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Gender no factor in choice

November 3, 2012
The Leader Herald

I found Eleanor Ferrucci's letter to the editor very offensive and misleading. Our children were taught that they could achieve their goals in life by their own hard work, determination and education, not by their gender. The concept that a woman candidate deserves to be elected to the position of city judge because she is a woman is total nonsense. Ms. Ferrucci is a provocateur, attempting to muddy the waters by creating a "feminist issue." She was made aware of the judicial race in a Schenectady paper and yet chose to vent her views in The Leader-Herald. Why?

Why did Ms. Ferrucci focus only on Ms. DiMezza when she asked "lots of questions" and did her "tons of research"? She never interviewed Judge John Clo or any of the members of his election committee, many of whom are women.

Living outside of our area, it is obvious that she did not consider many local women who have achieved significant positions. These women achieved their positions because of their preparation and proven experience; their gender was not a factor. They gained the respect of the community because they first paid their dues. They did not start at the top.

To cite just a few: the Honorable Polly Hoye, judge, Fulton County Court; Patricia Beck, newspaper publisher; Kathy Dougherty, superintendent of schools; Beth Whitman-Putnam, Gloversville fire chief; Sarah Slingerland, mayor of Johnstown; Joan Antonik, assistant Gloversville city judge; Robin Wentworth, Gloversville Common Council; and Ellen Anadio, Gloversville Common Council.

Both Ms. Ferrucci and Ms. DiMezza discount experience as an important factor in determining the best-qualified candidate for office. If their car engine needed to be repaired, would they seek out a male mechanic who has successfully repaired many hundreds of engines or a female mechanic who may have only read an engine repair manual? What does gender have to do with the choice?

I was graduated from Ithaca College, cum laude, with a BS in business management. My goal was to be a buyer in a department store. Did I expect to start out as the top buyer at Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue or Lord and Taylor? No, as all others recently graduated, I expected to begin my career at an entry-level position and work my way up. This "gal" did not expect, nor seek, more consideration because of my gender.





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