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See animals before judging caretaker

January 1, 2013
The Leader Herald

This letter is regarding all the negativity I have read and heard about Steve Salton's tigers and leopards.

I asked two neighbors for their opinions about the situation. They said they did not like it. One person said the animals had no shelter from the weather.

I decided to see for myself what "dangerous" situation existed there.

What I saw was the most wonderful experience I could imagine. Each animal had a 30-foot area to walk around in, enclosed shelters for sleeping and protection from the weather and a large exercise area. The enclosures have a very high, sturdy steel fence with an electric fence around the top and large roofs over everything. There is a second, high steel enclosure about 5 feet away that would confine the animals if they ever got out of the first one, which is almost impossible for them to do.

As for how "dangerous" they are, Salton called each by name and each one came to him to be petted. He put his hand in their mouths, put his face against the enclosure, asked them for a kiss, and they licked his face. They are extremely content and gentle. Some dogs (and especially people) are more dangerous than these animals. Just watch the news.

The only noise I heard was a low "rumble" in the throat of the male when he came to be petted. Salton said the male roars during the night only occasionally.

I felt I was experiencing the restored paradise on earth (Isaiah 11:6-11). I loved it.

The Mayfield Town Board members and Salton's neighbors should see these beautiful animals before they condemn him with scare tactics.

Salton said those people have never seen his animals. Everyone should see them. It is extremely secure and safe.





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