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City Court campaign full of attacks

November 3, 2012
The Leader Herald

I can't even believe half the things I am reading about the election for City Court judge.

I am not going to hide behind anything, like all of John Clo's supporters do. I prefer DiMezza to Clo. I always have. But I am not a committee person. I haven't supported her campaign. I don't have a sign and I hardly know her, except of her ringing my doorbell once.

I don't appreciate Clo because it seems to me he is always taking my hard-earned taxpayer money. How many times do I have to hear about his 16 years as our DA or his seven years as our city attorney? All that reminds me of is how he has spent his career on the taxpayer's back, and that reminds me of the buy-backs, and then I get mad all over again.

This election has been nothing but attack after attack, and everyone knows who has thrown all the punches. Why can't Clo supporters just stick with writing about John Clo? Why won't they spend their words on their own candidate? Why do you have to put people down to make yourself look better?

Clo people sure seem to be experts on DiMezza. They seem to know more about her than she knows about herself because she keeps getting all the answers wrong. No answer is good enough for them. No explanation is truthful enough. It's ridiculous.

By the way, appeals attorneys don't appeal their own cases, Mr. Bedell; they appeal someone else's.





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