say there is a star in space and someone will disagree.

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Jan-21-13 10:03 AM

I agree. I posted where to get the 41 pages of the new law so people could read it if they wanted to. Disagrees also.

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Jan-21-13 9:29 AM

OK, I am convinced that the left on this site are whacked out ignorant fools (not all, but several). I posted the results of the Study done by the US Government after the last Ban. I POSTED FACT!!!!!! With the reference. Yet, 5 knuckleheads disagreed.

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Jan-20-13 10:19 PM


The republicans gave up on the presidency for 2016 already and are focused on 2020. Even Hannity will tell you that. I'd be willing to bet 75% of America can agree with them fiscally but on social issues they are too extreme. They said Romney was a liar for they things he's said during the campaign and so far JEEP is going to China, and left wing gun policy is being push with fear maongering. What's next? BYE BYE MISS AMERICAN PIE!

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Jan-20-13 3:48 PM

I still think that given the many problems Obama inherited, he is doing remarkably well. If the Republican Congress keeps obstructing forward progress, all they are doing is paving the way for Hillary in 2016.

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Jan-20-13 3:13 PM

Maybe there is a contigient of closet Obama supporters that you havent accounted for.

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Jan-20-13 2:57 PM

'topper, I'll bet that within the next year you'll be saying that you (and a few others) wish you had voted the other way

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Jan-20-13 12:55 PM

I voted for Obama, and given the same two choices I would vote for him again. Just remember, whether you disagree with Cuomo or not, the latest poll shows him with a 72% approval rating, the same number that disagree with the Safe Gun Act in the LH poll. I personally do not support the gun act, but again, politics are all about playing to the numbers. My gut feeling is that there will be modifications made to the law, in the meantime, keep your powder dry.

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Jan-20-13 11:55 AM

My 2 cents on rigged voting machines. I do not know anyone who voted for Obama. Not one person, now you can say people will tell you they are voting one way and then vote another but I don't believe this to be the case. I don't hold much faith in the future for our children with the direction our country is headed.

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