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Clo’s experience relevant

November 3, 2012
The Leader Herald

If given the opportunity, would you elect to have brain surgery performed by a podiatrist?

If you needed a criminal defense lawyer, would you hire yourself a patent attorney?

Would you hire someone with no public accounting experience to be the head of your city's public accounting office? (Gloversville tried this in 2005 with disastrous results.)

I notice a popular "fresh face," "new ideas" and "not an insider" theme running through the comments of Traci DiMezza's supporters, and I'm fascinated by it. Some thoughtful, concerned and intelligent people have somehow rushed headlong into the notion that hiring an attorney with only divorce, family and real estate experience is somehow going to magically transform our city's criminal court into a thriving bastion of judicial awesomeness.

Oh, but they say she'll go to judge school and learn just as much about being a judge as John Clo knows.


Have you ever attended one of those automobile safety classes that help lower your insurance rate? What's the one prerequisite? You have to know how to drive, of course.

Judge school is like that. It can teach you the forms and formats for being a judge, but it expects the individual to already have, in this case, the relevant experience in criminal and code law. No one automatically becomes Super Judge by attending judge school.

Judge Clo is the only candidate who has that relevant public-sector experience - nearly two decades as an assistant district attorney and city attorney. He has learned the field of law applicable to being a City Court judge.

Traci DiMezza admits she has steered clear of such public positions. She does not have the necessary criminal and code enforcement experience - at all. What experience she has would be relevant for Family Court judge. Instead, she chooses to pursue a position she is ill-equipped for.

On Election Day, we have a choice. We can play the outsider upstart game - again - and hope against the odds that an attorney inexperienced in criminal and code law will come through for us (never happened before, but ...).

Or, we can vote for someone who has devoted his working life to gain the criminal and code enforcement law experience necessary to serve our city competently - and, since January, has proven he's good at it.

Judge Clo, found at 10G on your ballot, is that person.





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