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‘Bull Run’ not in?Bleecker

December 22, 2012
The Leader Herald

The article Dec. 9 on Fulton County place names was very interesting. Here is some more information and a correction regarding the location of Bull Run.

Purchaser names on the huge patent of land in 1793 covering a large portion of what is now the town of Bleecker, as well as surrounding towns, are Cornelius Glen, Barent Bleecker and Abraham Lansing (known in old deeds as G. B. L.). As Bleecker was not established until 1831, the town was probably named after Barent, or perhaps just the prominent Albany Bleecker family.

Another patentee, William Chase, purchased his 12,000 acres in 1792, a year earlier than the above Glen, Bleecker, Lansing patent. Chase's patent lies smack-dab in the middle of the G. B. L. patent. William Chase gave his name to Chase's Lake in Bleecker.

These two patents were granted by New York state after the Revolution. The remainder of the town of Bleecker (southern portion) lies in the Mayfield patent, which was granted before the Revolution in 1770 by English monarchy.

As to Bull Run, sorry, but Bleecker cannot claim that settlement. Maybe the "bull" got loose and "ran" up Bleecker Mountain at some time, but old records indicate Bull Run was at the foot of Bleecker Mountain, well within the town of Johnstown.


Bleecker town historian



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