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Supervisors wrong to hand out stipend

December 12, 2012
The Leader Herald

I see the dysfunctional Board of Supervisors of Fulton County has done it again. In these times of fiscal responsibility, they have decided to hand out stipends - while cutting other services and needy entities - to one of their own. This does not make sense.

Our coroners are elected the same as any other elected official and should know the responsibilities and work that go with the position they want to get elected to. No one has twisted their arm to take this position. Like all other elected officials, unless directed to or by law, their responsibilities are the same during their term of office as well as their remuneration. During their term of office, should there be a change in work load or responsibilities, this should be brought to the attention of the governing body for consideration during the next term and so budgeted.

The awarding of a stipend to one coroner of $1,680 and not the other is an outrage at this time and smacks of payoff to the party faithful by our supervisors. They call for cuts from everyone, but can give gifts to some. One of the supervisors, at a committee meeting, made note of this. No wonder Fulton County is in the shape it is with these people running our county; we need to elect more responsible people to our board.





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